Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 83

Khloe’s POV:

Confusion filled my mind as I watched Nico leave the room in a flash.

He said that he had found our out, so I guess he found a solution to our problem.

I wondered what it could be as I tried to make the heat from Nico’s kiss leave my face.

I disregarded coming up with possibilities very soon, figuring that I would hear about it as soon as he comes back.

With that thought process being disposed of in a matter of seconds, excitement and joy began to fill my mind again from the events that had happened only minutes before.

The excitement that I had to hide while he was here so I didn’t make a complete fool of myself in front of him.

But now there was absolutely nothing stopping me.

Now I could feel all this pent-up energy and happiness flooding my body, about to burst.

I wanted to run to the window and scream out to the world what had happened.

But, my current physical limitations as well as the fact that yelling that fact out the window probably wasn’t the best idea lead me to my next best thing.

So, I grabbed the closest pillow and squealed into it like a child, frantically kicking my legs above the bed.

It felt like absolutely nothing could ruin this moment, not even the bandages surrounding the entirety of my torso mattered to me as much as this.

I had never felt this much happiness before. Part of me even related to the relief that Nico felt, but I wasn’t willing to share it.

I drew the pillow away from my face with a sharp exhale.

I wanted him and despite every natural law of this world, despite the difference and distaste for our races, he wanted me too.

Despite the fact that his race killed my family...

My shoulders slumped as that thought came into my head.

My parents... my sister... what would they think of this?

Would they be happy? Happy that I didn’t end up as just another blood bag to a vampire? Happy that I had found my own peace and happiness despite the fact that it came from a vampire?

Or would they be disappointed or upset? Because I feared the vampires instead of dispised them for what they did to my family. Because I let the fact that they were monsters slip my mind? That I didn’t avenge their deaths or my father’s beliefs with my own beliefs and actions?

I guess I’ll never know, and that fact didn’t bother me as much as I at first thought it would. Because in the end, I knew that it wasn’t going to change anything.

I know that what I felt... what I feel when I’m with Nico feels right, so undeniably right.

I doubt a lot of things in this world, but that was one thing that I was absolutely certain of.

I’m happy and that’s what should matter right?

I answered my own question with a small nod of my head as I absentmindedly drew my finger across the pillowcase.

My mind filled with even more joy as I traced little swirls across the fabric, just enjoying these thoughts while they were here.

My body perked up at the sound of the door opening.

Nico quickly walked in with the same excited smile that we left with.

“Khloe,” He said as he closed the door, his voice matching the look on his face, “We’re moving!”

My eyes widened at both his words and the fact that seeing him brought a whole new wave of enthusiasm.

“What?” I questioned, not expecting this to be his answer, but excited nonetheless, “Where?”

He quickly made his way to me, exhilaration shining in his eyes.

“My home,” He placed the letter that he had left with on the bed beside me, “My father invited me and Xander back with him and my mother.”

I found the upbeat tone in his voice a bit off.

“I thought you and your father didn’t get along,” I said as more of a question.

He chuckled lightly.

“We don’t but I’m willing to deal with that if it means that we don’t have to be here any longer.” He explained.

My mind began to think of all the new things that this would bring.

A new city. Meaning a new Lord, meaning a new castle, new people, new vampires and a whole set of different laws.

I briefly wondered what kind of Lord Nico’s father was and how differently he ran his city.

All my life I had lived under the rule of Lord Bronwyn, so I couldn’t even begin to imagine a different society.

And although I was admittedly excited about this change, I couldn’t help but already feel like I was going to miss the place where I had grown up and lived my entire life.

“Khloe you’re going to love it there,” Nico said, apparently reading my silence.

He carefully intertwined out hands before he continued, “There are so many fewer threats and so many more freedoms for you there. You won’t be confined to just my room all day every day. You’ll be able to safely explore the entire floor that Xander and I have.”

“You guys have an entire floor to yourselves?” I questioned.

He squeezed my hands a bit tighter.

“We do. We are the Princes after all. Our own floor, with our own kitchen that you can go to at any time of the day and order whatever you want, our own library, and so much more. Who knows what my parents have added do it. Long story short, no one else except a handful of slaves and me and Xander are permitted there, and believe me when I say he’s no longer your threat.”

I had to admit that sounded a lot better than what my life now sounded like.

Nico leaned his head closer to mine.

“I’m willing to work with my relationship with my Father if it means I can give you this, Not only will this get us away from Layla and the Lord, but it can be a fresh start for us. For this relationship.” The way he talked made it sound like he was still trying to convince me to want this. Like he was worried that I wouldn’t like this, “I know its not a lot, but its more than I can offer you here and I-”

I cut him off by pulling his hands back, forcing him forward the few inches that we were separated from before our lips collided.

I didn’t know of any other way to convey that I appreciated what he was doing and was actually excited to go through with this.

I guess I could have used words, but wheres the fun in that?

The kiss was short, sweet, just enough to get my message across.

I internally cherished my small victory as I saw the surprised look on his face and the very very faint color on his cheeks.

“When do we leave?” I asked, clearing up any doubt he may have had about the meaning behind my actions.

He cleared his throat, taking a small step away from me, and rubbing his nose in an act to hide what I had already spotted.

“Tomorrow morning. I have to get up early to make preparations though,” He explained.

That seemed really soon.

“Do you think well have everything packed by then?” I asked.

Nico had an abundance of clothes in his closet, as well as a lot of things in the drawers of his desk.

“Easily. I’m actually leaving most of it here. I have enough stuff at my own castle. Well probably end up bringing more of your stuff than mine.”

I rose a brow.

The only things that I wanted to take with me were my art supplies and-

“We’re taking your dress,” He said as more of a fact than a suggestion.

Thank God.

“And my grey sweatpants and your favorite hoodie?” I asked.

I absolutely loved sleeping with those and wanted to take them with me for sentimental value if nothing else.

“Absolutely. I can pack up anything that you want, sweetheart.”

That name immediately left me flustered, much to Nico’s liking.

We had only barely confessed our feelings to each other less than an hour ago and we already had made a game out of getting the other one to blush or submit to their feelings.

Whatever, ill let him have that victory.

The real game starts once we arrive tomorrow.

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