Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 18

Khloe's POV

His room was dark, that was the first thing I noticed.

The second thing I noticed was the size of the room, how it was pretty much exactly like Masters except for the placement of his furniture.

The last thing I noticed was Doe sitting in a cage in the corner of the room, her eyes wide and fearful as she stared at me, like she was begging me to leave.

Xander closed the door, cutting off most of the light that was entering into the room. I could barely see anything more than three feet ahead of me.

I took a long shaky breath as I turned towards Xander, freezing under his suddenly confident gaze.

His mossy green eyes shone through the dark as all vampires eyes did.

His familiar grin made a quick appearance, instinctively making me take a step back.

The slim hope I had of thoes files even existing quickly disappeared.

What have I done?

“You know Khloe,” He started, taking a slow step towards me, “I never really understood why vampires should have to drink blood from a glass when we have perfectly capable humans living in our presence.”

My breath hitched at the air around me started to feel thicker, making it more difficult to breathe.

I stepped back as he took another step forward, my heart thundering in my chest.

“It’s always seemed like a lost cause to me you know? I mean why should we drink garbage when we could feel the rush of something alive everytime?”

My chest was beginning to hurt.

“But, I guess it makes some sort of sence. I guess not being able to drink from my own pet has enlightened me on that,” He chuckled softly,” it still tastes like trash though.”

A sharp gasp ripped from my throat as my back hit the front of his bed.

“To be completely honest with you I’m sick and tired of drinking that shit. But still, I had to follow the doctors orders.” He paused once he was right in front of me, greedily staring down at me, “And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he say I could get what I wanted from one of my friends pets?”

He looked at me like he was waiting for an answer.

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move.

“And that, dear,” He leaned down a bit, lifting my chin up with his finger, “is why you’re here.”

Greed flashed behind his eyes as his grin grew enough to flash one of his fangs.

I didn’t even have time to react before he grabbed me and the world became a blur.

I found myself laying face up on his bed, my arms tied above my head by something already conected to the bed frame.

Panic and fear exploded in my head at the same time as I struggled to get out.

This was exactly how I imagined having a Master would be, but now that it was actually happening, I just wanted to curl up and rot away.

He wasn’t even my Master!

Xanders chuckle brought my attention back to him. I could see his eyes near the foot of the bed, like he hadn’t moved at all.

“Hmmm it’s oddly interesting seeing something other than Doe in that position.” He noted.

I was terrified. The look in his eyes told me that he wouldn’t hesitate to kill me if I upset him. And the tone of his voice told me that he couldn’t care less what would happen to me.

I silently prayed that somehow, Master would get me out of this. That something would get me out of this.

Xander seemed to get bored of the silence and slowly began stalking his way into the bed.

My body froze against my will as he crawled over me, trapping my body under his.

He seemed amused by the fact that my body was shaking in fear.

“You look like you want to say something dear.”

There were many things I wanted to say. I wanted to scream for someone to help. I wanted to beg Xander to let me go, but I don’t feel like the words would leave mouth.

“Please...” Was all that came out, “please don’t..” I begged, knowing full well that it wasn’t going on work.

Xanders smirk just grew as he leaned down towards my ear.

“Go ahead. Beg and scream all you want. They made these walls thick for a reason. ”

I could tell that he liked the fact that tears fell down my face.

I couldn’t get out of this.

“M-master... wouldn’t want this.” I said quietly, turning my head away as I felt his breaths on my neck.

I wasn’t even sure if that was true. It was the only thing left that I thought could get me out of this.

Xander just paused for a second before he hummed.

He suddenly grabbed my jaw forcing me to look at him.

“You’re smarter than you look,” He started, “That’s exactly why he’s not going to find out.”

My stomach turned even more.

He laughed again.

“I’m guessing you’re now wondering how you’re going to be able to hide a bite mark?”

I stayed silent, just stared at him, not knowing what else to do.

“Well, there’s a lovely little vein that trails from here,” I flinched as his finger touched the inside of my lower thigh, tracing it up my leg and under my shirt untill he reached a certain spot on the side of my hip,” to here, right around your the pelvis. That shouldn’t be too hard to keep hidden right?”

I felt like I was about to throw up.

At least he wasn’t going to kill me right?

I squeezed my eyes shut, just wanting to get this over with.

Despite my fear, I knew I could do nothing to stop this from happening.

“Oh, and,” He pulled me forwards by my collar, “If Nico hears one word about this,” His nails pressed against my throat enough to make me whine, “I won’t hesitate to rip out you’re pretty little throat.”

My eyes shot wide open before he pushed me back down.

“Have I made myself clear?” He spoke as if he was daring me so say no.

I nodded to the best of my ability.

He had made himself completely, unmistakably chrystal clear.

“Good,” He chuckled as he leaned down towards my hip.

I again squeezed my eyes shut as my entire body tenced up.

His hand moved my shirt out of the way as his teeth scraped against his chosen area.

“Relax, dear.” He spoke lowly with a hint of sarcasm, his hands pinning my legs down onto the bed, “It’s only a vampire bite.”

I bit down on my lip the second I felt the sting of his fangs push into my skin.

A short whimper left my mouth and my nails dug into my hands as my breaths began to speed up.

Trying to focus on something else didn’t work, like my body was forcing me to only focus on the the pain.

A hum of pleasure radiated from Xander before he stopped. He paused for a moment before he pulled himself away from me.

I peered open my eyes to see his now red ones wide in suprise through the blur of tears.

“Holy shit.” He said in an almost whisper. He sounded really pleased.

My blood was evident on his fangs.

I tried to move but he was still holding me down.

“I can see why Nico wouldn’t want anyone drinking from you,” He said with a slight laugh, “You have the kind of taste that he’d want all to himself.”

He didn’t do anything else before he returned his fangs into my flesh.

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