Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 31

I just stared as I tired to plan something that would work. Something that would just put an end to this.

I knew that I had to do something, and I knew that I was going to get hurt.

If I do something soon, then hopefully there will be a small chance that Ill make it out of this alive.

And even if I dont....

I shook my head. I couldn’t start doubting.

Getting killed was part of a pets life. It was unavoidable, so I’ve knows that this was going to happen for many years.

At least if I were to die tonight, it would be in the hands of my own Master.

I sucked in a shaky breathe, every part of my body telling me that this was a mistake.

I knew this was a mistake, but what choice did I have?

Either way I was going to end up hurt or dead.

I exhaled that same breathe.

Now or never.

I closed my hands into fist as I bit down hard onto the inside of my cheek.

It didn’t take long for the metallic taste of blood to reach my tongue.

Ive been told that even the smallest scent of blood during this night could make a Vampire unable to hold themselves together.

Even if thats not exactly what I wanted to happen, it was the only thing that I could do.

Conjuring whatever last drop of courage that I could muster, I slowly exhaled a breathe through my mouth.

The taste of my own blood was like tasting poison, knowing that it was going to get me killed.

I flinched as Nico’s head suddenly shot up, his eyes fixed straight ahead.

Even I could hear the fain sound if him sniffing the air, his eyes growing wider as he did.

“Khloe, whatever the hell you’re doing, you need to stop.” His threatening tone was overpowered by the shakiness of his voice.

He didn’t even look at me, probably knowing that once he did, he’d be a goner.

He was alot better a fighting it than I thought.

So, despite what every sensible part of my body was saying, I took a step forward. And then another, and another.

He didn’t need me to stop. What he really needed was for me to keep going.

So, that was what I was going to do.

I held my blood in my mouth as I approached his bed.

If a smell didn’t work on him, then the last option I had was a taste.

I froze for a second, rethinking the plan that popped into my mind.

I was definitely going to die...

If he didn’t end up killing me tonight, then he’ll probably end up killing me for what I was about to do next.

And for every time I’ve disobeyed him prior to this moment.

Maybe he wouldn’t kill me, just punish me...

I dont even know which one would be better.

Still, I carried on, slowly making my way onto his bed.

Every option I could take lead to me dying, so I may as well go out like this. Instead of dying like a coward like I always thought I would.

As soon as the bed shifted ever so slightly from my weight, Nico completely froze, still not daring to look in my direction.

“Khloe. Seriously go awa-” He stopped as I slowly crawled next to him. His wings surrounded his own body, shielding him from being able to see me at all.

His wings were beautiful really. Its a shame that I wont be able to see them for much longer.

“Do you have a death wish or something?!” He asked frantically.

Not a wish, in fact, according to him, it was my responsibility.

Dying wasn’t something that I ever wanted to happen, but it was going to whether I liked it or not

His wings stiffened as I touched them, enough so for me to be able to force them apart.

He had to have separated them partially himself because I doubt that I could of over powered his wings.

I paused once I saw his position. He was forcing himself back against the headboard as much as he could, almost as if he was scared of me.

His eyes met mine for barely a second before he squeezed them shut, turning his head away from me. Even his nails were digging into the sheets, trying to keep himself together.

He opened his mouth, probably to scold me or tell me to go away, but nothing came out.

My heart was thundering in my chest as I inched closer to him, careful to not touch him.

This was it. I was actually about to do this.

Taking one more deep breathe, I reached out.

He immediately turned to face me once my fingers made contact with his jaw, his eyes wide as he looked at me.

I didn’t even give myself time to hesitate before I cupped my hands behind his head and pulled him forward, enough to where his mouth met with mine.

His body went completely still as I forced his mouth open with my own, just enough for him to be able to taste the blood within mine.

I could tell it had worked by the strained noise that exited his throat as I pulled back.

I barely had time to process his sudden grip on my before our positions had swapped.

He was above me, wings raised in a predatory way as his hands pinned my wrists down. His deep, shaky breaths grazed my neck.

Yet he still hadnt bit me.

He wanted to. Both of us knew that he wanted to more than anything else.

I could feel him fighting it, but I knew that he wouldn’t pull away.

He physically couldn’t, his own body wouldn’t let him, not now that he had gotten this far.

I squeezed my eyes shut, my fear quickly begining to show itself.

“Do it... Please.” I begged him, breathless from the tension in my chest.

I just wanted to get this over with, to make it as fast as possible.

His grip tightened on my wrists, luckily with the pads of his fingers and not his nails.

Then, without anymore hesitation, the pain of his fangs burying themselves in my neck spread throughout my entire body.

A small whimper was all that I allowed exit my throat, instead I balled my hands into fists as a way to try in vain to cope with the pain.

I could feel myself instinctually trying to pull away and push him off, but Nico’s grip held tight.

Getting out of this wasn’t an option.

Tears sprung to my eyes from pain, fear, and partial regret as the purr of satisfaction rumbled in his chest.

Nico didn’t take this slowly like he did when we were with the Lord, If anything, he was doing the exact opposite.

He was feeding from me quickly, desperately even, like I was the only live meal that he had had in many years as well as the last one he would ever have.

His breaths were still deep and shaky as he drank from me.

I could feel myself growing more tired as the moments passed, the only ting I could focus on being the roof above us.

The world around me began to grow hazy and cold.

I couldn’t hear anything except my own breaths and heartbeat.

A sensation that I understood so fully, yet not at all.

The tension in my body began to steadily disappear as my breaths grew heavier.

I barely noticed the blackness surrounding my clouded vision before everything around me went dark.

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