Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 78

Khloe's POV:

It took another hit against my back before I let out an agonizing cry, my head automatically lowering to the floor in submission.

“I can’t believe your nerve,” Layla growled, landing another slash against my back, “For as long as Nicos kept you alive I thought you would have known better!”

My tears ran thick and fast onto the floor as the cracking sound of the whip, and the occasional shredding of my shirt rang out repeatedly.

My throat beginning to tighten enough to make me unable to scream effectively and left me quickly gasping for the air that suddenly seemed more limited.

“Nico doesn’t need such a disobedient pet in his life,” She began again, “And if I need to be the one to whip you into shape for him then so be it!"

I couldn’t get up to run, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even beg for her to stop.

I knew that even if I could scream, there was absolutely no way Nico or anyone as going to be able to hear me.

The blows kept raining down onto my body from my shoulders to the middle of my back, Each one softening my skin enough to make my back feel like it was on fire.

I didn’t even know how many times I had been whipped, but I knew that Layla had no intention of stopping any time soon.

Every fiber of my mind was screaming for me to move despite the fact that I physically couldn’t.

I just had to endure every blow over and over and over again.

It got to the point where I could feel my own blood dripping down my back.

Then just out of nowhere, she stopped, allowing me to process my heartbeat pumping loud and fast in my ears and just how much I was uncontrollably shaking.

I didn’t even dare look back at her to see why she stopped, I didn’t want to risk anything.

“Oh Nico,” She spoke jovially between her partially heavy breaths, “You’re back early.”

My head shot up towards the door, seeing Nico standing there, his eyes wide, and his mouth agape.

His entire body stood deathly still as his eyes shifted between me and Layla, like he was trying to make sure that what he was seeing was real.

“Sorry you had to walk in right of the middle of this,” Layla spoke back up again,“I just had to teach this bitch a quick lesson.” She rose the whip back up as she finished her sentence, causing me to flinch my head away and brace for impact.

Every muscle in my body tightened as the crack of the whip filled the air.

But I didn’t feel a thing.

I only heard Layla’s gasp from behind me, that being enough to make me turn my head.

My eyes widened at the scene I beheld.

Nico stood directly behind me, the end of the whip grasped firmly in his hand.

I only barely noticed the fact his nails had sharpened to points, something I had only ever seen before on the night of the bloodmoon, before he made his next move.

He effortlessly yanked the hilt from her hand, catching it with his own before he cast it directly hit her.

The cracking was followed shortly by Layla’s yelp, the force of impact causing her to take a couple steps back.

I couldn’t see what had happened before Nico began taking slow steps towards her, dropping the whip to the floor.

She came into view right as she slowly drew her hand away from her cheek, showing a large gash that lead from the bottom of her jaw to the top of her nose.

I watched in all kinds of shock as her wound slowly healed over as if it were never there. Although the new terrified look she held as Nico approached her still stayed.

“Get out,” Nico commanded as soon as he was in front of her, his voice low and unsettlingly calm.

Layla shrunk back but didn’t move from her spot.

Instead, she laughed nervously, I guess trying to break the tension that she wasn’t expecting despite the fact that he just whipped her.

“B-But Nico, you don’t understand what she did to me. She-”

Nico cut her off with a hand around her throat, his claws digging into the flesh there.

Layla’s face showed an entirely new form of fear, grasping at his hands as she battled to breathe.

“I don’t think you understand how much I don’t care. Nor do I think you understand how fucking lucky you are that your status makes ending your petty life not worth all the trouble Id have to go through afterward. Now get out before I change my mind. Stay away from me, stay away from my brother,” He brought his face closer to hers, making her shrink back as much as she could, “And stay far away from Khloe.”

Layla nodded furiously before Nico reluctantly let go, coughing and sputtering as she tried to regain herself.

She glanced at me one last time, then to Nico, before she vanished, the door closing behind her.

Nico just stood, his breaths heavy from anger. His angle finally allowed me to see how impossibly thin his pupils were.

With the wave of relief that came over me, the absence of adrenaline began to show itself, making the pain from every would on my body intensify.

I was begining to be able to deal each and every gash on my body. I could probably count them if the feeling of them wasn’t choking my brain.

The arm that was holding me up was about to collapse before I felt Nico kneel in front me, gently holding me up by my upper arms.

His demeanor had completely shifted from anger to concern, making his pupils slowly return to normal as they hurriedly looked me over.

Neither of us said anything, I don’t even think I could if I wanted to, not yet.

Nico gently took hold of my wrist, guiding my hand away from the open wound on my collarbone.

His pupils thinned out again at this sight of it while the rest of his face expressed a sympathetic look of anguish.

My body still trembled in his grasp from the intensity of the stinging and burning on my skin.

Nico’s eyes met mine with a look that looked like he was asking permission for something.

I dont think I even had to react to that for him to get the message.

And luckily I was right because Nico then leaned down towards my collarbone.

I didn’t understand what he was doing before I felt his tongue against the would, the contact causing me to let out a whimper.

It took a second before I remembered that vampire saliva helped close wounds.

Which would work fine for this but probably wouldn’t work for my back.

Nico moved one of his hands from my arm to the back of my head, something he always did to try to comfort me.

And I guess that gesture was all it took for my body to accept that what was hurting us was gone.

With this realization, I completely leaned my trembling body against Nico’s the best I could and began to cry all over again.

My breaths were heavy and spiratic, the stinging making it impossible to even try to control

He didn’t do anything to retaliate, just kept doing what he was doing.

I could hear Nico’s heart by doing so. Despite his calm demeanor, he was panicking.

I found my voice as soon as he pulled back, having succeeded in what he was doing.

“Nico...” was all that I could get to come out. The only thing I could say after this whole thing was his name.

My voice held so much agony and fear from what had happened.

I guess in saying his name I was begging him to help me through this.

“I know Khloe,” He responded, apparently getting my message, “I’ve got you.”

His voice held something different as well. It sounded like guilt.

The tears came stronger. I wanted nothing more than to just wrap my arms around him and let myself relax. That always made my pain and worry fade away but I couldn’t even move without intensifying the already severe pain on my back.

“I need you to wrap your arms around my neck,” he instructed calmly.

I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t physically do that.

“I can’t...” I admitted, sounding absolutely defeated.

He rubbed his thumb against my head before he moved his hands back to my arms.

“You can,” He started, “I know it’s going to hurt but this is the easiest way for me to do this. Just hold onto me there and I’ll take care of everything else.”

I thought over his words, knowing that he was right, but...

I let out a harsh sigh, squeezing my eyes shut as I began to move my arms.

The pain began immediately, causing me to stop for a second before I forced myself to power through with a choked sob until I had my arms where he wanted them.

As soon as I got them there, I buried my head in his neck, holding onto him tight.

“Good,” He said, sliding his hands to grab the back of my knees before he stood up, lifting me with him.

I didn’t look up or move whatsoever once he began hurriedly walking.

Keeping my eyes closed helped deal with the pain

Or maybe that’s just what I told myself

I heard him flip on the light in the bathroom before he set me on the counter in front of the sink, letting go of me while I heard him rummage through the cabinet.

I only opened my eyes once I felt his hand softly cup my face.

I was met with his guild-filled eyes.

“You’re going to feel a lot better once you wake up okay?” He was worried, “I promise you that.”

I didn’t understand the first part of his statement until I felt the small pinch of a needle against my neck.

My vision suddenly began to blur and fade until everything went black.

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