Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 69

Khloe’s POV:

I glanced up at the numerous stars and the crescent that shown in the night sky as Nico spoke to our driver.

I wondered why he decided to take me here of all places.

Behind us was a small, yet fairly tall hill with a dirt path that lead to the top.

I think I remembered this hill being the one that was very popular for camping when I was younger, yet no one else seemed to be around.

I placed my hands into my very warm jacket as I turned to face it, feeling the slight breeze that this night had.

Excitement was still taking over my mind, wondering what Nico had planned and mentally begging him to hurry up his conversation with our driver.

A smile came to my face as I turned to see Nico coming towards me as our driver drove away.

“Am I allowed to know what we’re doing here yet?” I asked as he reached me.

He chuckled.

“Not yet,” He replied, setting his arm around my shoulder as we began to walk up the path, “Just a little longer.”

I reluctantly accepted his answer, leaning my head against him for a short moment before I began to examine the surroundings.

Even though I had always wanted to visit this place when I lived in the city, I never got the chance because, well, many different reasons.

I had been told, however, that this place flourished with many different kinds of plant life and wildlife all throughout the year. Not to mention the astounding View of the city that it gave.

And well, from what I could see through the darkness and the small patches of snow on the ground, they were correct.

I could see numerous white and light colored flowers in bloom all over.

Even the bare trees with snow lightly dusting their branches looked beautiful with the light of the moon shining off of them.

A white rabbit jumped out from one of the bushes and into the path, startling me and even Nico.

We paused as it just looked at us for a second before dashing away.

Nico and I exchanged a look and a laugh before we continued walking.

The walk was relaxing. Peaceful even.

More and more of the city came into view as we got higher and higher up the hill. The few lights coming from the houses of people who weren’t yet asleep looking like stars themselves.

I let out a very long, relaxing breath, looking towards Nico to see if he was as relaxed as I was.

He did seem very calm. The look on his face told me that he was thinking his own thoughts about what was around us.

I turned my eyes back to the path, leaning my head against him.

Even though we haven’t even gotten to the place Nico was meaning to take me, I was already enjoying myself.

All of these things that I had been missing out on ever since I got caught. And we only sometimes left the castle casually, so this was nice.

Although I doubt it would be as enjoyable if Nico wasn’t here.

Nico’s hand moved to rub against my upper arm.

“You’re not cold right?” He questioned.

I shook my head against him.

“No, I’m fine,” I responded.

Even if I wasn’t, I was beginning to prefer a slight chill anyways.


It didn’t take much longer for us to reach our destination on the top of the hill, but once we did, my mouth dropped.

A large blanket sat on the ground, covered with a couple of small pillows, a candle-lit lantern, and a woven basket.

A small firepit built into the ground sat not too far from it, filled with burning red coals.

“What is all of this?” I asked.

Nico took a couple of steps past me and towards the blanket.

“Its where I wanted to take you,” he said, gesturing for me to follow.

I did, taking slow steps as I looked over everything.

It looked like a scene in a movie.

It looked like a date.

I bit my lip as that thought came to my mind, my heart fluttering at the thought.

As much as I wanted for that to be true, the logical side of my mind quickly disregarded it as a foolish idea.

Still, I couldn’t deny that that’s exactly what this whole setup looked like.

“Did you set this up?” I asked as I walked closer to him.

He just nodded.“When?”

It had to have been fairly recently or else the candle and coals would have burned out.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said as he grabbed my hand, leading me over to the blanket with him, “I just wanted you to be comfortable while you watched your first meteor shower.”

My eyes grew impossibly wide.

“Meteor shower?” I questioned as we finally reached the blanket.

“Yeah,” He responded with a grin, “you’ve heard of those right?”

I nodded.

I had heard of them in stories that my teachers and parents would tell me, but they had said that they were a rare occurrence, only happening every couple of decades.

I looked up at the already starlit sky.

They told me that it was a very beautiful sight, one that could never be forgotten.

When I was younger I always looked forward to the night I would get to see one with my own eyes.

I guess I had forgotten that dream in the pet shop.

But now...

A huge smile appeared on my face.

Now I was going to get to experience it with Nico.

I turned towards him as he began to speak.

“I just thought that, you know, with your love for the night, I thought that this would be something that you would enjoy,” He said almost nervously.

I had never once seen Nico nervous.

Why on earth was he nervous? This was amazing!

Being unable to contain my excitement any longer, I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him.

He laughed before holding onto me and spinning us around, apparently feeding off of my excitement. Which admittedly, I really enjoyed.

His hands slid up to my shoulders as my feet found the ground again.

“So... You like the surprise?” He asked.

