Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 44

Nico’s POV:

The halls of the castle were silent and empty, as the should be at this time of the night.

That dreaded meeting went on way too long as they usually did, leaving me tired and in a bad mood.

Luckily it was the last one for a while, finally giving me the ability to tend to other things in my life.

I paused once I reached my door, wondering if Khloe was asleep in there.

She better be, it would be unhealthy for her if she wasn’t.

I know that she has difficulty sleeping without me, but maybe the safety of my room was enough to get her to sleep.

Being as late as it was, maybe exhaustion alone would have put her to sleep.

With that in mind, I slowly opened the door.

My eyes instinctually looked towards the window sill , then the bed, figuring that those would be the two most plausible places for her to be.

But no, she was still sitting at my desk, head resting on her folded arms.

Luckily, her breaths told me that she was asleep.


I quietly shut the door behind me, switching off the lights before I made my way over to her.

Its not like I really needed them anyways.

I approached her quieter than I probably needed to, knowing that she was a very light sleeper and I didn’t really want to wake her.

As I got closer I realized that she was laying on the corner of her open sketch book, the article of dresses I gave her laying open behind it.

I wonder if she had chosen a dress that had peaked her liking.

That question completely vanished as soon as I got a good look at what was drawn on the page of her sketch book.

She had drawn her own dress, which alone wouldn’t really have surprised me, but she drew it from the front, back, and side angles. All of which were fit onto a mannequin that admittedly looked like her exact body shape.

She had even drew her hair tied up in a half pony-tail with a black ribbon. .

This girl amazes me sometimes. As well did the design of the dress.

I bent down a bit, trying to get a better look at the more fine details.

She has even drawn in a necklace and heals to match, as well as wrote down what kind of fabric the dress was supposed to be made out of.

A smirk crawled onto my face as I saw the word ‘pearls’ with arrows pointing to items attached to the loose strings surrounding the bottom half of the dress.

Well, Khloe has very nice taste ill give her that.

And I don’t doubt that she’ll look amazing in the color grey.

The black and grey mixing with the colors of her hair and eyes... yea, she’ll look stunning

Although I never thought that she would be into sleeveless dresses or angle cut skirts, but now that I think about it, its kind of fitting.

I shifted my gaze over to the sleeping girl, softly tucking a strand of hair away from her face.

A soft sigh escaped me before I bent down a bit, wrapping one arm around her shoulders while my other scooped up her knees.

I lifted her gently, holding her head up near my chest.

She shifted in my grasp, causing me to pause.

Her thick lashes fluttered ever so slightly, a very quiet groan leaving her throat as she turned her head towards me.

I just looked at her wide eyed for a moment, not wanting her to completely wake up.

After a few moments of silence, I considered it safe enough for me to be able to make it to the bed.

So I did, softly setting her down where she normally laid.

She shuffled against the bed a little bit, but luckily didn’t fully wake up.

Having successfully done that, I turned and headed straight into my closet.

I wanted to get out of these clothes as soon as possible.

I discarded the clothes into the corner of the closet before putting the very much more preferred ones on.

Khloe hadn’t moved an inch from where I left her, so I took that as a good sign.

I quickly and quietly made it over to my side of the bed, intending to get next to Khloe and go straight to bed.

However, I found myself completely freezing once I got onto the bed and watched Khloe’s eyes lazily flutter open.

How me picking her up and setting her on the bed didn’t wake her up, but me getting on the bed did was beyond me.

Her eyes squinted as she pushed herself up.

She looked around for a couple seconds, a confused expression crossing her face before her eyes met with mine.

It took me a moment to remember that she couldn’t really see anything in the dark except for my eyes.

Her shoulders visibly relaxed once her eyes planted on me.

“You’re back,” She said through her still half asleep voice, yet I could still hear the relief in her voice.

I took the opportunity to get further into the bed, “I am.”

She rubbed her eye with the top of her hand.

“What time is it?” She asked quietly.

A smirk crept up my lips as I sank deeper into the bed, close to where she was “Late. I’m sorry for waking you.”

She just looked at me for a short while, her eyes a bit wider than before.

And then that look just disappeared and she laid back down right next to me.

“Its fine, I’m just happy your back.” She replied, lightly taking my shirt in her hands like she always did.

I was kind of surprised that she had said that out loud.

Obviously I knew that she was happy whenever I would get back from something, but she never said anything that straight forward.

She’s probably just really tired or something.

I relaxed further, shifting myself so that my hand was around her waist, holding her by her back.

She took it upon herself to lay her head on my other arm, close to my chest.

I just listened to her breaths for a while, seeing that she fell back asleep quickly.

She was an interesting girl.

Everything about her was just different than what I was used to.

She was selfless yet scared of mostly everything and I didn’t understand why.

I let out a silent sigh, softly resting my chin atop her head.

Everything about her personality and her choices was just odd to me.

Not that I really minded, in fact, I found it to be quite endearing.

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