Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 20

Nico’s POV:

The room went still as soon as she spoke his name.

I felt a low growl escape my throat as I dropped Khloe back onto the bed.

Of corse it was Xander. Who else would it have been.

He would be the only one with the guts to do it and the hope that he could get away with it.

I almost found it funny that he thought he was going to get away with it.

I quickly turned on my heals, storming my way to the door.

I was going to throw that son of a bitch out of his own window for touching my stuff.

She’s my pet and yet he felt the need to take my stuff.

What I wasn’t expecting was for Khloe to bolt in front of me and hold herself against the door, preventing me from exiting the room without moving her.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked.

She was scared, terrified even, so what the hell was she doing getting herself into more trouble.

Her body was shaking, both from fear, and from over exerting her body.

She shouldn’t even be trying this given her current condition.

She didn’t even answer my question, just fearfully barricaded the door.

I could move her, but I really didn’t want to make her condition any worse.

“Please... Don’t..” Is all she managed to say.

My eyes furrowed even further. Why the hell would she want to keep me from beating the everlasting hell out of Xander.

If anything, she should want me to.

“Get out of the way, Khloe.” I warned.

She didn’t.

She was being brave because she was petrified.

She flinched as I took yet another step forward, squeezing her eyes shut.

“P-please Nico... if your mad, just take it out o-on me. H-hurt me all you want, but please dont tell Xander.” she begged quietly.

Her words caught me by surprise for a moment.

What the hell could Xander have done that was scaring her more than her own Master does?

Im perfectly aware of how capable he is of terrifying humans, but she isn’t his pet.

He doesn’t control her, I do, so what is she so afraid of?

If i were to force her away from the door, judging by how heavy her breaths were right now and how hard her heart was beating with a lack of blood, she would probably pass out from panic.

And thats pretty much the last thing I needed right now.

I sighed, kneeling down a bit so I didn’t look as intimidating.

“Khloe, look at me.”

She did eventually, fear still stricken in her eyes.

“Tell me what he said to you.” I spoke a bit calmer.

He had to have said something to her to make her act like this. Actions alone couldn’t have caused this.

He obviously threatened her with something, but I wanted to know what exactly he planned on putting her through

Her eyes went wide before they shifted to the side, like she was trying to decide whether she should tell me or not.

“Thats an order.” I added.

She inhaled a long breathe.

“He s-said that he was going t-to kill me if I told you what happened.”

It was my turn for my eyes to go wide.

I honestly don’t even know why I was surprised, thats totally something he would say. Especially to my pet.

He was fully aware of how pissed Id be if I found out, but he knew that Id find out eventually.

And of corse he just had to take advantage of my already anxious little pet.

“I know that i-its not my place to ask, but please, dont t-”

“I won’t.”

She was surprised by my words.

“Really?” she asked, relief very evident in her voice.

I just nodded.

I won’t tell him I know.

Not tonight at least.

She doesn’t need the stress of that added onto everything else thats happened to her today.

And he can sleep as soundly as he would like thinking that he got away with it.

Ill just simply bring it up another time.

Unlike Xander, I actually have some sort of self restraint.

But there was no way I was just going to let him get away with this unscathed.

He could try to kill her whenever he wants, but he’ll only be trying in vain.

Khloe visually relaxed against the door as her adrenalin wore off.

“Thank you.” she spoke quietly.

I only nodded, standing back up to my original height.

She did however, shrink back when I stepped in front of her and knelt down there.

She probably thought that I was going to punish her for lying to me.

She lied out of fear for her own life, it’s not even worth punishment.

I lifted up her shirt a bit, taking another look at the bloodied bite mark.

That asshole didn’t even stop the bleeding, its like he wanted me to find out.

I sighed again, releasing her shirt and moved to remove her collar.

Ill have to tend to that bite.

“He only drank from you, right? Nothing else?”

I know that he didn’t have her with him for that long, but who knows what that sadistic freak could have done to her in that amount of time.

Judging by what he does to Doe...

I stopped my thoughts as Khloe slowly nodded.


I stood up again, her collar in my hand.

“You’re sleeping with me tonight.” I said as I walked towards the bathroom.

Her eyes shot wide open.


I glanced back at her.

Why can’t she just be happy that she gets to sleep in a bed?

She doesn’t need to know that Xander is the only other person in this entire castle that has access to my room.

Ill have to remove his thumb print from my door tomorrow, as well as put in Khloe’s.

“Because I said so.”

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