Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 17

Khloe's POV

I often found myself sitting in the window sill, staring out into the world, now being one of those times.

The moon was shining extra bright it seemed tonight. It was lovely.

The night breeze felt nice on my skin swell.

Master had allowed me to open the window before he left.

He said that he had a delivery that needed to be picked up.

Ive been hoping that he would pick up some blood while he was at it.

His 72 hours were almost up.

I let out a long breathe, scooting closer to the edge, letting the faint sound of the rustling leaves below fill my mind instead.

I swung my legs over the edge, letting them hang over a height that would no doubt lead to my demise. Not that it really mattered. Pretty much everything around me could lead to my demise.

I mulled that thought over for a minute, the constant thought returning to me, asking myself how much time I really had left.

Honestly, I’ve been alive here longer than I had initially thought that I would, but that luck wouldn’t last me forever.

Was it even luck?

If it wasn’t, then what else would it be?

“Do you plan on jumping?” Masters voice sounded behind me, startling me since I didn’t even hear him come in.

I quickly turned my head to see him shutting the door behind him, one of thoes large recyclable shopping bags in one of his hands.

“U-uh... No.” I replied, slowly bringing my legs back into the room.

“Good.” He started as he sat down onto the couch that was partially facing me, “I didn’t think I had made you’re life that bad.”

I just blinked at him. I don’t think anything would bring me to do that to myself.

I swore to myself a while back that I would live as long as I possibly could since my family couldn’t.

“Do some pets jump?”

Master rested his feet on the coffee table.

“Yea, sometimes. There’s a reason that most of us keep our windows locked.” He said.

I can’t blame thoes pets. With the way most of them are treated, I kind of expected it.

Yet he trusted me enough to not only open the window but leave me alone while it was open.


Master began looking into the bag as the room fell into silence, apparently done with that conversation.

“The slave finally got what I had asked him to get. I guess the store in town didn’t have everything I was looking for so he had to order it from someone else.”

I swung my legs over the other side, so I was facing him.

“What is it?” I asked.

He glanced up at me before tossing the bag to the other side of the couch.

“Come find out. It’s yours.”

My eyes went wide for a long moment, flickering from the bag to Master.

Why would he get me something? More importantly, what would he get me?

I slowly slid off of the window sill and made my way over to the bag.

Master just watched me from the corner of his eye as I crawled onto the couch so I was in front of the bag.

I cautiously lifted the bag so it was facing me. My mouth fell open as soon as I spotted the thing inside.

I carefully pulled out the large sketchbook, admiring the black leather cover and the silver binding.

Holy crap... The ones I would get as a child were barely even as big as my hand, but this...

I couldn’t even think of how to describe it.

My fingers ran across the soft paper before something else in the bag caught my attention.

There was more.

I peered into the bag again to find a whole variety of brand new drawing supplies.

Different kinds of pens, pencils, acrylics, colored pencils, and even watercolor paint and brushes.

None of this stuff looked cheap either.

I was at a loss for words. I was at a loss for everything.

He got all of this stuff... For me?

Master leaned forward and removed his feet from the coffee table, causing me to force myself back into reality.

I looked towards him, mouth still agape.

“H-how much was all of this?”

Master just shrugged, “does it matter?” He asked plainly.

I turned my head back to the sketchbook, absentmindedly tracing it’s front cover.

“Why?” I questioned.

He rose a brow, like the answer was plainly obvious.

“You have talent, Khloe, you should embrace it,” His words somehow made me even more shocked than I already was, “Plus it will give you something else to do than stare out that window all day.” He finished.

The last thing I expected was to be actually complimented by my own Master. I didn’t even think that was possible.

Still, even through all my shock I think I actually felt happy.

It was a foreign feeling after all these years so I didn’t recognize it right away.

I could actually execute all the ideas that I’ve had over the years. With amazing supplies too!

Not to mention that beautiful sketchbook that I get to keep it all in...

I didn’t even think before I had thrown my arms around him, setting my chin on his shoulder.

His body tenced against mine in suprise at my sudden gesture.

“Thank you.” I heard myself say.

It was only then that I actually realised what I was doing.

