Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 7

Khloe's POV

Everyone sat in the same place as they did for dinner.

The room was filled with a variety of sweet scents coming from the variety of breakfast foods from the vampires plates.

The pets were treated with only a half of a grapefruit and a small slice of toast. Even so, I was grateful for it.

Master thankfully looked well rested, and even though I didn’t sleep after that little incident, I felt well rested as well.

That small amount of sleep that I got was probably more then my usual amount of sleep at the Pet Shop.

Even the pain on my back had eased.

All in all, I was pretty relieved with how things had turned out so far today.

“So, Ive been thinking about getting Doe branded.” Xander spoke.

A choked a bit on the last bit of my toast as Doe somehow tensed up even more in his lap.

She already seemed to be pretty shaken before, but that sealed the deal.

“Why?” Master asked, like it was the dumbest thing he’s heard.

Xander shrugged.

“Why not? The branding company is coming into town soon, so I figured that I could take the opportunity.”

My stomach turned a bit.

“Thats actually the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.” Master spoke as he took another bite of his creme-filled crepes.

I let out a soft sigh of relief at his words.

“What would you even get branded on her?”

Xander laughed softly to himself as Doe silently grew more fearful.

“I was thinking of getting my name going right down her back.”

I cringed as I imagined what that would feel like.

“Why don’t you just tattoo that on her?” Master asked.

“Tattoos are boring and less entertaining to watch,” He sipped at his drink that oddly wasn’t blood, “Did you know that they actually have to tie the pets down before they brand them? Its fun as hell to watch.”

Doe was shaking in absolute fear as she hid her terrified face behind her short, brown hair.

Master seemed to think that the whole thing was stupid, so I relaxed a little.

Even as selfish as that may seem, I’m glad that I wasn’t her.

“I guess. Have fun with that.” Master sighed.

“You should do it with me.” Xander invited.

“Id rather not.”

Xander shoulders slumped.


“Brands are ugly, and I really don’t want my pet to be immobile for a week.” Master said as he sipped his glass.

Xander pouted his lips out like a child as his eyes narrowed.

“Well who else am I gonna get to go with me?” He proclaimed.

Master sighed.

“If you’re so persistent on going, then I’m sure Layla would be more than happy to go,” He presented, “She’d probably want to get some floral shit branded onto her pet’s back.”

Xander rose a brow.

“You know her pet is dead right?”

Master paused mid-sip, slowly setting his glass back on the table.

“How?” He asked.

Xander leaned back in his seat, linking an arm around Doe so that she was forced to lean back with him.

“Layla sucked her dry a couple nights ago. She told me that she was bored with how her pet acted.”

Well, there goes my appetite once again.

Masters finger tapped against the table a few times before he spoke.

“Ok, so it wasn’t my fault.” he concluded.

I turned my head towards Master questionably.

They didn’t even care that her pet was killed. They just acted as if she was just some stupid pet fish.

Xander shook his head.

“Nah, she probably would have been on your case if it was.”

Master scoffed.

“If she was bored of her pet then I don’t see why it matters. I should be on her case for wasting my medical supplies on a pet she didn’t even want.”

Xander laughed a little at that even though Master’s voice was completely serious.

Master took the last bite of his crepes.

“She probably knows better then to mess with you anyways.” Xander added.

My eyes widened a tad at this.

Master finished off the blood in his glass with a satisfied exhale.

“Probably,” He pushed his chair back a bit and stood up, causing me to stand straighter, “Even so, she’d probably still go with you. She’d probably like to watch.”

I couldn’t help but feel bad for Doe. She just had to sit and listen to all of this.

“Ill ask. Where are you going so soon?”

Master glanced down at him as he fiddled with the fabric of my leash with his thumb.

“I have to review some documents again before tonight.” he responded.

“Oh yea, don’t you have that meeting with the Lord?”

I nearly missed the quick glare that Master sent to him.

“Yea.” is all he said before he walked away.

I followed silently behind him keeping my usual distance.

Ive been trying to link together their conversation to find out more about my Master, but not alot has really been clarified.

Im just glad that he didn’t want to brand me.

“You didn’t eat alot.” He said to me as soon as we were out of the dining hall, causing me to flinch.

His voice wasn’t nesicarily mad, but it wasn’t pleased either.

I didn’t even get to touch the grapefruit before I lost my appetite.

I hurriedly tried to come up with something to say.

“I-um,” I stuttered as I tried to answer him.

Master sighed, making me even more nervous.

“I’m not mad, Khloe,” His voice still held that odd tone, “You’ll just heal faster if you eat what’s given to you.”

I shifted my gaze to the floor as we continued walking.

I’m not sure if I even want to heal faster, in fear of what he’ll do to me once I do.

“I see, my apologies, Master.”

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