Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 82

Nico’s POV:

I didn’t even try to suppress my huge breath of relief as I layed myself back against the bed.

“God it feels so good to finally have that off my chest,” I admitted, stretching my hands above my head before laying on them

It was weird that I could actually feel a physical difference within myself like I was finally able to truly relax.

I guess all the vampiric instincts that were screaming at me to take her had finally calmed down.

Although they were very upset that I wasn’t holding onto her right now.

But it’s probably for the best for both of us that I take some time to calm down after that whole thing lest I do something I regret.

Plus, that still didn’t change the main fact.

She was mine. She was actually mine.

That conversation actually went smoothly and now she was mine.

That thought felt so abstract but there was no way in hell I was going to deny it.

And the result of that was this huge grin that refused to leave my face.

Khloe let out a soft giggle as she turned to face me, bringing her legs back onto the bed, the same smile plastered on her face.

“Oh yeah?” She asked, a bit of confidence laced in her voice, “How long has it been?”

I let out a laugh at her nearly smug question.

After all of this, I guess she deserves to be a bit smug.

“I only noticed it the night you first tried on your ball dress, but who knows how long I had been subconsciously thinking about you like that before then,” I confessed.

Her brows rose in surprise, “Really?! That long.”

I nodded, “Yep. That long.”

I shifted myself up a bit, being held up by my elbows.

“What about you,” I asked, mimicking her confidence tenfold, “How long have you been absolutely infatuated with me?” I even added a wink at the end and a smirk for the finishing touch.

My victory was given by the blush that tinted her cheek, as well as by the fake glare she gave me by scrunching up her nose and pursing out her lips.

We both laughed at our unspoken game before she answered.

“I actually don’t know,” She admitted, “Having any kind of feeling for you seemed like a lost cause from the beginning, so I think my mind just suppressed them until you... kissed me,” She grew quiet out of embarrassment

“Wow, ” I began, looking up at the ceiling, “We were such lost causes.”

A guy who fought every day to hide his feelings and a girl that didn’t even know she had them.

“Yea,” she admitted with a laugh,” But we figured it out.”

I turned my head to face her.

“Hell yea we did.”

Now I could finally give her the life she deserved.

Even though this would just have to remain between us, I was determined to make this work.

And judging by how that kiss went I’m more than sure she thought the same thing.

“So... what now?” She asked.

I tilted my head, “What do you mean?”

Her brows drew together as if I was missing something completely obvious.

“I mean you whipped the Lords daughter in the face, strangled her, and then kicked her out of your room. I don’t think that that is something that is just gonna go away.”

My eyes widened as she spoke.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t forget about that.

It had all happened in a fit of rage that I would rather not remember.

But she was right about that being a problem.

Knowing Layla and her minor daddy issues, I think I can safely assume that she won’t bother him about this until the work on her floor is complete, knowing that hed probably lash out on her if she tried to add another problem to his plate before she even told him what had happened.

That gave me at least another day to figure something out.

Khloe just watched me as I leaned back up into a sitting position, thinking this through.

I doubt that once Layla finally gets a chance to tell him about it that he’ll take it lightly.

I honestly couldn’t care less if he were to do something to me, but I wasn’t willing to take the risk of him doing something to Khloe or even Xander.

My back suddenly straightened as I recalled something.

I quickly stood from the bed and walked over to my desk, locating the letter that my father had sent me.

Extending one my my nails to a point, I sliced it open right above the wax seal.

I disguarded the envelope as soon as I had the letter inside.

I silently read the admittedly lengthy paragraphs, smiling as I read through the last one.


I looked up as Khloe, seeing her confusion at my excitement.

“I’ll be right back,” I said as I walked over to her, the letter still placed in my hand.

“What? Where are you going?” now she sounded concerned.

“I need to go talk to Xander about something, but I think I just found our out,” I tilted her head up by her chin before placing a kiss on her forehead, “This will only take a couple minutes.”

She silently nodded with a red face, still not completely used to my affection.

Not that I minded, I thought that it was kind of cute.

Trying not to get myself distracted with that, I sped out of my room, closing the door tight behind me before speeding to Xander’s room.

I knocked twice on the door, being surprised by how fast he opened it.

He usually took a lot longer.

“Oh,” He said as soon as he saw me, appearing surprised by my presence, ” Hey what’s up?”

I didn’t say anything, just handed him the letter.

He let go of the door as he took it, letting it open enough that I could see into his room as he read it over.

I spotted Doe sitting cross-legged on the bed, curiously glancing at us.

Judging by the way she was sitting, it seemed that her wounds weren’t bothering her.


“So dad wants us to come visit for his birthday, what’s so great about that? He sends us this like every year,” he said as he reached out to hand the letter back to me.

I gave him a deadpan look.

“Did you even read all of it?” I asked, pushing his hand back.

His lips pursed out a bit, telling me that he indeed did not before his eyes returned to the page.

I just waited patiently until his eyes widened, telling me that he had gotten to the part that I was talking about.

“He’s inviting us to move back with him again?!”

I nodded.

I’ve thought about going back home a lot over the past 20 years or so, but could never bring myself to go groveling back to my father, but since he was inviting us back himself, I wasn’t going to refuse.

Especially after what just happened, how could I blow off such a perfect coincidence?

Not to mention how much Khloe was going to enjoy it there.

With my stance in that castle she would be able so safely explore a lot more than just my room without worrying that someone was trying to hurt her.

“Yep, and im accepting. In fact, I’m leaving tomorrow.” I said.

This caught both Xander and Doe’s attention.

“Tomorrow?!” He asked, “Why so soon?”

“I’ll tell you later, now are you coming with me or not?

Xander looked back, meeting eyes with Doe before he faced me again, his lips quirked up into a smile.

“Hell yea I am, dude. I hate it here.”

My own smile began to show.

“Fantastic. Be ready by tomorrow morning. We’re leaving at nine.”

Xander began to nod before he stopped.

“Wait how are we gonna get a Limo? That’s a solid 9-hour drive and there’s no way that Lord Bronwyn is going to authorize one of his slaves to make that trip on such short notice.”

He’s right. That’s exactly why we’re not getting his authorization. He’s not even going to know that we’ve left.

I’m just hoping that the slave I have in mind cooperates.

“Don’t worry brother. I’ve got everything planned out.”

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