Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 26

Khloe's POV

Nico did the same thing for both lunch and dinner, left me here and ordered me something once he got back.

I wondered how long this would go on.

Not because I wanted to be near Xander again, but just because I really didn’t like being left alone in here.

Despite no one except Nico being able to get in here, I still didn’t feel comfortable alone.

I sighed, looking out the window at the stars.

The moon was almost full, meaning the Blood Moon was almost here.

I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear, fingers trailing down to the place that Nico first bit me.

Nico obviously didn’t succeed in his ‘weening off of blood’ plan, so I kind of wondered what his next plan for that night was.

He had made it fairly clear that he didn’t have a fond liking of the Blood Moon, then again, I’m not sure many vampires really do.

I took in a deep breathe, holding it there before exhaling. I didn’t want to keep that thought in my mind.

Worrying about it wasn’t going to do anything.

Yet I knew that I was still going to worry about it.

I turned my head as the bathroom door opened, returning my hand to my lap.

Nico always looked a bit more relaxed after a shower.

As always, his eyes scanned the room, making sure that I was still there.

I kind of envied how he could still look good with wet hair and the loose clothes.

The loose clothes that unfortunately hid what was underneath them.

He walked forward towards me, brushing back the hair that was clinging to his face with his fingers.

“Ive noticed that you really seem to like looking at the night sky.” He said.

My lips formed a thin line before I turned back towards the widow.

“I do. It always fascinated me back when I was a child.” I lightly drew my fingertips down the glass of the window, feeling the chill that the cold air outside gave it, “I remember always being confused whenever the other kids my age would go inside as soon as the moon rose. I didn’t understand because I always found that the night brought a much more beautiful view and was much more serene than the day. The sun would bring work and school, but once the moon came, everything seemed to calm down.”

I suddenly grew nervous once I realized that I had been reminiscing more than I should have.

Luckily, when I turned back around, Nico didn’t really seem to mind. In fact, he was was gazing out the window curiously, like he was thinking over what I had said.

“You never saw the sky in that pet shop, did you?” He asked, slightly turning his head towards me.

I slowly shook my head, removing my hand from the window.

I couldn’t see it even if I tried. The cage I was placed in made it so that a certain shelf obstructed my view from pretty much anything.

Nico accepted that answer, returning his eyes to the sky.

His eyes furrowed for a moment as he looked at the moon.

Im guessing that he was having the same thoughts that I had.

Still, I tried not to mainly focus on that, and instead thing about how we I just actually had a semi-comfortable conversation with him.

Sure we’ve had other conversations, but never in any of those had I felt comfortable enough to talk like I just did.

I glanced at Nico through the corner of my eye.

And he didn’t even seem to care.


I stared up at the ceiling from my place on the couch.

No matter what I tried I couldn’t sleep.

I partially wished that I had asked Nico if I could sleep with him again.

I know that that sounded a bit weird but despite all that, I wanted to be able to sleep as soundly as I did last night.

Nico didn’t even tell me to sleep here, I just did it, figuring that that was what I was supposed to do.

And now I was quickly regretting it.

Maybe I took last night for granted...

I turned over to my side, facing where Nico was sleeping.

I could tell that he was asleep, and judging by how stressed he’s been lately, I really didn’t want to wake him up because of some stupid irrational feeling that I’ve been having.

Thinking back to what he said earlier today, I debated if waking him up for this would be considered as doing something against him.

I let out a quiet sigh, shifting myself into a sitting position.

What if he didn’t even like sleeping with me last night and he only did it because he felt bad?

Then again, he probably would have told me if that were the case... But then again...

More of those kinds of thoughts filled my tired mind.

I sighed again, placing my head in my hands, rubbing my eyes in the process.

This whole thing was stressing me out way more than It should be.

I looked back over to where Nico was.

Maybe I could just sneak over to the other side of his bed and get in.

After all, I did notice how he always slept on the right side of the bed, despite the size of it. And I doubt that he’d be mad, along as he didn’t wake up.

Although, I’m not sure if I could pull it off without waking him up, or if just being in the same bed as him would be enough for me to be able sleep.

His hearing was a lot better than mine, so even if I tried to be quiet, it might not be anywhere near quiet enough.

Still, despite all that, I found myself standing up.

Ok. I guess Im doing this...

I gulped as I took my first silent step, thanking whatever higher being that these floors didn’t make any sound.

With every step I checked to make sure that Nico hadn’t moved, until I finally made it to the left side of his bed.

I chewed on the inside of my lip, not being able to recall whether or not his bed made any sound.

And testing that seemed to be a bit risky.

I quickly glanced at Nico, now being close enough that I could actually make out how he was sleeping.

If he was facing the opposite of where I was, then maybe Id have better luck.

But of course, he was sleeping on his back. At least his head was facing the opposite direction...

I mentally psyched myself up before climbing onto his bed and onto my hands and knees as gracefully and silently as I could, again being very grateful that the bed itself didn’t make any noticeable noise.

And still, no movement from Nico.

I bit my tongue to prevent myself from attempting a sigh of relief.

I didn’t even realize how fast my heart was beating until now, like this was some high stakes mission.

Now all that was left was to... get under the blankets.

I paused for a long moment, trying to figure out some way that I could pull that off.

If I even lifted the blanket, Nico would be able to feel it.

Maybe I could just sleep without it.

I mentally scolded myself for not thinking this through, and for not just bringing the blanket I was already sleeping with.

I quickly tried to analyze my options.

I could go get the blanket, but Im not sure that I want to test my luck with this whole thing again.

Maybe I should just go back and try to sleep on the couch again.

Why did I even think this was a good idea in the first place?

“What are you doing?” I heard Nico’s tired voice speak.

I quickly turned my head, freezing like a dear caught in the headlights as I was met with his glowing eyes looking straight at me.

He didn’t look mad, but he did look tired.

I quickly tried to think of the most logical explanation I could while still thoroughly explaining myself.

“I-I couldn’t sleep and so I thought that maybe if I slept in your bed with you I could fall asleep, so I tried to get here without waking you, but once I got here I realized that it was a really stupid idea-”

“Khloe.” he cut me off, making me a bit nervous.

What I wasn’t expecting was for him to toss the blanket away from himself and hold to his arm in a welcoming kind of way.

I hesitated for a moment, unsure if he meant what I thought he meant by doing that.

He apparently caught on, judging by his next words.

“Come’ere.” he said calmly.

I felt myself relax ever so slightly as I did.

He set his hand on my lower back, guiding me to where I was supposed to lay.

I ended up laying on my side, my head resting on his chest as his scent filled my senses, calming me even further.

I wasn’t too sure what to do with my arm, so I just ended up setting it on his chest as well.

Even with the muscle that he had, he was still very comfortable to lay on.

He covered us with the blankets before his arm hooked around me, holding me there against him as he laid his head on his other one.

Somehow, the warmth of the blankets mixed with the slight chill of his skin made for the perfect temperature to sleep in.

I dont see how I could have ever taken this for granted. I just felt so comfortable and worry free like this.

“Thank you.” I said softly, fully relaxing my body against his own.

He didn’t respond, but I did feel his thumb lightly rub against my side instead.

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