Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 33

Nico’s POV:

I quickly stood atop the window sill, pressing my fingertips against the glass window.

My eyes glanced around outside, looking out for any signs of immediate danger.

The vampires that didn’t have possession over slave or pet would have to resort to looking outside the castle to find something to satisfy their hunger.

Unfortunately it wasn’t easy, every human in the city hid themselves. Even the animals stayed hidden, which normally meant that either the Vampires out here would break into thier houses, or feed on each other.

The later was more common due to it reasonably just being easier and more efficient.

A vampire dying from blood loss was practically impossible, our advanced healing abilities wouldn’t allow it.

I pushed open the window, letting the cold air that showed the beginning of winter flow into the room as I took another step forward.

Still, I was no exception to this. Vampires were quiet flyers while on the hunt, so getting attacked was definitely a possibility.

And a fight against a bloodthirsty vampire was not an easy one to win.

I let out a sigh, opening my wings enough to allow the cool air to meet them.

The one night we get our wings for free and this is what I use them for...

Was I really about to do this for my pet?

My pet of all damn things?!

I shook my head.

The hell? Of corse I was.

She just sacrificed herself so that I could get what I needed, the least I could do was do something to keep her alive.

Had this been any of my past pets, this idea wouldn’t have even come into consideration.

Losing Khloe after this just seemed like such a waste.

I took another step forward. Setting my hand against the window frame I stuck my head outside.

My eyes scanned the immediate area as my hair tossed in the breeze.

I couldn’t see or hear anyone near me, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t there.

Taking one last precautionary measure, I inhaled deeply through my nose, exhaling the breathe with a sigh.

Another vampires scent was very hard to miss, and they were definitely around here.

I couldn’t really tell how close due to the abundance of them out here, but I was pretty sure that I would be safe if I hurried.

My eyes narrowed as I looked down at the city.

Due to my job,I knew that there was one young man that for sure had B negative blood, and I’m pretty sure that I knew which general area of the city he lived in.

Finding which house he’s in will probably be the hardest part.

My free hand tightened into a fist.

Even though I didn’t know how critical Khloe’s condition was, I didn’t want to waste any more time.

I made it so that I was standing on the very edge, extending my wings as much as they could in this window sill.

He lived on the eastern most part of the city, so if I could successfully avoid any interaction with any other vampires...

I glanced back at my wings once more.

...I could get there in about three minutes.


I dont think I’ve ever turned my head so fast in my entire life.

Her position hadn’t changed, but her eyes were open, not much but they were open.

That was a very good sign. She was in better condition than I initially thought.

I just stared at her wide-eyed for a long moment, trying to decide what to make of this.

Her voice was quiet, but she still had enough energy to talk. Although, her breaths were still shallower and quicker than they should be.

Perhaps it was here fear that caused her to lose consciousness instead of blood loss.

Even so, she still lost a lot of blood.

“W-where are you... going?” She asked.

Even though her voice was weak, it still held concern. The concern that told me the she didn’t like whatever was going on.

She didn’t want me to leave.

Really? right now?! I almost just killed her and that’s what she’s worried about?!

Even when trying to do something for her she didn’t want me to leave her alone?!

I already knew how much safer she felt when I was around, and how much she disliked when I left her alone.

I stayed silent for a long moment, observing her to try and see whether or not going out to get blood was really necessary.

Id like to avoid it if it wasn’t necessary, plus I kind of didn’t want to leave her alone while she was awake in these conditions.

Options flew through my head as I tried to decide what to do.

My wings folded while I sighed, pulling the window shut as I took a step back.

While giving her blood would be the quicker choice, I’m sure that shed be fine without it given how she’s acting now.

As long as she stays calm, she’ll be fine.

And if I leave, staying calm will be that much harder for her.

Damn this girl makes me make weird decisions.

“Nowhere. I was just gonna go stretch my wings for a while,” I stepped down from the window sill, “How do you feel?”

Obviously she wasn’t feeling great, but I wanted to make sure that she was OK enough to not need a transfusion.

Her eyes looked to her hand, watching as her fingers moved ever sos lightly.

“Im... alive?” her quiet questioning tone held a tinge of surprise to it.

A line formed between my brows.

That didn’t really answer my question, but it did answer one that I didn’t even know I had until she spoke.

She sacrificed herself to me, fully expecting to die.

Her eyes shifted to me, like she was asking for an answer.

“Yes, you are, Khloe.” I said as I walked towards her.

She seemed think that fact over for a few seconds before she began eyeing me curiously.

“Are you... okay?” she asked.

I paused, trying to make sure that I actually heard her right.

Does she seriously not have any value over her own life?

I just took God knows how much blood from her and she still chose to ask how I was feeling before worrying about herself.

Whats wrong with her?

I get that she can’t really think straight because of her lack of blood, but I still feel like her own wellbeing should be her priority.

“Im fine,” thanks to her.

I cleared my throat.

“How are you feeling?” I asked again, aiming to to an answer this time.

Her eyes furrowed in thought for a moment, like it was the first time she actually considered how she was feeling.

I watched as she slowly turned her body towards me, wincing a bit as she did. She even tried pushing herself up, but her shaky arms wouldn’t allow it.

“Weak.” is all she said, her breaths begining to sound once again.

As to be expected, that should go away fully hopefully within the next 24 hours.

She then curled up as I got up onto the opposite side of the bed, her face showing a bit of discomfort.

“And... cold.” She added, pulling the blanket to cover herself as a small whimper left her mouth, now showing how uncomfortable she felt.

I partially wished that I could do something more to help with that.

She had always been the one to warm me up, yet I couldn’t return the favor. Which for some reason was actually bothering me right now.

Ignoring that, i reached forward, placing two of my fingers on her forehead to try to get a read on her body temperature. She didn’t give me any sort of reaction as I did.

It was low, but not low enough to be life threatening.

She looked up at me as I drew my hand back and leaned back against the bed frame, adjusting my wings as I did so.

Getting our wings was great and all, but they just got in the way so much.

I sighed as I tried to relax, bending one of my legs while the other laid straight on the bed.

I partially wondered how she was going to feel about this the next morning, when she’ll be able to think straight.

Knowing her, she’s probably going to have an abundance of questions, and well, I have a couple choose questions for her as well.

I looked down at her, noticing that she was observing my wings.

Her eyes shifted to meet mine once she realized that I was looking at her.

She suddenly looked away, looking partially nervous.

“Y-youre gonna... stay with me, r-right?” She asked almost shyly.

I nodded, noticing some relief show on her face as I did.

“Am I going to be... okay?”

Finally she asked that question.

“You’re going to be fine, Khloe,” I assured her calmly, “I promise.”

Like hell I was going to let anything happen to her after what she did for me.

She pulled her hands closer to her, partially covering her face with the blanket.

“Is it over?” She asked.

I paused for a moment, turning my head towards the moon outside the window.

“Yea, its over.”

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