I was about to make a move to let go but Master actually returned my gesture.

“You’re welc-” He cut himself off, his body suddenly becoming ridiculously tence.

I started to know that something was wrong the second his grip tightened on me.

The only other time he had been forceful with me was when we were with Lord Bronwyn.

His breath hitched before his breaths started to shake. I could feel them against my neck.

“Nico?” I tried to pull away, but his grip held strong.

This wasnt like him at all. It was almost like he was in a daze.

I was finally beginning to fully panic.

I let out a short squeal as he suddenly grabbed a fist full of my hair, his other arm holding me still against him as his teeth pressed against the top of my neck.

I didn’t move. I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

The quick change from joy to fear left me immobile.

I didn’t even have time to fully process what just happened.

All I knew was that he was going to drink from me again.

His instincts were forcing him too.

He forced himself to stay away from blood, and now I was paying the price for it.

Of corse I knew this was going to happen, but now that the moment was finally here, I was terrified.

I let out a sharp whine as I first felt the sting of his fangs against my neck.

The next thing I knew, he was pulling me back, one hand covering his mouth as his eyes were wide.

His breaths were heavy as his eyes quickly shifted around, like he was trying to figure out what he just did.

I guess he figured it out the second he saw the look of fear that I held.

He suddenly stood from the couch and hurriedly made his way to the door, his hand still covering his mouth.

I just watched as he left, slamming the door shut as I just tried to figure out what exactly just happened.

He didn’t bite me... He actually fought against his own instincts and didn’t feed from me.

I suddenly found myself running towards the door, swinging it open as I ran into the hall.

He couldn’t be seen in any direction. Luckily no other vampires were either.

I just let out a long sigh of mixed emotions as I rubbed my hand against my head, still trying to calm myself down.

He’ll be back soon right? He just went to go-

My thoughts were cut off when I heard the door close behind me.

Oh no...

I quickly turned as a new panic began to run through me.

I pushed against the door handle, getting nothing but the lock refusing to budge.

I needed Masters thumb print to get in...

My hand instinctively reached to my neck.

I was the tiniest bit relieved that I still had my collar on.

But still...

I glanced around the empty halls.

I could find him right? He couldn’t have gone far right?

Wrong. I knew he was somewhere in this castle far from where I was but if I just sat here and waited for him to come back, people would get suspicious.

I sighed once more, leaning my back against the door.

Of corse the one time I was actually happy, something had to come along and ruin it.

I tried my best to swallow my fear and panic as I pushed myself off of the door and began making my way down the hall.

He’ll find me when he comes back right? Yea...

He’ll find me, we’ll go back to his room, and I’ll stay out of his way for the rest of the night while I try out all of the new things he got me.

Wouldn’t that be nice.

I kept my head down as I continued walking.

Only two couple vampires came into my view as I did, both of which looked down at me questioningly, like they were deciding whether or not they could make me thier midnight snack or not.

I never thought I’d think this, but thank God for this collar.


I paused at the sound of my name, quickly searching for the sorce.

It was Xander.

He stood leaning against the door frame that apparently was his room.

“What the hell are you doing out here?” I didn’t miss his eyes as he glanced at my collar for a moment, “Where’s Nico?”

I just stood silent in fear.

What should I even say? What could I even say? Lying to a vampire was impossible!

Apparently my silence annoyed Xander enough that he moved on.

“I guess it dosnt really matter, but I need you to do me a favor.” It was wierd not seeing that typical grin on his face. He actually looked like he needed something to be done.

My eyes widened. What the heck could he want from me?

I didn’t trust this.

I didn’t want to be in this situation at all.

“What?” I finally asked.

He gestured for me to come into his room.

“I have a stack of files that I need you to take to Nico.”

I nervously chewed my lip. Every fiber of my body was telling me to say no.

He could easily get one of the castle slaves to do that for him.

But still, I knew that I couldn’t refuse the will of a vampire without punishment.

Even if it wasn’t my Master.

I wanted to cry. I just wanted to curl up and let myself fall away from this.

Maybe if I’m holding the files people wouldn’t get so suspicious.

I could just wait outside his door and this whole thing could be over.

Without another word, I stepped into his room.

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