Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 4

Khloe's POV

Hundreds of Vampires sat around this large wooden table, plates piled high with amazing smelling food.

It only made me hungrier.

Each plate had something different on it, probably to match each vampires specific cravings. I felt bad for the slaves that had to prepare all of this three times a day, not to mention filling all of their glasses with blood.

Master’s looked especially delicious, steak with a side of garlic mashed potatoes, and a big, red apple.

I remembered that I used to love when my mother would make mashed potatoes and the apples that she picked from our tree before we ran from the city.

The vampires talked among one another as they ate, each one looking astoundingly perfect in every way.

Humans often envied vampires for their looks, as did I when I was younger.

I stood silently next to Master, as did some of the other slaves and pets.

A few vampires kept their pets on their lap, such as the vampire sitting next to Master.

Xander is what I came to find out his name was.

He seemed to be a good friend of Masters since he’s the only one I’ve seen Master talk to this entire time.

I didn’t like him. The cynical way he grinned at me the moment he saw me with Master had made me feel terrified ever since we got here, and i’m pretty sure that he noticed.

He just gave off a weird vibe, like the kind of vibe that told you that he’ll go to any extent to get what he wants, even if it meant kicking a few puppies along the way.

Xander’s pet on the other hand, Doe was her name, somehow seemed even more frightened than I was.

Not that I could blame her.

Her clothes were torn in multiple places, showing numerous parts of her pale skin

Her small body was covered in numerous scars and fang marks. The color of the scars told me that she’s been his pet for a while.

I felt bad for her.

She kept her wide, light brown eyes to the floor, keeping her body tense as her Master ate.

“It seems like your pet has taken an interest in mine.” Xander stated with his smooth, confident voice, brushing his blonde hair from his face.

I froze as three sets of eyes fell on me.

I shrunk back as my pulse started to run wild, shifting my eyes so I was looking straight ahead.

“She’s probably just overwhelmed.” Master replied, slicing a knife through his steak once more.

Thankfully, that was enough to shift the conversation away from me.

I let out a long sigh of relief, letting my shoulders relax I as silently continued to listen to their conversation.

Not soon after did I learn that they apparently worked with one another, in what industry, Im wasn’t sure yet.

I jumped as a small plate was set in front of me by a slave boy.

I just eyed over the plate, unsure of what to do.

It seemed like alot of the other pets had the same plate, although not all of them.

As soon as one of them began eating, I assumed that it would be safe for me to do the same.

The plate was full of green vegetables, sprouts, and what looked like almonds. All being foods that enriched blood.


Whatever. Food is food, and its better than whatever I’d been given for the past five years.

With that, I slowly started eating.

The food wasn’t bad, ill give it that much.

My compliments to the chef I guess.

“No food for her today?” I heard Master say, drawing my attention back to them.

Xander shook his head as Doe’s head dropped even more.

Only then did I notice that She was one of the pets that didn’t get a plate.

“Nah, she was putting up quite a fight yesterday, so this is her punishment, well, part of it.” He finished with a grin.

I swear I saw a shudder run up her back, as a terrified look crossed her face.

I paused as soon as the realization came to me.

Does that mean that if I mess up, Master wont let me eat?

I swallowed the food in my mouth as I began to think this over.

A lump formed in my throat at the thought of being starved as a punishment again crossed my mind.

I never wanted that to happen again.

I couldn’t let that happen again.

“Now be a good little girl.” Xander quietly directed.

A small whine came from Doe at the sound of his voice. My eyes widened as Xander placed his hand over her mouth.

I then understood why he had her in his lap.

Her face contorted in pain and a small, muffled cry came from her as he bit into the back of her shoulder.

My breath caught in my throat as I found myself unable to move.

A low hum of satisfaction came from Xander’s chest, obviously enjoying how she tasted.

I wanted to look away, I wanted to run away, I wanted to do something, but I couldn’t.

I just stood there, horrified.

I had forgotten what that looked like, and the sight of it wasn’t bringing back pleasant memories.

Doe was trying her best to stay still as small, exasperated, breathy whines came from her.

Master shifted beside me, causing me to jump out of my daze.

My head whipped to him, expecting him to follow what Xander is doing.

He was just looking at him, looking unaffected by the whole thing.

Of course he doesn’t care, why would he?

Masters eyes shifted to me for a couple seconds, causing me to shrink back in submission, before he returned his focus to his food. He brought his glass of blood up to his lips, before returning to what he was doing before, like nothings happened.

I shakily pushed my plate of unfinished food away from me and took a small step back.

I lost my appetite.

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