Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 19

Khloe's POV

How long had it been? Minutes, hours?

It felt like I had been here for hours, tied to this bed while Xander took his sweet time drinking from me, though the fact that I wasn’t dead yet told me that it hasn’t even been near that long.

Everything felt hazy, whether it was because of the blood loss or pure fear I wasn’t sure.

The only thing I could really process was the intense pain in my side, and the tight pressure of Xander’s grip on my legs.

The rest was just a blur, like none of my other senses wanted to experience this.

I barely even felt myself fall against the bed, my body apparently feeling too weak to keep it tense anymore.

Although, I did hear a small noise come from Xander as I felt him remove his fangs from my side.

I didn’t even have time to feel grateful before His eyes met with mine, now being an even deeper red than before.

A devilish smirk rose to his face as he removed his hands from my legs.

“Now, we don’t want you passing out now do we?” he asked, partially breathless.

I didn’t respond, I dont even think I could. I just stared at my blood that was currently staining his teeth.

He slowly shifted himself so that he was hovering above me, one of his hands reaching towards the thing that was holding my arms.

“Nico would freak out if you were gone that long, and knowing him, he would come to me first,” he chuckled as the thing around my arms loosened, freeing them, “And that would be a bad time for both of us, dont you think?”

I nodded to the best of my ability, hoping that he would let me go faster if I did.

“Good. Now, remember, not one word to Nicolas.” He mocked evily.

Again I nodded.

Xanders smirk just grew.

Next thing I knew I was back in the hallway, struggling to stay upright as my head pounded. I barely even realized that I had fallen onto my knees.

Xander’s amused chuckle brought my eyes to where he stood by his door frame.

“Have fun getting back to him,” He said, ” Oh, and dont worry about those files, Ill bring them to Nico myself tomorrow.”

I heard him laugh once more before he closed the door, just leaving me there.

I just sat there, staring at the door as I tried to recollect my thoughts.

A warm wetness snapped my head down towards my hips, seeing the trickle of blood falling from the wounds.

Xander didn’t stop the bleeding.

I quickly covered the area with my hand, a new panic running through me.

How was I supposed to hide this from Master then it was still bleeding?!

I shook my head, trying to calm myself down.

I could stop it by the time I got there right?


I slowly pushed myself onto my feet, stumbling forward against the wall as soon as I got up.

Walking without support didn’t seem like an option given my current condition.

With one hand on the wall, and the other against my side, I began walking towards Masters room.

Part of me hoped that he would be there,while the other part of me didn’t. I wondered if he even realized I was gone.

What if he was mad at me for leaving?

My eyes nervously glanced through the halls, making sure that no one was walking by or watching me.

I stopped walking once I made sure no one was in sight, my legs trembling as I further leaned against the wall.

Maybe I shouldn’t go back until this stops bleeding.

I looked down at my partially blood stained hand, a lump forming in my throat as I tried to figure out how i was going to hide all of this.

Why did this have to happen?

Why did this happen to me? today? right after something finally good happened to me and now I might not even live to be able to use it.

I fell further into the wall, my entire body trembling at this point.

Masters room almost seemed out of reach.

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to will myself to keep going.

A short screem exited my lips as I felt myself being grabbed and carried.

The air around me seemed to rush past me before I opened my eyes.

I was back in Master’s room, sitting on the edge of his bed with my feet dangling over.

My eyes widened when I saw him standing a few feet in front of me. He tried to catch his breathe as his unusually messy hair hung in front of his face, like he had been running for a while.

A mix of relief and fear filled me as I understood what had just happened.

Master, looked at me, a hint of worry evident in his eyes.

I guess he could see the worry in mine too.

“Ive been looking everywhere for you.” he said through his breaths.

He luckily didn’t sound mad, he actually sounded a bit relieved.

“I-im sorry.” I responded, slowly removing my hand from my side and pulling down my shirt.

Master just shook his head, taking a step closer to me.

“Dont be,” He started. I could smell the unmistakable scent of iron in his breathe, proving that he had gotten some blood during that time, “I shouldn’t have forced myself to-”

He cut himself off noticing the current state I was.

“Holy shit are you OK?”

I hurriedly nodded my head.

“Yup. I’m totally fine. One hundred percent OK.” I laughed nervously.

