Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 32

Nico’s POV:

Everything was chaotic within my own body. A sensation that no vampire, no matter how old they were, could get used too.

Something about the Blood Moon did this to us, enhanced our senses enough that it almost made us go insane.

Our body’s would run on our long forgotten instincts, making even the almost silent humming of a lightbulb sound like a blaring siren.

Not to mention the immense pain that ran through our entire bodies for no reason other than to make us give in and let it take over.

Once it finally did we had barely any control over what happened until it began to get the blood that it craved.

These instincts were suppost to keep us alive yet all they did was make us suffer.

All because of the damned moon.

It must have over taken me, judging by the fact that the world was calming down around me.

Nothing but darkness surrounded me, like I was just sitting in nothingness. It was surreal almost, just relaxing and letting whatever was happening happen.

What even was happening?

Why was I even fighting it?

Fighting it has never worked, not for me nor for anyone else.

I couldn’t even remember why I had decided to.

I thought I was holding it off just fine this time, but something changed that really fast.

It had been a while since I tried to fight it, so what brought me to do it this time?

Letting it take over was so much easier.

I could feel the pain in my body lessen as my senses began weaken to thier normal state, showing that I had apparently gotten what I needed for this night.

This smell... I knew it so well, but couldn’t seem to pinpoint what it belonged to. Or... Who it belonged too?

Yes... It was definitely a who.

I began to be able to feel the things around me.

What was I holding onto?

It felt like skin. It was cooler than a humans, yet it wasn’t a Vampire’s.

And this taste...

I knew this taste, it was unmistakable.

I could feel my stomach turn as soon as the realization hit me.

It was Khloe!

Light filled my vision as I forced my eyes open, regaining full control over what I was doing.

The whole experience was like crashing back into reality.

I promptly removed my fangs from her neck as soon as I possibly could, swallowing the small amount of blood that was in my mouth with an exasperated breath.

Memories of what happened quickly began to return to me as my shaky breaths sounded through the room.

Memories of what she did before this all happened.

I inhaled sharply, removing my hands from her wrists as squeezed my eyes shut, trying my best through my still groggy mind to piece everything together.

She... she sacrificed herself. Despite everything I told her to do, she disregarded it so that I would feed from her.

She forced me to feed from her.


My mind quickly shifted once i opened my eyes and noticed what state she was in.

Her entire body was still. Deathly still.

Sure, she was still breathing, but for how long?

Panic began to build up inside me as I looked at the bleeding wound on her neck.

I quickly licked my thumb, placing it onto the wound.

Ironically, something about our saliva helped stop the bleeding, and I knew that she needed every last drop that she had left

My eyes furrowed as I tried to remember how much I had taken.

It had to have been at least a liter if not more...

I could feel my breaths begin to quicken as worry started to settle in, my wings folding tightly against my back.

Damnit! What was she thinking?! I was trying to keep this from happening!

“Khloe.” I spoke quickly through my breaths, cupping her face in my hands.

No response, not even a single muscle of hers reacted. I honestly dont know why I thought that Id get one from her.

I wiped one of the leftover tears from her face with my thumb.

Her body was completely limp, her breaths quiet yet quicker than normal.

Anger began to slowly surface as I closely observed her condition.

“Dammit Khloe open your eyes!” I partially begged, knowing that it was a futile effort.

I couldn’t... I couldn’t lose another one. Not again.

This moon has taken more things from me than Id care to admit.

Though, every single time it had been me that let my instincts take over, it had never been my pet that forced it out of me.

I slowly sat back on my knees, gently removing my hands from her face before they balled into fists.

What the hell was she thinking?!

She’s feared for her life ever since I bought her and then she just decides to throw that all out the window during the only night that she actually needed to be scared!

I looked back towards her, trying to calm myself down.

I couldn’t get mad. Not right now.

Getting mad wasn’t going to help the situation, so I needed to do something that would.

I quickly yet gently removed myself from the bed, covering Khloe with the blankets before hurriedly making my way into the bathroom.

I had to have something that could help her, right?

I had to think of something and I needed to do it fast.

I quickly threw open the cabinet to begin my search.

Out of all the things Ive kept in here, there had to be something that could help.

Yet nothing so far was going to help this situation.

Nothing was going to promise Khloe’s survival.

Anger began to surge through me once more as I stared at the almost empty cabinet.

Seriously?! I didn’t have anything!? No Hemagenics? No Erythropoiesis stimulating agents? No damn Iron pills?! Why the hell didn’t I get more?!

I slammed the cabinet shut, running a hand through my hair in frustration.

My wings occasionally flicked behind me as I tried to think of a Plan-B.

She needed blood and I needed to get it for her.

The entire castle was pretty much on lockdown for the night, So I couldn’t get it from here.

I quickly stepped back into my room, noticing that Khloe hadn’t even budged.

Hell, Id give her mine if I could.

I let out a short sigh, eyes falling onto the window and down to the city below.

The city full of eligible, free blood.

I looked back at my own leathery wings, before I began stepping towards the window.

The blood moon was a free-for-all, anything was legal for us since we couldn’t control ourselves.

Even though that really wasn’t the situation for me at the moment, whos to tell me otherwise?

After all its not like I’m going to be the only vampire searching the city.

B-negative. All I needed was some B-negative.

All Khloe needed was some B-Negative.

And if my own pet needed it to ensure her survival, then I was going to get it for her.

Its not like I was going to kill anyone.

Scaring them was unavoidable at this point...

I licked my fangs as I reached the window.

...But I had a pet to take care of.

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