Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 13

Khloe’s POV:

It hurt.

My neck, my arm, my head. All of it hurt.


The last thing I remembered was...

My eyes shot open as I remembered, an exasperated gasp entering my throat.

Light shown in from the curtains, showing me that I was in Master’s room, sitting peacefully on his couch.

I... wasn’t dead.

I wasn’t sure if I should be relieved or not

My arms moved to push my self up further, but I quickly stopped myself as I noticed the IV sticking out of my arm.

My stomach instantly turned.

I hated needles.

“Oh you’re awake.”

I stiffened as I heard Masters words, my head whipping around to find him.

I spotted him, lifting himself from his bed as he ran a hand through his hair.

The sight of him walking towards me didn’t aid in my uneasiness.

“How do you feel?” He asked.

His question caught me off guard.

Still, I tried my best to respond to him as quickly and truthfully as possible.

“My um... head hurts.” I said, avoiding eye contact.

He was silent for a moment.

“Is that the only thing that hurts?”

I shook my head.

“My neck and um,” I looked down at the needle piercing my skin, “Arm does too.”

My body tensed as I felt his hands brush back my hair, thumb trailing against the aching mark he left on my skin.

“Thats all normal. It seems to be healing quickly so it probably won’t leave a very noticeable scar.”

He was speaking so casually, like he didn’t almost suck me dry last night.

I don’t know why I expected anything different.

I whimpered a bit as he removed the needle from my arm, his thumb pressing against where it used to be as he set it on the coffee table.

“W-what was that for?” I stuttered.

“I gave you a blood transfusion.” He responded quickly.

My eyes widened.


His eyes met with mine for a moment, making me shrink back a bit.

“I didn’t want you to die because of something the Lord made me do.” He stated.

He removed his thumb from my elbow, licking off my blood from it.

I focused my gaze back to where the IV used to be, looking where the evident mark was as Master took the blood bag and IV into the bathroom.

He... saved me?

For some reason that concept was so hard to grasp.

This whole thing was hard to grasp.

I thought back to last night.

How I was fearing for my life the moment the Lord ordered Master to drink for me.

How Master refused to, stating that he was saving me for the blood moon.

I just remembered how fast my heart was beating. It felt like I was trapped, I couldn’t even move. Like the fear was holding me there, just allowing reality to happen.

And then how much it hurt the moment I felt his fangs press into my skin.

The rest was a blur to me.

I paused for a moment.

The blood moon, maybe thats when Ill die.

“God Khloe If you want to ask questions just ask them.”

My eyes widened as I turned to face him.


He leaned against his desk, arms crossed.

“Its written all over your face, plus a pet always has questions after they’ve first been fed from.”

I blinked at him, unsure of what to say.

I mean, yea I had questions, but some of them I’m not even sure I want answered.

“H-how did I taste?” I decided to ask.

Masters eyes widened before he rose a brow.

“I literally almost killed you last night, and your first question is that?” He asked.

I shrunk back.

“I-Ive just always been curious.” I stated quickly.

Id be lying If i said I didn’t.

B-negative was supposedly good, so I just wanted to know.

Master sighed, looking down at his desk.

“Amazing. Ive honestly never tasted anything like it.” He said.

I wasn’t sure how I should feel about that.

I decided to quickly shift the conversation, less I start to panic.

“So, uh... was that really a class three hemorrhage?” I asked.

I had learned about those in the short time I was in school. They told us that the chance of survival was low unless immediate action was taken.

He breathed out a short laugh as he rolled his eyes a bit.

“No. To be honest I dont even think that Lord Bronwyn knows what a class three hemorrhage is. He pretty much just wanted you to pass out.”

I tilted my head a bit.

“Then how much did you end up taking?”

Master thought for a moment.

“Probably too much than I initially planned too. In the moment, I didn’t account for how small you are.”

I pursed my lips as my fingers trailed against the marks on my neck.

“Am I really that small?” I asked.

