Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 84

Khloe’s POV:

I woke up exactly where I should have, wrapped in the arms of Nico.

Well, I don’t think Nico would consider this being wrapped in his arms.

He was very upset last night that the wounds on my back prevented him from being able to hold me like he usually did, but he eventually settled with his hand on my lower back.

I for one didn’t care either way, as long as I was touching him in some way I was happy.

I opened my eyes to scan the room, noticing that it was a lot darker than it usually was whenever I woke up.

Nico’s slow and steady breaths were the next thing that caught my attention.

He was still fast asleep, which was odd because I rarely ever woke up before him.

It must have been early then.

I carefully pushed myself up with my elbow, allowing me to glance at the amount of light coming through the window and confirming my suspicion.

The sun was only just beginning to rise.

I turned my head to look at Nico.

He said that he needed to get up early today to make preparations for our departure, but he never specified how early.

I just sat there for a moment, admiring him like this.

How peaceful he looked and how he somehow managed to look beyond attractive even while asleep.

A few strands of his hair hung in front of his face, waving ever so slightly with each breath that he took.

I gently laid myself back down, scooting myself up a bit so we were face to face.

His grip on me tightened as I did, but he didn’t wake up.

I continued to just look at him for a few seconds, basking in this peaceful moment.

After everything that’s happened between us before this and everything that is about to come, I don’t know, I guess this moment right here was something to savor.

I lightly reached out to him, tracing my fingers across his head and face to tuck away those stray strands of hair.

It was at that moment that I realized that I had never felt his hair before.

It was soft.

Really soft.

Soft enough to make me run my fingers through his hair without a second thought and then again, and then again.

Doing it was oddly calming and satisfying, untangling the small knots that had formed overnight mixed with the feeling of his hair between my fingers.

A low noise rumbled deep in Nico’s throat, snapping me out of whatever daze I was in.

I paused as he did, worrying that I had woken him up.

But that worry faded away as Nico shifted his entire body, scooting down so that his head was under my chin.

I just stayed still like both of his hands locked with each other where he had been holding me before pulling me ever closer to him.

All while keeping his eyes closed.

I glanced down at my hands that were still tangled in his hair, trying to ignore the sensations that his breaths on my neck were causing.

This new position was certainly... new, but I’m not complaining.

I continued to slowly drag my fingers through his hair, figuring that his sudden position switch meant that he liked it, whether he was fully conscious or not.

Leaving one of my hands in his hair, I trailed the other one down his neck to his upper back, trailing my nails lightly over it.

Nico always did this kind of thing for me, whether he rubbed my back to comfort me, or messed with my hair to get me to relax.

I always loved it, and I guess Nico was quite fond of it as well.

That thought got confirmed as soon as I felt the vibrations of a purr come from his chest.

The purr that I had only ever felt whenever Nico fed from me.

I remembered the last time he did, his purr actually helped me calm down.

Something about feeling those vibrations resonating through my own body coaxed me into relaxation.

Both back then and now.

I initially thought vampires only purred whenever they were feeding from something alive, but I guess I was wrong.

Nico both pushed himself against me, and pulled me tighter against him, locking our ankles together under the blankets, making sure that his cool skin was touching mine wherever we could.

Which told me that he was definitely awake now and that he was really enjoying this.

I for one was beginning to enjoy his response to all of this as well.

“When do you need to get up?” I whispered, wanting to know how much time we had before he had to leave.

He let out a low grumble, causing his purr to stop

“Very soon, but you’re making it really difficult for me to actually want to,” His tired voice complained.

I couldn’t help but giggle at his tone.

“I could always stop.” I offered as I began massaging his head with my fingertips, betraying my own words.

His purr began again as I noticed goosebumps raise on his arms.


I found his weakness.

“Please don’t,” he pleaded, lightly pushing back against my hand as I began massaging the top of his neck with one.

My smile widened

I felt like this kind of situation would usually be reversed.

But since it wasn’t, I was enjoying it to the fullest and basically just enjoying the fact that the mighty Nico’s weakness was head massages.

And as much as I wanted to do as he has requested, I still wanted him to get whatever he had to do done.

“How long will the preparations take?” I asked.

He hummed quietly, stroking my back with his thumb.

“Not too long,” he began, “Worst case scenario... probably like an hour?”

My movements paused as my eyebrows furrowed.

“Worst case scenario?” I asked, beginning to massage him once again.

I mean, I already knew that we were doing all of this without Lord Bronwyn’s knowledge, but I feel like if the worst case scenario involved him, it would take more than an hour to figure out.

“Yeah. If he doesn’t cooperate like how I want him to or if a guard gets in the way.”

He? Guard?

“What exactly is it that you’re doing?” I questioned.

Nico chuckled at the worry in my voice.

“I’m just getting our limo driver. Nothing to worry about.”

“Uh-huh,” I responded doubtfully.

I knew that whatever Nico had planned, he wasn’t going to do it recklessly.

And if it was going to take an hour at most, that gives us a couple more hours before we had to leave.

We already had everything packed so there wasn’t anything else we had to do after this.

I breathed in deeply.

“Ok so then how about I stop now,” I stopped massaging his head to prove my point, “You go and do what you need to do and then we can continue once you get back.”

His purr ceased once again, followed by a deep sigh as he thought over my offer.

“Fine,” he said reluctantly, slowly releasing the multiple holds on me and pushing himself up with one arm.

“But until I get back,” He leaned down, kissing the side of my neck. The feeling caused my breath to hitch and my own goosebumps to spread, “Try to get some more sleep.”

I didn’t say anything, just nodded as he smirked victoriously and got out of the bed.

I was too sidetracked thinking about how even though I just found out his weakness, he definitely had already figured out mine.

My eyes followed him as he walked into the bathroom, grabbing one of the large towels before he knelt in front of the sink, looking through the contents that he kept under there.

I already knew that I wouldn’t be falling back asleep.

Ever since Nico had told me what we were doing I’ve been excited.

Excited for where this was going to take us.

Today was the day.

The start of our new beginning.


A/N: Yes there is a second book. It’s titled “Love and Loss” and can be found on my profile :)

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