He rose an eyebrow at my obvious lie.

I quickly tried to come up with a decent story that he would believe, but still wouldn’t necessarily be lying.

He just blinked at me, trying to figure something out.

“Khloe, you can tell me of your not-”

His eyes went wide fore a second as his nose crinkled

“Youre bleeding?”

My breathe caught in my throat.

“U-uh. No im not.” I said quickly.

His eyes furrowed this time.

He knew full well that I was hiding something.

I swallowed hard, trying to hide my sudden panic.

I had to come up with something and I needed to do it fast.

He suddenly grabbed my wrist, causing me to yelp as he pulled me forward a bit.

My stomach knotted when he saw the blood on my hand.

He just stared at it for a second before he looked at me.

He didn’t say anything.

I shifted my eyes away once I felt his tongue against my hand.

His grip tightened on my wrist.

“This is your blood, Khloe! What happened?” I could tell that he was beginning to get mad.

Of corse he would be, I just lied to him.

I chewed the inside on my lip, knowing full well that there was no way I was going to be able to get out of this without being punished.

“I-I fell.” I muttered quietly.

Masters eyes fixed into an annoyed glare as he let go of my wrist.

“Oh yea? On what? What the hell was in that hallway that you could have cut yourself on enough to make you bleed?” he hissed.

“I-I um...” I stuttered.

I literally couldn’t think of anything to say to him. He was already mad and I really didnt want to make it worse.

I found myself leaning back as he predatorily leaned towards me.

“I-It was nothing.” was all I managed to say.

His eyes narrowed even more at my words.

“I bet it was, Khloe.” his voice was low.

I glanced down worriedly at my side as he placed his hand onto the bed near my hip.

Only then did I realize that in the process of leaning back, my shirt lifted up enough to spot some of the blood.

Master paused once he followed my gaze.

On instinct, I quickly went to pull down my shirt, only to have him grab my wrist once more.

Part of the anger in his eyes was gone, replaced with concern.

Both of us froze as soon as he lifted my shirt enough to see the fang marks.

His eyes widened as his pupils turned to slits, the way all vampire’s did when they were beyond mad.

“Who the hell did this?”

I was too frozen in fear to speak.

What could I even say?! The truth would get me killed and lying again was starting to seem like the same fate.

I jumped as he met eyes with me, impatiently waiting for an answer.

“I-I dont know.” I spoke.

I refused to let the tears that were threatening to fall appear. The last thing I needed was for him to get mad at me fore crying too.

“Khloe.” He spoke my name like it was a warning.

“I really dont!” I said, “It was just some random vampire that attacked me in the hallway!”

He didn’t believe me.

I wouldn’t have believed me either.

He released my shirt and returned his full attention to me.

“I would have seen you if they attacked you in the hallway.” he was clearly annoyed.


I feel like his voice wasn’t fully showing how mad he was.

A gasp ripped from my throat when he grabbed my collar, pulling me close enough that his face was right by my ear.

“Im going to ask you again Khloe. Who did this?” He spoke as if he was challenging me to say ‘I dont know’ again, “If you want to lie to me again, go ahead, but I cant promise that nothing will happen to you if you do.”

I didnt say anything.

I couldn’t say anything without getting hurt in one way or the other.

So instead, I just stayed silent, letting the fear of what Master was going to do to me sink in.

“No response, huh?” he asked.

Still I stayed silent.

Master sighed.

“What a shame. I really didn’t think that Id have to do this to you for a while, but,” Within a split second, I was standing on the edge of the bed, only being held up by one of his arms around my back. Master’s other hand gripped my hair as his teeth scraped the column of my neck,” I dont need a pet that doesn’t obey the simple rule of answering a question once its been asked.”

I froze as I felt his breaths against my neck.

No... Not again!

I could feel my breaths begin to speed up. I didnt want to die because of this!

“Nico... please...”

“Ill stop once you tell me what I want to know.” He said.

It wasn’t worth it.

Either way I was going to die, so it didn’t really matter at this point.

Id much rather die to my own Master than Xander.

That thought involuntarily changed the second i felt the sting of his fangs against my neck.

The words left my mouth before I had a chance to stop them.

“Xander! It was Xander!”

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