Vampire's Pet

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Chapter 9

Khloe's POV

I keep becoming more and more impressed at each meal.

I just found it amazing that the slaves could make this much food three times a day, even for us pets as well.

I couldn’t quite tell what Master had on his plate, but it smelled delicious.

everything smelled delicious.

I had already finished my dinner, figuring that it would be a good way to please Master.

It was only a small portion of salmon cooked in olive oil, so it was easy to eat quickly before I could somehow loose my appetite.

Yet again, a food thats good for blood.

Master had decided to keep me on his lap this time. For what reason, I’m not sure, but I’m hoping that’s it’s wasn’t the same reason Xander keeps Doe on his.

So far, it hasn’t. Master had just been drinking from the blood in his glass instead of drinking from me.

He’s bound to drink from me eventually right?

I quickly shook the thought from my head, hurriedly finding something else to focus on.

My eyes shifted over to Doe

Xander had finally decided to let her eat, I was getting a bit worried about her.

“This tastes weird to me.” Master said plainly.

Xander looked over at him.

“You’ve already eaten half of it and your just now noticing that it tastes weird?”

Master shrugged, cutting a large piece from his meal and lifting it with his fork.

“It didn’t taste weird until just now.” Master stated.

Did one of the slaves try to poison it or something?

Can Vampires even be poisoned?


I sat up straighter at the sound of my name.

Turning my head up a bit, I spoke.

“Yes Master?”

My eyes widened a bit as he held the fork in front of my face.

“Try this and tell me if it tastes weird to you.”

He wanted me to try some of his meal?

I haven’t seen any of the other pets do that.

What if it really is poisoned?

Regardless of that, I obeyed.

I have no Idea how anyone could think that this tasted weird. It was quite possibly the best thing I’ve tasted in a long time.

The different flavors danced around my tongue as I chewed it slowly, savoring it like it was the last meal I’ll ever have.

Master was looking down at me, an eyebrow raised as he waited for a response.

I reluctantly swallowed it, not wanting to make him wait any longer.

“Everything tastes fine to me, Master.”

It was more that just ‘fine’ it was amazing.

If that tasted weird, then I can’t even imagine what it was suppose to taste like.

Master just hummed a response.

“Why didn’t you just let me try it?” Xander asked.

That didn’t even occur to me.

Why would he choose his pet to try something over his friend?

“I dont know where you’ve been.” Master replied plainly.

“Did you just call me dirty?”

Master paused, turning his head towards Xander.


I had to keep myself from smirking.

Xander had a fake look of dispair on his face.

“Im offended.” He grumbled.

Master took another bite of his food, peering at Xander from the corner of his eye.



I still haven’t gotten used to the amount of stairs that we needed to go up in order to get to Masters room.

Nor had I gotten used to the complete silence between us as we walked there.

It always made me nervous, like it was building up some sort of anticipation.

A blood curdling scream rang throughout the hallway as we approached the door to Masters room, causing me to stop dead in my tracks.

I watched as a blonde pet bolted her way down the hallway, a smirking vampire a little ways behind her.

She wasn’t wearing a collar.

The vampire took leisurely steps towards her as she ran away, like a lion stalking its next victim.

My eyes followed her as she ran past us.

My heart sank a bit.

She couldn’t outrun him, even she should know that.

The vampire became a blur before he was right in front of the girl, forcing her into a skidding halt.

He grabbed her frail, shaking body by her arm, his smirk growing more menacing as his fangs came into view.

She didn’t even have time to beg before the vampire sank his teeth into her neck earning another high-pitched scream.

I just stood there, horrified.

Ive seen that girl before, and that was not her Master.

I looked towards my Master as if he would help the girl.

He just glanced back at them like this was a common occurrence as he opened the door.

I tried to walk in with him, but my legs wouldn’t move.

I was too scared to move even though I wasn’t even the one getting hurt.

It was like I would become the vampires next victim if I brought any attention to myself.

This was a wake-up call, reminding me about the monsters that I’m surrounded by.

I jumped as Master grabbed my wrist, guiding me inside.

The girls cries cut off as soon as the door closed.

Master just stared down at me for a while before kneeling.

I flinched as he un-clipped my leash.

I was terrified all over again despite his gentle touch.

Somehow, I found my voice.

“T-That wasn’t her M-Master.”

His eyes shifted from my collar to me before he stood up.

“Yea, I know,” He sighed, “That happens alot more than you’d think.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat as he made his way over to his desk.

“W-Why was s-she out there?” I asked.

Master leaned back against the desk so he was almost sitting on it, placing the leash down in the process.

“Its a stupid thing that some vampires do when they’re pet has misbehaved or they decide that they don’t want them anymore.”

My eyes widened

“They take their pets collars off and throw them out into the halls once the moon rises. From there, the pet is pretty much free picking to any passing vampire that decides they want a midnight snack. On the off chance that the pet survives the night, their Master takes them back. Some just do it to see if their pet could survive.” He finished.

So it was all just some sick game?

Humans are just some thing that you can just throw out to die!?

I dont know why hearing that surprised me so much. Vampires are cruel creatures, why would they even care at all about the lives of the inferior?

Im just glad about the semi-annoyed tone in Masters voice as he explained it.


I hadn’t said a word since that incident, I was too afraid to.

Master hasn’t said anything either, he was just sitting at his desk.

He always seemed to be busy whenever we were in here, sitting at his desk and flipping through papers.

I dont think I’ve seen him take a break unless it was for food or to take a shower.

He even went to bed extremely late last night and seemed to be quite stressed.

I almost felt bad for him.

Im curious to see what he actually does, but theres no way I was going to ask him anytime soon.

I jumped as a soft knock came from the door.

Master glanced from the door, sighing from annoyance before returning to what he was doing.

The knock came again, louder this time.

He groaned as he stood from his chair, stomping his way to the door.

This is the exact reason I stayed on the other side of the room while he was working.

A young slave boy came into view as he threw open the door.

He was fancilly dressed, showing that he worked for the castle.

“What do you want?” Master asked harshly.

“Sir Vanderwood,” the boy gave a slight bow, “Lord Bronwyn has requested that you met with him in his office as soon as possible.”

Masters eyes narrowed.

He obviously didn’t like the idea of that.


“He did not say,” the boy replied, “but he did instruct that you bring your pet as well.”

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