Vampire's Pet

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Chpater 11

Nico's POV

I had to fight back the growl that threatened to leave my throat as I stepped forward.

“So you want me to kill her?” I barked.

I could hear Khloe’s breath hitch as she took a small step back.

Lord Bronwyn only smirked.

“You won’t kill her if you do it right.”

I tisked.

Doing it right isn’t what I’m worried about. I’m perfectly capable of doing right, but Khloe isn’t capable of surviving it.

In order for me to pull of a class three hemorrhage without killing her, the blood in her body would have to be going at a regular pace to begin with.

Knowing Khloe, I’m fully aware that that is not the case for her right now.

And killing her was not something that I had planned for a while.

“I refuse.” I stated.

I didn’t spend good money on a pet just to kill it a couple days later.

Lord Bronwyn’s eyes narrowed as some of the tension left Khloe’s shoulders.


Khloe flinched as I placed my hand on her back, preventing her from stepping further back.

Great, now I have to come up with some bullshit excuse.

He wouldn’t like my actual reasons.

“I have no intention of drinking from a live host until the blood moon.” I stated.

Lord Bronwyn kept his gaze on me as silence enveloped the room, save for Khloe’s shaky deep breaths.

“I see” he hissed before his smirk quickly returned to his face, “Then let me retrieve one of my guards, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to do it.”

A growl did escape my throat this time as I felt myself tense up.

Theres no way in hell I’m going to let anyone touch my pet.

Lord Bronwyn stood, making a move to go get one of the guards outside.

“Wait.” I spoke.

Lord Bronwyn stopped where he was, a pleased smirk residing on his face.

Khloe hesitantly glanced up at me, pure fear and regret evident on her face.

“Yes?” Lord Bronwyn asked as he stepped back towards his thrown.

I glared at him as he sat back down, like he already knew what I was about to say.

“Ill do it.”

Any tension that had left Khloe’s body just returned in the blink of an eye.

Lord Bronwyn leaned his head onto his hand as his elbow rested on the arm rest.

“Get on with it then.” He chimed.

I glanced down at Khloe.

Her eyes seemed to be glued to the ground as her entire body trembled in fear.

My tongue grazed against my fangs as I let out a sigh.

This is going to suck, for her especially. Its already bad enough that her first bite will be this extreme.

I planned on taking the whole ‘feeding from her’ thing slower for her.

It takes trust in order to have a fairly decent pet.

And yet she might not even live through this given her current condition.


I noticed the tear that ran down her face as she fearfully turned her head towards me.

At this point she may as well be having a panic attack.

She sure looked like she was.

I chewed the inside of my bottom lip a bit.

Perhaps I could use that to my advantage.

I knelt down onto one knee, turning Khloe’s body towards my own.

Her eyes were begging me not to as I tucked her hair behind her shoulders exposing her pale neck.

Lord Bronwyn probably would’ve made me take from her neck anyways.

I sighed as I scanned over her neck, trying to decide which vein or artery would make this be over sooner.

The carotid artery would probably be my best bet given the current situation.

Khloe’s eyes squeezed shut as I pulled her right up against me, causing more tears to fall down her face.

Feeling her body tremble against mine made me feel even worse about this.

Punishing pets when they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong wasn’t really my thing.

I turned my head up to Lord Bronwyn, eyes arrowing at his huge grin.

Khloe’s hands gripped my shirt, her eyes shooting open as my hand found its way into her hair, turning her head to expose more of her neck.

A typical reaction amongst pets.

I leaned forward, locating the artery between her earlobe and collar bone with my teeth as my other arm hooked around her back.

Both her pulse and her breaths began racing to an all time high as I settled partially under her jaw, fangs pressing against her neck.

Her choked cry filled my ears as my fangs pierced into her skin.

She probably would have screamed if her circumstances were different.

Her grip tightened on my shirt as I shifted forward, allowing her blood a place to escape.

I couldn’t stop the purr resonating from my chest as her blood first hit my tongue, nor the hum of pleasure that races through ones body when taking from a live host.

B negative was famously known for its sweetness, but hers held something else with it.

It was perfectly sweet, but it was almost tart as well.

Needless to say it was amazing.

Killing her now would be a waste of good blood.

I held her tighter, trying to hold her still as she involuntarily began to squirm away from the pain, her cries of agony sounding here and there.

Theres no way she would have tried to get away on purpose. She’s smarter than that.

Then again, she’s probably convinced that she’s going to die.

I slowed my gulps, trying to let Khloe’s current state be her downfall instead of blood loss.

Lord Bronwyn certainly was not an idiot, but he didn’t know the functioning of the human body as well as I did.

Its the only advantage I had at the moment, but id be an idiot if I didn’t use it.

All he really wanted right now was a good show.

Khloe whined as I pressed my nails against her back, trying to get her to hold still.

It would hurt alot less if she would just hold still.

She even tried pushing me away.

I continued with my pattern, taking slow gulps as not to send her into hypovolemic shock.

The last thing I needed right now was her organs failing.

Her whines and deep breaths became more and more frequent as the effects of blood loss began showing themselves.

“Mas...ter.” she begged through her tears.

Dammit it hated it when they begged.

I growled quietly as her pulse began to weaken.

I forgot how small she was compared to the amount of blood I’ve already taken.

Perhaps my plan wouldn’t work as well as I had hoped.

I forced myself to slow my intake even more.

It was difficult given how good her blood was, and the fact that It was coming from a live host.

Her breaths began to shallow as I felt her weigh fall into me.


I let out a quiet sigh as I held her weightless body against mine, removing my fangs from her neck.

Im hoping that that was all Lord Bronwyn was looking for.

My gaze lifted to him as I held my tongue against her neck to help stop the bleeding.

I still took a lot of blood from her, She’s nowhere near safe yet.

Lord Bronwyn was beaming with joy and amusement.

I lifted my head from Khloe, wiping the blood that ended up dripping down my chin.

I licked the blood from my hand.

“Will that be all my Lord?” I asked humbly.

He grinned from ear to ear, sitting up straighter on his thrown.

“Yes, Nicolas. You are dismissed.”

Thank God.

I stood to my original height, setting the unconscious Khloe over my shoulder as I gave a small bow.

Without another word, I stormed out of there.

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