Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 48

Nico’s POV:

Khloe has been.... better since our little conversation.

It took a couple days but she’s almost back to how she was before.

Which was nice but it almost felt as if she just passed her worry about the subject onto me.

Now I was worrying about something that wasn’t supposed to happen for years.

I guess that aspect of things made me understand more about Khloe felt about this whole situation.

She knew that she couldn’t run from the inevitable, and well, now neither can I.

Its not like I could just back out of what I said, that would just make her start worrying all over again.

ill have to figure out someway to make this work out for both of us, but until then... I didn’t want to focus on it too much.

I was just happy she was feeling better and smiling again.

After that conversation, that’s all I really wanted anyways.


Khloe’s POV:

I walked out of the bathroom to an... interesting sight.

Nico, Xander and Doe were all standing in the middle of the room, all of them seeming to pause and look in my direction as I took one more step out.

None of them but Nico were here before I walked into the bathroom so I was mostly just confused.

I decided to stay put where I was.

Nico held the same disappointed look he held whenever Xander was in sight as he turned back to face him.

“You cant keep doing this.” He said, gesturing to Doe.

It was only then that I realized that she was holding her shoulder and trembling.

My stomach turned as I analyzed it a bit more.

Her shoulder... didn’t look right.

“Oh ok, you automatically think I’m to blame for this?” Xander snapped back, sounding slightly offended.

Nico’s expression didn’t change, save for the fact that he rose a single brow.

“Are you’re telling me she did this to herself?” He questioned

Xander glared down at her.

“Well, yea,” he spoke through clenched teeth, “Damn brat was lucky I caught her or else she would be dead right now.”

This made both mine and Nico’s eyes widen.

I wasn’t expecting him to say anything like that at all.

“I’m going to need you to elaborate on that further.” Nico said, obviously as confused as I was.

Xander’s brows furrowed as he looked at his brother, like he was annoyed at what Nico had said.

“What the hell do you need elaborated? This idiot was being stupid on the window sill and ended up tripping on a damn pillow, falling against the window with enough force to open it, and fell out of it,” Doe flinched as his voice steadily rose, “I barely reacted quick enough to grab her arm and drag her back in.”

We were just silent, watching as Xanders shoulders slowly relaxed.

“Shes lucky that all she got was a dislocated shoulder.” He finished, leaning most of his weight on one leg.

Again, the room fell into silence.

A lot of parts of his story seemed out of the ordinary, but the way Doe tensed as he told it told me that it was true.

Nico didn’t say anything, probably thinking the same thing I was.

This apparently annoyed Xander even more.

“Are you just going to stare at me or can you fix my pet?” He asked harshly.

Nico sighed as he snapped out of whatever thought process he was in.

“Yea... Yea just have her sit on the edge of my bed.” He told him.

Xander went ahead and did what he was told.

Nico met my gaze as Doe struggled to get up on it, noticing my uncomfortable stance. He gestured his head in a “Come here” kind of way.

I quickly followed his directions, walking quickly passed Xander and up to Nico.

He placed his hand on my back, as he causally took a step passed me.

I felt a soft pressure against me, pushing me towards the couches.

I took the hint and began making my way over there.

Ive figured out that Nico liked me sitting on those couches whenever Xander was over. For what reason, I wasn’t really sure.

I focused back on Doe one I was siting, seeing how she kept her eyes down towards the floor.

Her chest shakily rose and fell as Xander took a step back and Nico approached her.

She inhaled a sharp breathe when Nico gently grabbed her injured arm.

“I-Is it going to hurt?” She sputtered frantically

Xanders eyes narrowed since she talked out of place, but Nico didn’t seem to pay any kind of attention to that.

“Not if you relax,” He answered plainly.

Her eyes went round as she then tried to force herself to relax, something that was much easier said than done.

It was kind of interesting to watch Nico do this. Seeing his calm, concentrated expression.

He bent her arm at the elbow with one hand while the other was sitting on her shoulder.

The room fell silent while he felt around, obviously the movement causing her some discomfort.

Her breath caught when he started slowly pushing her arm back, centimeters at a time.

“I’m gonna pop it back in on three okay?” He asked, his voice calm as to try to calm her down as well.

She gave him a quick, nervous nod.

“One, Two...”

Right after he had spoken, he quickly pulled her shoulder forward and pushed her arm back, a soft pop sounding through the room. The sound made me squirm.


Doe had completely frozen from surprise.

Even I was surprised and I was just watching.

Nico took a step back, admiring his work as Doe finally took a breath.

Well, that was easy.

“Is that it?” Xander questioned.

Nico just watched as Doe moved her arm around for a moment.

“Yup that’s it. Now get out of my room.” Nico replied as he turned towards the door.

Doe scrambled to her feet, bowing her head towards Nico, “Thank you!”

Xander grabbed her leash and tugged her forward before Nico could respond.

“Yea thanks. You’re the best,” He said with a mix of sarcasm.

Nico kept him eyes on xander as he slowly went to leave.

“Y’know I’m gonna start charging you if you keep coming to me asking me to fix her.”

Now this caught Xander’s attention, causing him to pause.

Yet he couldn’t seem to come up with any proper comeback or argument.

That seemed fair. Judging by how often Xanders in here for Doe, charging him could be a way to have Xander take better care of her.

Nico smirked, apparently finding his silence amusing.

“Why aren’t you out of my room yet?”

Xander caught on, glaring at Nico as he began walking, “This conversation isn’t over.”

Nico’s amusement grew even more walking behind them until they were out into the hall, “It is now.”

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