Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 5

Khloe's POV

We made our way back to Master’s room in silence.

My stomach still felt weird from what happened, and my nerves weren’t calming down either.

As we came across Masters door, I spotted a woven box sitting in front of it.

Master placed the end of my leash in between his teeth before lifting up the box and opening the door.

He kicked the door shut as soon as I made my way in.

My leash fell to the floor as he walked over to his desk, setting the box down with a sigh.

I stood still, watching him as he flipped the box open.


I stood up straighter at the sound of my name.

“Yes?” My quiet voice replied.

Master lifted a small cylindrical container out of the box, examining the label.

“Come here.” He said flatly.

I let out a long exhale of preparation before slowly making my way towards him.

He continued looking over the container before he set it on the table, shifting his attention to me.

I held my breathe as he removed my collar, placing that on the desk as well.

“Take off your shirt and turn around.” He commanded, picking up the small container.

My face flushed.

“What?” I blurted out, instantly regretting it.

I just talked back to my Master!

If he didn’t plan on drinking from me tonight, well I just gave him a pretty good reason to change his mind.

His eyes met mine for a second, making me take a step back.

“I need to put this stuff on your back if you want it to heal any time soon.” He said plainly, returning his eyes to the container.

I just stared him, eyes wide in confusion as I released the tension in my shoulders.

His eyes shifted to mine a second time, this time making me comply.

I turned my back towards him before slowly lifting my shirt over my head, biting down on my lip in an act to hide the pain.

A small pop came from the container behind me as Master knelt down.

He was just staring at me, his eyes examining my back as they furrow.

Did it look that bad?

“This too.” he said, tugging on my bra straps.

My lips formed a thin line.

I sighed, knowing that I couldn’t really disobey him, and that id have to take it off if I wanted my back to feel better.

So I did, steadily unclasping the hooks and sliding the fabric off of me, letting my shirt hang over my arms to cover my chest instead.

A couple seconds went by and Master still hadn’t budged.

I turned my head to see him still just looking over my back, like he was trying to figure something out.

“Mas- Nico?” I said, trying to figure out what he was doing.

“How many?” his voice was lower than usual.

I guess he was trying to count the lashes.

My eyes looked to the floor, searching for the answer.

“I don’t know,” I whispered, having to replay that memory, “I lost count after 11.”

Masters jaw clenched as he thought over my words.

Finally, he scooped some of the substance onto his fingers.

“This might sting a little.” He said.

Little was an understatement.

I had to stop myself from jumping away because it felt like he just pressed a hot rod against my skin.

I held back the whines that wanted so badly to exit my throat, clenching my shirt in my hands.

Instead, I let out a long hiss as I took on the pain.

His fingers traced along my back, going over every injury with careful precision.

I let out a sigh as I felt his hand leave my skin.

The pain was starting to subside, being replaced by a cooling feeling.

My body was only able to relax for a second before I felt his fingers trace along my neck, covering the area where my old collar was with the same substance.

Instead of stinging, it just oddly tingled, which I was very happy about.

He saved me the embarrassment of me turning around and just reached around to get the front of my neck.

“Better?” He asked, closing the container and standing back up.

I bowed my head slightly.

“Yes, Thank you.” I said only loud enough.

He nodded in response before heading into the bathroom.

I still didn’t get it, though.

“Nico?” I said a bit louder as he entered back into the room, the substance no longer in sight.

He turned his head a bit, showing that he was listening.

I cleared my throat softly, preparing myself to ask the question.

“Why are you helping me?” I asked nervously.

When I imagined being a pet back in the shop, it was never like this. It never involved the master tending to my wounds.

It was a lot more beating, yelling, and whipping. Then again, Ive only been here for a couple hours.

But still.

Master only glanced at me before begining to walk over to his supposed closet.

“Like I said,” He spoke, opening the door and taking a couple steps in, “I like my things to be intact.”

I tilted my head, trying to understand what he meant by that.

I remember him saying that at the pet shop too.

I guess he just doesn’t want to own something thats broken.

So he could break it himself.

A shudder ran up my spine.

He walked out of the closet, looking in my direction.

“Youre tired right?” He asked.

I hesitated before nodding.

Exhausted actually.

Being whipped tends to make it a bit difficult to fall asleep, and of course, my nightmares.

Right... those... I hope he’ll take lightly to them.

He cut me out of my thoughts as he began walking towards me with a dark blue shirt in his hands.

I skeptically grabbed it as he handed it to me, my other arm still holding my shirt against my chest.

“Go ahead and sleep in this, just set your other clothes by my desk.” He said before walking back over to the box.

I did, as soon as his back was towards me, putting on the shirt and slipping off the jeans, all without the intense pain in my back.

The fabric was soft and cool on my skin.

The shirt was pretty big on me judging by how it almost reached my knees, then again, I was pretty short.

It must be his judging by the fact that it smelled like him.

I sighed as I made my way over to his desk, setting my neatly folded clothes down beside it.

I turned just as he pulled a pillow and a folded blanket out of the box, glaring at whatever was at the bottom of it.

He sighed, obviously annoyed.

“Here, come take this.” he said, still glaring at the bottom of the box.

I hastily made my way over there, not wanting to make him even more angry than whatever was in the box was, and took the pillow and blanket.

The blanket was so soft, and its been so long since I’ve actually had one when I slept.

“Just set it up wherever you want to sleep.” He said.

wait... what?

He ran his hand through his hair with another annoyed sigh as he pulled a large stack of papers out of the box.

My eyes scanned the room, following Masters orders. I paused once I fix my gaze on the cage.

“Except there.” Master added.

I looked back at him in confusion.

“Just, sleep on one of the couches or something.” He said before collapsing into the desk chair, still looking over the papers.

He looked stressed.

I still didn’t understand, but did what I was told.

Making him even more stressed could lead to a bad time for me, and plus, I wasnt going to give up the opportunity to not sleep in a cage

No matter how weird it may be, I was beyond happy to be sleeping on a couch.

I set the fluffy pillow onto the couch that faced Masters bed before letting my body melt onto the soft cushions.

It had been ages since I’d felt this many comfortable things instead of a cold metal cage bottom.

Though, I knew I couldn’t get too comfortable.

“Oh yeah, Khloe.” He spoke again, causing me to jump.

I turned to him as he took something out of his pocket and tossed it to me.

I instinctively flinched away, letting it land on the couch beside me.

It was the apple from his meal before.

I picked it up, eyeing it questionably.

“You didn’t finish your dinner and I saw you staring at it a couple times,” Master said, still staring at his papers, a pen now twirling in his hand, “I don’t really care for apples, and plus, you look like you need it.”

I blinked at him before shifting my gaze down to the fruit in my hand.

My mouth was already watering.

“T-thank you.” I stuttered out.

He hummed a small reply before turning the chair so that it was facing the table.

I didn’t hesitate, biting down into the juicy fruit.

A smile reached my face as the familiar taste reached my tongue for the first time in forever.

Even though this whole thing was making me skeptically nervous, I was happy to have been given this.

I hurried and finished it off, discarding the core into the waste basket by the coffee table.

For the first time in years I actually felt like I had gotten enough to eat.

I curled into the warm blanket as I set my head into the pillow, laying on my side to aid the discomfort in my back.

My mind was too busy celebrating about all of this comfort to stress about anything. It felt nice.

I didn’t even risk saying anything else to Master.

He might drink from me in my sleep if I ruin his concentration, or he’ll just do that anyways. Either way, I was keeping quiet.

Darkness slowly overcame my vision, regardless of me trying to keep my eyes open.

Maybe, hopefully, all of this will distract my nightmares.

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