I bit my lip to stop myself from grinning like a complete maniac.

“I love it!” I exclaimed.

He let out an almost silent sigh of relief, “Good.”

He drew his hands back before glancing at his wristwatch.

“Its supposed to start in about thirty-ish minutes so,” He glances at the woven basket before looking at me, “We’ve got some time to kill.”

Nico’s POV:

Khloe and I sat facing the city.

I had her sit in between my legs while I kept my arms around her.

She snacked on one of the many pastries that I had one of the castle bakers put together and fill that basket with.

The past thirty minutes had been more than enjoyable.

We talked. We laughed.

Khloe even spent a good ten minutes trying to climb one of the trees around here and actually ended up getting pretty high before she decided to come down.

I’ve seen tonight just how adventurous she actually is.

She checked out almost every patch of flowers that were around here and beamed with joy as a moth flew from one of them and landed on the tip of her nose.

I took note of which flowers she seemed to like the best.

She became absolutely elated once I easily caught one of the many white rabbits around here for her.

The poor thing was absolutely terrified of me, probably knowing exactly what I was, but completely calmed down one it was in her arms.

I guess she just has that effect on things.

Watching her as she handled it was probably my favorite part of the night so far.

Seeing how she gently handled it, her smile never faltering as she pet its soft fur.

The way she turned to me and laughed after the rabbit circled her as soon as she put it down before running off.

I swear her laugh could bring me to my knees.

Khloe leaned back against me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Her head rested against my chest before she tilted her head up to meet my eye.

“Doesn’t it seem weird that there aren’t any other people here,” she asked curiously, “I thought that since this was such a popular spot and such an amazing night that there would be a lot more people here.”

I debated telling her that I had actually rented out the entire hill to ensure that we would get the best view and to ensure that we would be completely alone since I knew how she felt about other people noticing her, but decided that she probably would like the idea of me spending money on her like that.

So, I shrugged.

“I guess not a lot of people know about it. Or word got around that a vampire was going to be there so people got scared away.” I joked.

Khloe hummed out a laugh, setting her hands over one of mine, “Probably.”

It was times like these that I was glad that Khloe wasn’t a vampire. SO she wasn’t able to hear my heart skip a beat at her very small gesture.

A gesture that I didn’t even know was intentional or not.

Whatever, I’m going to make the most of it.

“How long until it starts?” She asked.

I used my free hand to grab the lantern.

“It should be any second now,” I said before blowing out the candle.

Apparently, I have some amazing timing because right after I did, Khloe gasped.

“I saw one! Did you see it?” She asked with her adorable excitement.

“I’m afraid I missed that one,” I said as I placed down the lantern and returned my arm around Khloe, “did you make a wish?”

One of Khloe’s brows rose as she turned towards me.

“Make a wish?” She questioned.

“Yeah,” I began, “Legend says that if you make a wish on a shooting star, it’ll come true.”

“Really?” She turned her head back towards the sky as another star shot past the moon, “So do I get one wish per shooting star?”

I shrugged.

“Sure. Or you could wish for the same thing on every one you see. Maybe that will help it come true.”

Khloe glanced at the ground as a small smile graced her face.

“Yeah. I’ll try it like that,” She said as she looked back up towards the sky.

I guess she had something set in mind.

We sat in silence for a little while, watching the white streaks fill the sky up to five at a time.

Khloe seemed completely mesmerized while I was keeping my attention elsewhere.

I was too focused on the wide, curious look in her eyes, the complete amazement showing on her face.

I was too busy seeing how beautifully the moon’s subtle light bounced off her skin and through her hair.

I was too interested in feeling how her hands would gently grab the top of mine every time she spotted a shooting star.

This girl was going to be the death of me.

I let out a silent sigh.

She really wasn’t making it easy for me to keep my feeling from her at bay.

Well, then again, I wasn’t really making it easy for myself either.

To prove my own point, I rested my chin on top of her head.

It was hard to try to keep myself from her when every vampiric instinct was telling me to take her for myself.

I didnt want to have to keep my feeling for her locked away, but for her sake, I managed.

“What are you wishing for?” I asked.

I was just genuinely curious.

Khloe tensed up ever so slightly, her heartbeat speeding up only enough for it to be noticeable.

“I- uhm,” She paused, tucking her hair behind her ear, “Its a secret.” She replied almost looking embarrassed.

Huh. Interesting.

“Fair enough,” I replied, hugging her close to me.

“What about you?” She asked me.

I let out a long exhale.

My wish...

I have known about my wish for several weeks now.

Still, I let out a quiet chuckle.

“I don’t think even the stars can help grant my wish.”

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