Master just stared at me.

“You only barely stand below my chest when we stand side by side.” He stated.

I looked away, slightly embarrassed.

Ive always been a bit self conscious about my size, regardless that Vampires were naturally taller than humans and the fact that humans were typically bred to be smaller.

“Well, yea. But I didn’t think that effected my blood.”

Master nodded, taking a step forward.

“You carry less blood than a typical human, but thats nothing to be ashamed of.”

It just made it that much easier for him to kill me.

Maybe he’d decide that he wanted a pet with more blood and just dispose of me soon.

Again, I shifted the conversation.

I just found it so strange how open Master was about this whole thing.

“Were you,” I stopped myself, trying to put together the right words,” Serious about the blood moon thing?”

The blood moon was one of the only nights that I feared for my life even as a child. It was the night at the end of every season where a full moon would raise into the sky, red as blood. Something about it made Vampires become more monster than anything. They would almost go savage, hunting down anything with a pulse, animals, people in the city, even thier own kind, until they got enough blood to ease thier hunger.

I’ve whitnessed plenty of pets die from the Pet Master back when I was in the shop, despite the rule against it.

I was surprised to see Master actually seemed bothered by my question.

“No. Next question.”

I was surprised that he actually said no, but questioned why he disregarded it so quickly.

Still, I moved on. The last thing I needed was for him to be upset.

“Did you enjoy it?”

Masters eyes furrowed a little, silence filling the room for a short while.

“Not necessarily,” He started, “I don’t really enjoy being forced to do things.”

I wanted to ask why he didn’t want to do it, but opted to leave the answer at that.

“Is that all?” Master asked.

Not really, but I nodded regardless.

He kind of seemed like he was done answering them.

Ill just ask them later. If he lets me.

“Alright then,” He said as he began walking towards me, “Xander is bringing over Doe pretty soon for a check up, so I’m just going to have you sit on my bed while she’s here so Xander won’t bug you.”

I tilted my head.

“Why is he bringing her here?”

“He claims that she’s sick, and I used to be a doctor so he just brings her to me.” He said.

“A pet doctor?” I asked.

I wouldn’t even consider Pet doctors to be actual doctors. They’re just the low life vampires that couldn’t get any other job.

He shook his head.

“No. I used to work in the city. The humans practically begged the Lord for another doctor and I was the only one with prior training so he just assigned me to do it for a couple years.”

My eyes widened a bit, wondering if he had worked there while I lived there.

“Speaking of which, are you caught up on your shots?”

I was taken aback by this.

“Um... I dont know?” I answered truthfully.

Master hummed a bit.

The last shot I got was for kindergarten, but i wasn’t sure if there was anything else to worry about.

“Alright. We’ll go get your records the hospital tomorrow.” He spoke calmly.

I felt my nerves start to grow.

“Were going to go into the city tomorrow?” I asked.

Master nodded, stepping right in front of me.

I never wanted to show my face in that city ever again.

I went from a citizen to a pet. From decently high to rock bottom.

What if the people laugh at me and mock me?

My thoughts were cut off as extended his hand towards me.

“I dont need you catching whatever Doe has so...” He gestured towards his hand.

Maybe he wouldn’t make me go with him tomorrow. Hopefully.

My eyes switched between his face and his hand before I finally took it.

He slowly helped me to my feet.

I didn’t realize how weak I felt until I had to stand.

Im pretty sure that my legs were shaking, not to mention that my head started pounding.

Was this normal?

Master must have read my face.

“Your body is just coping with the drastic changes its had to go through.” He said as he lead me towards his bed, “Remind me after Xander leaves to order you some lunch. Your body needs it.”

I nodded twice as he helped me up onto his amazingly comfortable bed.

I had to fight the urge to lay down onto it.

Master then pulled my collar from his pocket.

I stayed silent as he put it around my neck in a way that it wasn’t touching the mark.

Then, as if on cue, a knock came from the door.

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