Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 54

Nico’s POV:

I looked down at the thick, red liquid swirling in my glass, tuning out as many things around me as I possibly could.

Social events weren’t really my thing, but I kind of promised Xander that I would stay the whole time.

He said something about needing a wingman.

Which I don’t think he really needed if he was trying to go for literally any other girl but Layla.

But no, he had to fall for the gold digger.

I began absent mindedly twirling my glass once again.

I guess things have been going well between them so far. After all, shes been talking to him ever since I gave her that dance.

Well, after our second dance. Since she insisted that since I made her wait so long I owed her two.

I kind of stopped paying attention to their conversation 20 minutes ago, so I had no idea what they were talking about.

But of course, Layla had to ruin my bliss once she said my name in their conversation, forcing me to tune in.

“... i don’t know, I just feel like Nico has been single for too long.”


I raised my head to meet their gazes.

What kind of conversation have they been having?

Judging by the subtle look on Xanders face, whatever it was, he wasn’t too happy about it.

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked.

Layla giggled like that was the funniest thing she’d ever heard me say.

“I just mean, I don’t understand how a guy like you can go so long without pairing with someone. I don’t know it just kinda baffles me. I know that I for one would absolutely want to have a guy like you.”

I noticed the brief look of sadness cross over Xander’s features as I brought my glass up to my lips.

I didn’t even want to have to respond to that.

Luckily I didn’t have to because Xander apparently had come up with something to say.

“Y’know I don’t think hes going to be single for much longer.” He began.

This caught our attention.

“Oh yea? why is that?” Layla asked, apparently not quite sure if she liked where he was going with this.

A smile appeared on his face, “You should have seen the hottie he was talking to before I dragged him over to us. She seemed like a real catch to me.”

I paused the moment he began speaking, one of my brows raising.

Does he know what he just said? Did he really not see who that was?

“Oh really? Layla questioned, obviously displeased.

She began to speak again but I cut her off.


“Hm?” He responded, taking a sip from his own glass.

“That was my pet.”

And now he’s choking.

Layla’s mouth dropped before she covered it with her hand.

I didn’t even know what part of that conversation I needed to focus on first, but part of me was just kind of pissed that he called Khloe a hottie.

She disserves so much more than just “hottie”.

Xander struggled to speak as he recovered.

“That was NOT Khloe.” He protested.

“Um, yea it was.”

Now they were both just staring at me, Xander looking like he was in total disbelief.

“You got that dress for your pet?!”

I just took another sip from my glass.

“uh-hu.” is all I responded.

I honestly don’t understand how Xander didn’t recognize her. Sure she looked kind of different tonight, but not that much.

Layla decided to butt in before Xander could do anymore questioning.

“Wow Xander,” she started amongst her quiet laughter, ” Trying to pair your brother with his pet? That’s pretty low.”

I had to stop myself from glaring at her.

“I’m still not convinced that was Khloe!” He said in defense.

“Well, it definitely was.”

Xander went quiet for a moment, apparently trying to recall what had happened.

“Holy shit...” he mumbled.

It didn’t take long for Layla to decide to take charge of the conversation again.

“Well, I guess what I said stands true then. Since it’s ridiculous to ever think that Nico, or anyone for that matter, would pair with any human.”

I just ignored her, setting my empty glass on one of the tables.

But of course, she just had to keep talking.

“He deserves the absolute best vampire to be with him for the rest of his life.” She turned to me, “isn’t that right?”

I partially debated sharing my newfound discovery that vampires apparently weren’t my type to get Layla to shut up, but quickly disregarded it.

That fact was to say hidden.

“Right.” Is all I said, hoping to end this conversation.

She kept talking but I stopped listening.

The new heaviness in my chest took up all my attention.

It was like a longing feeling.

I sighed, knowing exactly what I was longing for.

Ever since the conversation started I couldn’t think of anything but Khloe.

Hell, ever since this ball started I couldn’t think of anything else.

I lifted my head a bit as the lights dimmed, signaling the third slow dance of the evening.

“Finally,” Layla spoke, turning towards me and extending her hand, “Shall we?”

My brows furrowed as my gaze switched from her hand to my brother, whos sadness from her choice in partner was very evident.

So, I took her hand, walked forward a couple steps, and set it within Xander’s.

I didn’t stop to see their reactions, I just kept walking, ” I have to check on something.”

Within the blink of an eye I was at the edge of the crowd.

I needed to see her.

I don’t know why, but if I wanted this feeling in my chest to go away, I needed to at least see her.

My eyes scanned the clear view I had of the pets and slaves, finding her almost immediately.

She was dancing with a Ginger-haired slave, moving as gracefully as ever. She looked like she was having fun.

Yet that feeling in my chest wasn’t going away, if anything it just changed into something else. The same feeling I got when I saw her dancing during the first slow dance.

The feeling that I get for no reason other than my own greed.

I exhaled a very long breathe, running my fingers through my hair.

I just wanted this ball to be over as soon as possible.

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