Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 12

Nico's POV

I ignored the two guards as I threw the doors open, evidently scaring the one on the left.

Hell, I ignored everyone.

Khloe’s skin was beginning to feel cooler, even to me. If her skin is cooler than mine then that’s definitely not a good sign.

I rushed even faster down the spiral stairs.

I paused on one of the steps, stopping one of the Castle’s slaves by grabbing his shoulder.

His eyes flickered to Khloe before settling onto me, keeping his usual calm deminor.

“What can I do for you, Sir?” He recited his typical line.

“Have a glass of B-negative delivered to my room as soon as possible.” I commanded.

I doubt he knew how serious I was about “as soon as possible.”

The boy nodded.

“Right away.”

With that, I continued back down to my room.

I barely paid attention to the stares I was getting from others.

An unconscious pet was fairly common within this castle so I don’t see what the big deal is.

As soon as I made it to my floor, my evolved speed carried me the rest of the way to my door and into my room.

I didn’t have alot of time to waste here.

I carefully laid Khloe onto the couch, noticing how much paler she had gotten.

Her breaths were quiet.

I sighed as I shrugged off my vest, rolling up my sleeves as I made my way into my bathroom.

I may as well get this things I need while I wait for the blood to arrive.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blood transfusion, but the process was simple enough that I doubt I could do it wrong.

I paused for a second once I saw my reflection.

It had been so long since I had fed from a live host that I forgot what I looked like after I did.

My eyes had lost thier green color, instead being replaced with a deep red.

My skin had changed its color as well, adding some shade to my naturally pale skin.

Something about drinking straight from something alive did this to us, that and the wave of pleasure and satisfaction we feel while doing it.

I wasn’t quite sure how it happened or why it only happened when we take blood fresh.

My tongue rubbed against the top of my mouth, the taste of her blood still lingering in my mouth.

It was pretty much the only thing about humans that I didn’t understand.

I sighed, snapping myself back to the task at hand and throwing open the large cabinet.

It was more cluttered than I remember it being.

I quickly shuffled through the clutter of needles and pills, grabbing the IV once I found it.

I placed the IV between my teeth and continued to look for the blood bag.

Please tell me that I have one.

I’d hate to have to do this by hand. It’s so time consuming that way.

I ended up having to take everything out of the damn cabinet in order to find it. Of corse it was in the very back.

Sighing to my self, I grabbed it headed out of the bathroom, leaving the mess there for now.

Dammit where the hell is that blood?

I set the blood bag near Khloe’s feet, clicking it into the IV so that it was snug before going to remove her collar.

Only then did I notice the tear streaks that were still evident on her face.

It was so different seeing that level of fear in her.

I’ve seen her fear ever since I bought her, but all of that was nothing compared to what I saw after I said that I’d feed from her.

My head snapped to the side as I heard a knock on the door.

It’s about time.

I quickly went to the door and opened it.

A different slave then the one I talked to stood there, a large glass of blood sitting on the tray that he held in his hand.

“Your order, Sir.” He said, bowing as he held the tray towards me.

I took the glass from the tray, examinating it for a second.

This should be enough.

I uttered a thanks to the boy before closing the door.

I twirled the glass before bringing the brim to my lips, making sure that it was actually B- negative.

Sometimes the slaves mess up and I didn’t want to risk the life of my pet by giving her the wrong blood.

It was indeed B-negative, but the taste had nothing compared to Khloe’s.

With that, I made my way back over to her, quickly filling up the blood bag and setting the empty glass onto the coffee table.

I carefully hung the blood bag on the lamp, making sure that it wouldn’t fall.

The blood slowly began to travel down the tube.

Taking the IV into my hands, I slowly placed the needle into the soft spot under her elbow.

I let out a long sigh as I slowly took a step back, admiring my work.

The blood was making its way down to the IV and into her system. Every thing seemed to be running fine.

She’ll be fine

I picked up the glass as I turned around, intending to go back to my work as I sipped at the excess blood that lingered at the bottom of the glass.

Hopefully Ill be able to do the rest of it in peace.

The last thing I need is another interruption.

I turned my head back towards Khloe before I sat in my desk chair.

Yea, she’ll be fine.

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