Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 35

Khloe’s POV:

I was alive.

That whole idea was so weird to me.

I actually survived a blood moon.

Not only that, but everything that came after that was weird to me as well.

I looked up as Nico hung up his call, setting the phone down on the desk where it always sat.

I debated asking him what the call was for since I was too deep in my own thoughts to pay attention, but decided to stay quiet.

I had been quiet ever since we woke up, and well, so had Nico.

For some reason things just felt weird between me and him.

Im not really sure if he felt it, but I for sure was feeling it.

Maybe I was just over reacting again.

Then again... he was acting a differently than he was last night, not to mention that I disobeyed him more times then Id care to remember.

Maybe thats why he was quiet.

I shifted uncomfortably, hugging my knees closer to my body.

I couldn’t tell if he was mad at me or not.

Any other time that I had seen him mad, he was visibly so and even vocal about it.

But he was just unusually quiet and it made me nervous.

Theres no way he wasnt the slightest bit mad about what happened.

Not that I wanted him to be, but I just wanted some sort of answer or relief.

“Breakfast will be soon.” He said plainly, turning towards me slightly.

I looked up quickly to meet his eyes since despite the fact that his wings have been gone since sunrise, he still hadn’t put on a shirt.

“O-Okay.” I replied quietly, inching my way towards the edge of the bed, “should I get ready?”

“No,” He said as he leaned back against the dest, setting his hands on it for support, “I just told the slave to bring it up here so just go sit on the couch.”

I looked at him questioningly as I hung my legs over the side of the bed, “Why?”

He just looked at me for a moment, his eyes shifting to the door for a moment before looking back at me.

“The bodies.”

My stomach turned as I quickly faced the floor.

I knew how lucky i was for surviving last night, but i forgot that not everyone else shared that same luck.

I took a deep breath.

Nothing could be done about it.

They’re dead so there was no use worrying about it, I told myself.

I just hoped that Doe was okay.

“I see,” I said as I removed myself from the bed, feet meeting the cold wooden floor.

Black dots began to fill my vision as I stood, followed immediately by extreme lightheadedness.

I didn’t even notice that I was losing my balance until something grabbed me and I quickly returned the gesture out of instinct.

My breathe caught in my throat as soon as the sensation disappeared and I realized that my arms were wrapped around his bare waist.

He held me by my shoulder with one of his arms, holding me against his body to prevent me from falling as he just looked down at me casually.

“S-s-sorry!” I sputtered out of my own embarrassment, removing my arms from around him.

His grip loosened on me as I stood up straight.

“It’s to be expected,” He began as he walked me over to the couch, “You’re body is still recovering.”

I just gave him a slight nod in return, keeping my eyes to the ground to avoid any further embarrassment.

A knock came from the door as we approached the couch, and Nico made sure that i was comfortably on the couch before he went to go open it.

He was acting very strange. In fact now that I think about it, he’d been acting strange ever since I woke up last night.

I intertwined my fingers, holding my hands near my knees.

Nico closed the door, now holding a tray with a single plate on it and a glass of what looked like milk.

But there was no plate for me.

My hands tightened around each other.

Did he decide to not feed me as punishment?

I chewed nervously on the inside of my lip.

I never wanted that to happen again, but I guess I deserved it for what happened.

My eyes widened as he set the plate and glass on the coffee table in front of me, then went on to go and put the tray outside the door.

I just stared at the food in confusion for a moment.

Waffles covered in strawberries and whipped creme, lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

It looked amazing.

I looked back up at Nico as he closed the door.

“Go ahead and eat.” He said.

My eyes rounded even more at his words.

This wasnt food fit for a pet.

“What about you?” I asked.

He just shook his head as he approached me.

“Im not that hungry so ill just eat whatever you dont.” he said as he sat down on the couch across from me, setting his elbows on his knees and leaning forward.

I was thoroughly confused, but I lifted the fork and knife regardless.

This looked amazing so if he was offering it to me with no hesitation, I wasn’t going to turn it down.

“Though, I do want to ask you a couple questions while you eat.” He said, his voice growing a bit lower as he spoke.

Suddenly this food didn’t look as good.

“Theres no need to lose your appetite, Khloe, you’re not in any danger here. I just want to know why you did what you did.”

His voice didn’t hold any sort of menacing tone, so I relaxed. Not by much, but I relaxed.

“W-why?” I asked nervously.

I wondered if there was a wrong way to answer this question. If saying something wrong in this answer would lead to some sort of punishment.

Even I knew how uptight and nervous I was about this whole situation.

“None of my other pets have ever done anything close to what you did for me last night, so I just want to know why.”

His voice had calmed down substantially. I think he could see how nervous I was about this.

I took in a deep breathe, knowing that I didn’t want to touch the food until this was over.

I looked towards the floor as I thought back, making sure that I could answer his question as fully as possible.

“I guess I did it because I knew that I was the only one that could give you what you needed. I knew you were fighting it, I knew that you were hurting, and I knew that if you didnt get some sort of relief soon that you would break. I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to you, but I honestly I didn’t think that I was going to live through the night. So once the opportunity presented itself, I...” My voice trailed off, unsure of how to explain my thinking on what I did without feeling awkward.

“You attempted a kiss of death.” He finished for me as he leaned back and crossed his arms.

I felt a blush brush across my cheeks as I still refused to meet his eye.

“I wouldn’t call it a kiss” I said quietly.

I’m pretty sure that kissing your master was one of the worst things a pet could even think of doing.

That was just the fastest way to get the blood to him.

“Whatever it was, it was smart, I’ll give you that,” He began, surprising me a bit, “but why did you act on it. If you were convinced that you were gonna die then why did you try to speed up the process?”

I just stared at the now very interesting floor.

“You said that a pets job was to give thier Masters what they needed so that nothing bad would happen. I knew that you needed it, so... I gave it to you.”

The room fell into silence for a long moment, suddenly making it a bit more difficult to breathe.

I finally forced myself to look up at him.

His eyes were wide, he almost looked surprised and a bit confused.

Then his eyes furrowed as he brought a hand up to rub his chin.

“I did say that, didn’t I...” He said so quietly that I barely heard him.

I didn’t say anything, just gave him a small nod.

He sighed as he stood.

“Okay.” Is all he said as he began walking towards the bathroom.

I continued to stare at him.

That was it? No scolding? No punishment?

I looked back down at the waffles.


My head whipped back up to meet his gaze.

“Please don’t do anything like that again.” He said.

I wasn’t sure what to say, or if I could even say anything, so I just nodded.

His eyes shifted to the side, showing that he was thinking about something.

“One last thing,” He stated, turning his body towards me.

I stood up straighter after he spoke thoes words.

But I wasn’t even close to expecting what he said next.

“Thank you.”

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