Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 6

Nico’s POV:

I sighed as I finally finished reading through those files.

The files that Xander should have given me a week ago.

Of course he just stuffed them inside of my delivery box the night before I have to present them to Lord Bronwyn.

The chair creaked slightly as I leaned back, running my fingers through my hair.

Lord Bronwyn wasn’t going to like the fact that the human population in our city had decreased 11% in the last 2 months.

And since the winter months are coming soon, it’ll probably lead to even more.

Less humans equals less blood for us when we collect it.

I guess I could just make the humans give us more the next time we go to collect it. Its not like they can say no.

Im sure that Xander won’t object, and since were the only ones in charge during the collection, what we say goes. As long as I get Lord Bronwyn’s approval.

I set the files in with the others as I stood up.

Ive been reading through and editing those damned things for too long and I was as hell.

I began un-buttoning my shirt as I made my way over to my closet to change into something more comfortable.

I glanced down at my new pet as I went to close the window.

As most pets do, she slept curled up in a ball.

Typical for pets that have spent their lives in cages.

It was different seeing a peaceful look on her face. The rest of the time she just looked like an abused puppy.

And for good reason too.

She’s smart, Ill give her that. She knows she’s inferior.

Even though her face was peaceful, the tension in her shoulders was still visible.

Letting out another sigh, I turned and headed towards my bed.

Lord Bronwyn was expecting my report tomorrow evening, and he won’t be particularly happy if I don’t have all of the facts that he wants.

“no... wait...” A small voice spoke from behind me.

I turned my head towards her, noticing how her features had changed.

Her face was no longer peaceful. It held a look of fear, even with her eyes squeezed shut. Her body was even more tence than before as she held a firm grip on the blanket.

I had forgotten about her nightmares, but they seemed to be worse than what I had imagined when the pet master told me about them.

“Please...,” she begged, her voice now slightly shaking as well as her body, “Im sorry...”

Was she crying?

A sigh left me once more before I began to make my way back over to her.

I should probably wake her up.

The last thing I need is for my pet to start screaming while I’m trying to sleep.

By the time I got there, she had pushed herself back against the back of the couch, clutching the blanket against her like her life depended on it.

Well, I guess that medicine is working enough for her to be able to do that.

“Khloe.” I muttered, kneeling down and reaching my hand towards her arm.

She let out a harsh gasp as soon as my hand made contact, her eyes shooting open.

A light sleeper, as most pets are.

Her breaths were heavy as she slowly pushed herself up on her elbow.

She stared at me wide eyed as a new form of terror showed on her face.

Good, she’s scared of me.

Like I said, she’s smart.

Khloe’s POV:

My heart raced as I stared that the vampire in front of me.

I had woken up from a nightmare only to meet those eyes as they pierced through me.

I didn’t even have time to calm down before I started to panic again.

He didn’t say anything, he was just looking at me. His hair was shaggy as it hung loosely in front of his eyes.

He looked tired.

Oh God, I woke him up!

My mind began to race with how I would be punished for this.

Whatever it is, I just hope its not the whip.

Not again.

I quickly searched for the right words to say.

“Mast- Nico im s-sorry for waking you.” I stuttered nervously.

He only blinked at me before standing.

“You didn’t wake me. I was just about to go to sleep.”

He even sounded tired.

I turned my head towards the now closed window, seeing nothing but darkness through the small crack in-between the curtains.

It had to have been at least a couple hours since I fell asleep.

Why was he still awake?

Better yet, why wasn’t he scolding me?

I was obviously doing something in my sleep that brought him out of his way to wake me up for, but he didn’t even seem to care.

My nerves calmed down as he turned and walked towards his bed.

A small shudder ran up my back as I recalled my nightmare.

I was so close to being whipped by the Pet Master again, but Master woke me up just before that could happen again.

“Nico.” I spoke again as he got into his bed.


I hesitated a bit.

“Thank you,” I started, “For waking me.”

Master paused for a second, his eyes furrowing slightly in thought.

Did I say something wrong?

He just sighed, rubbing his tired eyes with the ball of his palm.

“Yea...” Is all he replied.

With that, he picked up a remote on his bed stand and flipped off the lights.

The room enveloped in darkness.

It took me a second for my eyes to adjust.

I heard the soft movement of blankets shuffling as Master got comfortable before it was completely quiet.

I let out a long, silent, exhale as I quietly relaxed back onto the pillow.

My eyes fixed onto the ceiling as I covered myself in the blanket.

I couldn’t have another nightmare tonight.

I might have gotten away unscathed this time, but that’s only because I didn’t wake him up.

He looked really tired, so I’m sure that he needed his sleep and didnt need me ruining it.

And if I do...

I quickly shook the thought out of my head.

My body slowly turned onto its side as I curled up into the blankets.

I shouldn’t think about it, its not going to happen.

After all, I can’t wake him up if I don’t go back to sleep.

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