Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 2

Khloe's POV

I kept that same distance as we walked out of the shop, my leash in one of my new Masters hand, and a bag containing who knows what in the other.

I squinted my eyes as we stepped outside, the unfamiliar sunlight hitting my eyes and skin for the first time in what felt like forever.

I looked at my Master as we kept walking, trying to get a good look at him without risking getting yelled at.

As if he was sensing my stare, he turned his head. I quickly avoided my gaze, looking down.

Ive been told that some Masters don’t even like their pet to look directly at them, and I really didn’t want to get hit or whipped, especially after last night.

The warm concrete felt nice against my bare feet.

The realization hit me, a lot later than it should have.

I had a Master now. My entire life just changed, well whatevers left of my life.

That uncertainty of that now lies in the hands of the Vampire thats holding my neck by a string.

Quite literally.

He held the authority now to do whatever he wanted with me. He could rip my throat out and drain me of every last drop of blood I have right here and right now.

This time, I did run into him when he suddenly stopped.

His emerald eyes trapped mine as I began to step back.

“I-im sorry Master!” I nervously sputtered out, only to cover my mouth with my hands as soon as the words came out.

Ive learned not to speak unless spoken to from the Pet Master.

I squeezed my eyes shut, ready for Master to hit me or yank on the leash or something, but he didn’t.

He did, however, take my wrist in his hand and lead me into the back area of a limo.

Most of the vampires traveled like this, the ones in this city did at least.

Only specific slaves were chosen to drive them.

What I wouldn’t do to have that job.

I waited until he sat down to take my seat, not wanting to make him unhappy. He gestured for me to sit next to him, and so I did.

He set the leash down by me and leaned back, running his hand through his hair as he let out a long sigh.

The drive was silent. It made my nerves on edge.

I leaned forward, trying once again to ease the pain on my back.

Only then did I realize how loud my breathes were.

My hand trailed up to the collar that was pressing into my skin.

I immediately put my hand back down when I saw Master shift his gaze to me.

One wrong move. One wrong move and I’m dead.

I kept my eyes on the floor, trying not to make him mad.

A sharp gasp exited my throat and I flinched as I felt his hands on my collar.

This was weird though.

His hands were gentle as he loosened the buckle before removing the collar completely, finally allowing me to get a decent breath.

My hands skimmed against the raw skin on my neck where the collar used to be.

It was uncomfortable, but dang I was just happy to have that thing off.

I wanted to thank my Master, but I didn’t know if I should.

He was just starring at me,well, my neck.

Either the collar make a noticeable mark on my skin, or he’s trying to imagine how much he’s going to enjoy biting into it.

It could be both.

“You don’t talk much do you?” He asked, his voice startling me.

I haven’t actually talked in about 5 years, so no.

“Do I have permission?” I asked nervously.

I just wanted to make sure, so I wouldn’t mess up in the future.

He paused for a second.

“To me, yes.” He said.

Thats... odd.

I met his gaze, those eyes piercing through me once again.

I didn’t even know what to say.

“Name?” He finally spoke.

Pets were never really given names, it has always been up to thier master to decide.

“Whatever you want it to be, Ma-”

“No.” He cut me off, making me finch.

He sighed.

“You were a rogue, right?” He asked.

“I was.” I replied shamefully.

It was my dad’s idea to leave the city in the first place. I didn’t even want to leave.

“So what was your name before you got captured?”

I blinked at him.

It had been so long that I had to think about it for a second.

“Khloe.” I said.

He thought my answer over.

“Khloe.” He repeated, like he was tasting it on his tongue, “I like it.”

I didn’t know if i should be happy about that or not.

Master sighed as the car slowed to a stop, his hands reaching inside of the bag.

I shifted my gaze to the window, gawking as I layed eyes on the castle before me.

The sun reflected ever so slightly against its many windows and dark bricks.

It was just so big.

Much bigger then I remember it being as a little girl.

I guess a big city to run causes for a big castle full of blood suckers to run it.

I froze as I turned back around, laying eyes on what Master has in his hands.

A collar, and a leash to match.

They looked like a matching set, both being icy blue with a golden buckle or clasp.

I swallowed hard as his hands began to move closer, shutting my eyes in anticipation.

I stayed as still as possible as he wrapped it around my neck, only tightening it to the second hole.

“Is that loose enough?” He asked, causing me to open my eyes.

That’s it? That was all he was going to tighten it to?

I’m pretty sure I could actually fit too of my fingers in all the extra space.

“U-uh yea.” I stuttered out.

He nodded, clipping the leash onto the clasp before opening the door.

I followed him out of the car before he could yank me out.

My eyes widened once again as they layed on the very impressive gate that surrounded the castle, and the Vampire and slave boy that was guarding it.

The slave didn’t look any younger than me.

Master stopped in front of the gate, meeting eyes with the guard.

“New pet?” The guard asked, looking towards me.

Master only nodded.

The guard smirked as the slave began to open the large gate.

“She’s a pretty little one.” He sneered, making my stomach turn.

I swallow the lump in my throat before following Master through the gates.

The slave boy bowed his head as we passed.

“Welcome home, Sir Nicolas.”

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