Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 70

Khloe’s POV:

Nico and I didn’t return to the castle until just before the sun began to rise, both of us not being tired enough to actually get some sleep.

Not that I could have slept even if I wanted to.

I knew my mind would have been rushing as I recapped that night. That completely amazing night.

I really wished that we would do something like that again soon, and luckily Nico promised me that we would.

Even without the meteor shower, that night would have been fun.

I felt a lot of things that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. Things that I didn’t even realize that I missed.

And some things that I probably would be better off if I ignored.

But, for now, I was sitting on my side of Nico’s bed, looking through one of the books he had on vampire history as he sat on his side, looking through a book of his own.

Of course I had read about vampire history when I was in school, but none of them were from a vampiric author. Which really made a difference.

I was very interested in the section that told about when their species first began to domesticate themselves and try to hide amongst humans regardless of the fact that the humans knew of their existence.

Apparently, they were clever enough to make up their own way of distinguishing Vampires from Humans, all of which were misleading enough to work in their favor.

My brows drew together as I read the lists of things humans used to think would draw away vampires, or what they believed vampires were weak too.

“Vampires used to tell humans that garlic repelled them?” I asked, trying to look for more of an explanation than this book was giving me.

Nico looked at me with an amused smirk.

“Yup,” he replied as he leaned towards me to look at what I was reading, “Humans trusted anything back then if they thought that it would keep us away. And since they thought the facts were coming from other humans they had no reason to doubt.”

“But why garlic?”

“Back then people believed that we were some sort of undead supernatural being instead of a living creature, and since garlic was believed to repel supernatural beings, the vampires used that to their advantage. Not to mention that garlic is a natural anticoagulant so when humans ate it to try to repel us, it just made their blood easier to drink.”

I just stared at him for a moment, surprised that his explanation actually made a lot of sense.

But, that was just one of the many listed on here.

I returned my eyes back to the list that the book provided.

“Weakness to sunlight?” I questioned.

Nico chuckled, “Yeah, As ridiculous as it seemed people believed it. Vampires told them that one in order to avoid any suspicion that they were actually vampires. Since we could obviously roam around in the sun all day.”

OK, that made sense.

I glanced back at the book, reading off the next one in the list.

“No reflection?”

“That ones pretty much the same principle as our ‘weakness to sunlight’. We definitely had reflections so then people just assumed that we weren’t vampires.”

I read off the next one.

“They thought that you guys didn’t sleep?”

“Vampires back then played a lot with the fact that people thought that we were supernatural. Half of the things on this list were things that the vampires back then made up for fun.”

I pursed my lips out un thought as I read over the rest of the list.

“I’m guessing that being ‘unable to enter a household without invitation’, ‘inability to cross running water’, and ‘weakness to crosses’ are also in that category?” I wondered.


I closed the book with a sigh.

“I can’t believe that humans used to believe those. They all sound so ridiculous.” I grumbled.

Nico smiled a bit as my distaste, scooting closer to me to where our shoulders touched.

“Yea they do sound pretty stupid, but since vampires in of themselves seemed very unrealistic at the time, humans never questioned it.”

My fingers tapped on the leather cover of the book.

“I mean I guess that makes sense, but even after all the myths, vampires still had their fangs. How did they hide those?”

Nico blinked at me, apparently, that thought never crossed his mind?

“I guess they just never smiled?” He paused, snickering at his own words, “I don’t know.”

My tapping on the cover quickened in speed as I pondered before I finally willed myself to open the book back up.

“Maybe if I keep reading I’ll find something that will help me regain my faith in humanity thousands and thousands of years ago,” I said.

A knock came from the door before Nico could reply, making us both stare at it.

The knock wasn’t Xanders and Nico hadn’t ordered anything from the castle slaves.

We both looked at each other in confusion before Nico got off of the bed and walked towards the door.

A slave boy stood outside of the door, one that I barely recognized from the ball.

“Sir Vanderwood,” The boy bowed, “Lord Bronwyn has requested your presence in his office as soon as possible.”

My nerves spiked as soon as he spoke, whereas I saw Nico visually tense up.

What on earth could he want?

Memories of what had happened the last time Lord Bronwyn called for him flew through my mind, causing a knot to form in my stomach.

It was silent for a few seconds before Nico finally spoke back.

“Just me?” He asked.

The slave nodded.

“He only requested you.”

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