Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 15

Khloe's POV

I looked out the window of the limo as we drove into the city, recalling all of the familiar places I would go as a child.

Seeing all of this again brought up some strange mixes of emotions, reminding me of what I once had.

Master had been quiet most of the ride, just occasionally looking up to see how far away we were.

Even I knew that we were close to the doctors office.

I went to the there alot as a child, but only because I used to be really clumsy.

A sigh left my lips as I thought back to the long sunny days I would spend with my older sister, playing in the park until the sun set. Then we would come to moms cooking and then listen to one of dad’s many stories.

I quickly turned my head away from the window the moment I felt a lump begin to form in my throat.

Master noticed this, his head turning to me.

I couldn’t let myself cry, not after what the pet master did to me the last time I did.

No matter how much I wanted too, I refused to let myself.

I let out a long breath as I leaned my head back against the seat, trying to focus on the humming of the car instead of my own memories.

“You okay?”

I stiffened at the sound of his voice breaking the silence.

“Uh yea.” I replied quickly, clasping my hands near my lap.

He looked at me for a little while longer before turning his head to the window.

He sat up a bit straighter as he did.

“I see it.” He said, talking about the Hospital not far ahead.

My stomach turned a bit as he spoke.

Why it only kicked in just now was beyond me, but I was nervous.

Nervous to go back into my hometown and risk someone recognizing me, or me not being able to keep myself together.

I was even too nervous to ask Master if I could stay in his room while he came here.

I was planning on doing it last night before we went to bed, but chickened out last-minute.

I clasped my hands tighter as the limo came to a stop.

Master grabbed my leash in one hand and opened the door with the other.

The both of us stepped into the afternoon sun.

Luckily I didn’t spot anyone in the general area.

I followed master as he walked up to the front window and tapped on the glass.

The slave rolled the window down, allowing Master to lean into it and tell the boy something that I didn’t quite catch.

I was surprised to see that the limo began moving after Master leaned out of the window.

I guess he gave the slave an errand to run.

With that, we walked towards the entrance.

The familiar ding of the sensor filled the room as we entered into the small waiting room.

I quickly looked around seeing if I recognized anyone. Lucky, there were only a couple people, none of which I recognized.

All of them froze at the sight of a vampire making his way to the front desk, one of them hurrying out of the way as we did so.

Master didn’t seem to pay them any mind.

Some of them sent me remorseful looks, while some of the others avoided thier gazes all together.

Despite thier safety against Vampires, they were still terrified.

They still knew that Master could easily kill them if they disrespected him and he most likely wouldn’t get punished.

Master leaned against the front desk, where the man working there had his back towards us as he organized prescriptions.

After a while of the man not noticing us, Master subtly cleared his throat.

The man quickly turned his head, his trademark smile covering his face as he spoke.

“Good afternoon! How may I help y-” He stopped mid sentence when he saw who was there.

I chewed on the inside of my lip as a name finally came to the man’s familiar face. He was the one that would always take care of me whenever I came in here. The always cheerful Doctor Marshall.

“O-oh! Nicolas,” he laughed nervously, “I didn’t think I’d be seeing you here again.”

His stance was tence as he stood a safe distance away from the front desk.

“Yea, you and me both.” Master replied emotionlessly.

“So, what brings you by?” He asked, trying to hide his discomfort behind his smile.

Master glanced down at me.

“I need her medical records. She used to live here.”

Doctor Marshalls eyes widened when he finally looked at me.

I think he recognized me.

I quickly averted my gaze to the floor out of embarrassment and shame.

“I-um,” He paused for a long moment, “I can’t do that.” His voice was quiet.

Master rose a brow as his finger began tapping against the desk, obviously annoyed that he wasn’t cooperating.

“Come again?” He asked as more of a challenge, “I didn’t quite catch that.”

Any confidence that Doctor Marshall held quickly deteriorated.

“M-Medical records are a private thing,” He stuttered, “I can’t just hand it out.”

Master’s eyes were furrowed into a glare at this point, making my nerves shoot up even more.

“I’m more qualified to have them than you are.” He stated.

Marshall gulped, still not giving in.

“I have to keep these safe.” Is all he said.

“She’s not a citizen here anymore, Marshall. You have no need to keep her records here any longer.” Master spoke lowly.

The doctor stayed silent, probably at a loss for words.

“Still, I-I can’t legally give them to you.” He spoke.

I heard a quiet rumble come from Masters throat. It wasn’t exactly a growl, but it sounded pretty close to one.

“Fine.” He said.

I flinched as he dropped my leash onto the floor before he opened up the entry to get where Doctor Marshall was.

I didn’t dare take a step.

If Master trusted me enough to stay there, then that’s exactly what I was going to do.

Marshall quickly stepped back out of pure fear as Master made his way over to the large wall filled with many different colored files.

“W-what are you doing?,” Doctor Marshall asked nervously.

It was obvious that he wasn’t going to do anything to stop Master from doing what he wanted.

“Well, since you can’t legally give them to me, and I can’t legally drain you from every drop of blood you keep in that body, I figured I should just take them myself to save both of us the trouble.”

Doctor Marshall’s color drained from his face as the entire room went dead silent. He looked like he was about to say something but Master spoke first.

“Last name?” He said to me, his eyes meeting mine.

All eyes fell on me for a short while.

“C-Cardinal.” I replied.

Master nodded before he continued skimming through the many files.

It had been to long since I had heard my last name, it almost sounded like it didn’t belong anymore.

“Khloe E. Cardinal?” Master asked as he pulled one of the files from the shelf.

I nodded.

Marshall looked at me for a moment as Master began looking through my records.

I refused to meet his gaze.

Master hummed to himself for a moment before he closed the file and made his way into the back room.

I could still see him through the glass that separated that room from this one.

“N-nicolas you’re not allowed in there!” Doctor Marshall said nervously.

Master paid no mind to him, continuing to grab an assortment of items.

I grew more nervous as he grabbed a couple of syringes.

“I worked here longer than you’ve been alive, Marshall.”

Marshall bit back whatever he was about to say.

“Y-you don’t work here anymore, so you technically are no longer allowed in there.”

I could tell that this was taking up every ounce of bravery that Marshall had.

“Are you going to try to stop me?” Master asked plainly.

A look of nervous defeat crawled over Marshall’s face.

“This is stealing.” He said.

Master paused, looking over my records again to make sure that he had grabbed everything that he needed.

“Not really,” Master replied as he walked back into this room, ” she would have needed all of this anyways, now I’m just the one that going to give it to her.”

He casually made his way back over to me, a plastic bag and file in one hand.

He grabbed my leash near the clasp and dragged his hand up untill the edge of it was in his hand.

I didn’t hesitate to follow him when I realized that he didn’t plan on waiting for me to.

The room stayed silent as he opened the door. He paused as soon as the door was open, turning his head back to the doctor.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

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