Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 51

Nico’s POV:

Khloe slowly set her hand in mine, apparently unsure of what to initially think about what we were going to do.

She looked unsurprisingly nervous and red-faced, probably worried already that she was going to mess up.

Well of course she was, No one could expect her to be automatically good at something that they’ve never done before, not to mention how difficult those heals are going to be.

I gestured her to step forward, having her close the distance between us a bit.

Her eyes followed my hand as I guided her own to my shoulder, before placing my own on her waist.

The later action made her stiffen and made her nervousness even more evident.

I tried my best not to smile at her reaction.

“Follow my lead.” I told her.

Learning to dance like this was easier if you just went with it, feeling the movement of your partner and rhythm of the music. Plus I feel like Khloe would learn easier with as little instructing words as possible.

Id have to make up for the lack of music by setting a steady rhythm with my movements.

Khloe did well, following my steps and moving accordingly.

I started off slow, giving her time to get used to moving in those shoes, which was exactly what she needed.

Her grip would tighten on my shoulder and hand whenever she would stumble, allowing me to help her regain her balance before she could hurt herself. She would then follow it with an unnecessary apology.

The ball was the day after tomorrow and the last thing either of us needed was for her to badly twist her ankle.

Lucky for both of us, I wasn’t going to let that happen.

We continued to dance around the room with the limited space that we had.

Khloe surprisingly had fantastic rhythm and didn’t struggle much whenever I would speed it up or slow it down to test her.

Although she did gain the habit of looking down at her feet, as if that would help her not to stumble.

There was nothing in this room to trip on, so there was no use looking at the floor.

“Eye contact.” I spoke softly.

Her head turned up, eyes meeting mine hesitantly before she responded with a silent nod.

I knew constant eye contact like this was going to be a bit weird for her, but id rather have her look at me than anything else. Im sure anyone else that dances with her will think the same.

I’ve honestly never cared much about what the girls I danced with looked at, but I craved to see her like this for as long as I could.

Khloe’s POV:

We’ve been dancing for who knows how long, not that I really minded or had any want to stop.

I finally felt like I was beginning to get the hang of it, and I was actually finding it to be quite enjoyable.

Nico had been so patient with me, which I really appreciated, and partially wasn’t expecting.

But, thanks to his patience, I finally felt like I was getting better maneuvering in these shoes and in this dress.

All of this was making be more excited, yet more nervous about the ball.

Dancing with the other slaves sounds fun, but I don’t think ill get the same experience I’m getting while dancing with Nico.

I snapped myself out of my thoughts once I saw a mysterious grin build upon his face.

A wave of confusion came over me as I tried to figure out why he was doing that, causing me to falter in my step a bit.

“What?” I finally asked.

He seemed entertained by my response.

“Do you think you can twirl successfully in those?” he asked, gesturing down.

My brows rose at his question.

I wasn’t sure of how to answer truthfully, but the look in his eyes told me that he wanted me to say yes.

I wasn’t even really sure how to successfully twirl without these shoes.

“Um... Maybe.” I responded, “How do I do it.”

He must have heard some unsureness in his voice because he pulled me a bit closer in time with his rhythm.

“Easy,” He began, “Relax, follow what I do, and your body will do the rest.”

I just blinked at him. There’s no way anything could be that easy.

Still I nodded in agreement, butterflies swarming my stomach once I saw his excited smile.

He picked up his tempo before mouthing a countdown, giving me time to prepare.

Once he hit zero, he raised the hand that was holding mine, rotating it around me so I would fall into a twirl.

Unfortunately, I hesitated the movement and ended up tripping over myself in an attempt to catch up.

I didn’t even have time to try and catch myself before Nico had already done it, grabbing my hip and pulling me against him to regain my balance.

My hands grabbed his shirt to do so, before my face felt as if it was on fire.

Well, that went terribly.

“You forgot to relax.” is all he said.

“Yea I um... s-sorry.” I stammered, still distracted by my own embarrassment.

Nico lead me back to our original positions.

“No need to apologize. Lets try it one more time.”

I nodded, determined to not mess it up this time.

We began the dance pattern up again, as I tried to force myself to relax.

Although I couldn’t fight off my nerves once he started another countdown.

He repeated his actions once he hit zero.

I relaxed my shoulders right before he did, allowing his actions to successfully lead my body.

What I wasn’t expecting was for one of his hands to set itself on my lower back and him dipping me quickly after.

The surprise of it all caused me to hook my hands behind his neck for extra support.

A smile crossed my face once I realized what had happened, and honestly it was kind of fun.

But I found it kind of odd that he was just holding me in that position.

I raised my head to meet his gaze, freezing at that I saw.

He was just looking at me, his eyes wide in some sort of admiration.

Was it admiration? I wasn’t really sure.

All I was sure about was how close his face was to mine, and I don’t even remember thinking anything else before I got lost in his beautiful eyes.

The eyes that once absolutely terrified me.

The eyes that, now that I was getting a good look at them, made me feel so much more.

For the first time, I saw more than just a precious green stone in his eyes. I saw the lush greenery my sister and I would play in for hours on end many years ago. In his eyes I saw memories of my friends and family, happy as can be before we left. Before all of that was taken from me.

And yet, despite that, I still found comfort and safety within them, somehow making me feel at peace with all that has happened to me before this moment.

In his eyes, I saw the life I never thought id have as a pet. The level of care, consideration, and understanding that i didn’t even know existed.

I was drawn to them, like nothing ive ever experienced before.

I barely even noticed how close we had become to each other as the seconds passed, our faces only mere inches away from each other. Nor did I notice that the bend in my arms told me that it was both of us that were moving slowly towards each other.

My heart thundered in my chest as the seconds passed, and my mind was nothing but a haze.

I barely felt the heat of Nico’s breath caress my skin before everything stopped.

He pulled back before quickly pulling me upright as if none of that even happened.

I just completely froze at the sudden change.

“That’s enough for today,” His voice sounded different, strained even. He turned away from me, clearing his throat.” You did very well. Now hurry and get ready for dinner”

My brain didn’t even have time to catch up with what just happened before Nico quickly retreated into his bathroom.

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