The Wolf's Contract

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Chapter 3 - Lyander

Lyander Maxwell watched as the young woman sped off, her pheromones still wafting and circulating all around him. There was no way he could resist the urge to lick his lips and allow his tongue to dab at the scent and flavor of her. It was...intoxicating. The fact that he was all too willing to lose himself in her for even a brief moment was concerning to him.

The smell of three others also lingered around her. One of the man he ordered away who had come from another pack, and the others were of his own pack. He knew she was not mated. Was sure to check for himself. The mere thought of another man’s scent on her had his chest aching as his beast clawed at him. Just that little taste of her was enough to tell him he wanted more.

He had smothered her with his scent, covering those that offended him. The only uneasiness is how the others would behave now that she was enveloped in his own scent. There would be no mistaking his scent. It would come through as strongly his, and strongly alpha. And just the fact that she was shrouded in it would be enough to protect her until he was able to come back and claim her.

Shaking his head, he tried to clear those lustful thoughts from his head. There were other fish to fry, and he could not lose focus on the dangers that were threatening his pack. Closing down that blasted hunter bar that bordered his land was a step in the right direction temporarily, until another owner popped up that was bound and determined to run it. The new owner even petitioned to expand it. Of all things, the new owner wanted to add a hotel to the property to house those hunter ingrates!

Once the tail lights from her car had all but winked off in the horizon, he shoved a hand once more through that golden main of his and spun on his heels. There was no way that he was about to have hunters that close to his packs’ lands. Already, he had lost a few of the more rare pups in his pack to the black market where they were being sold. They were a threat, and he would destroy anyone and anything that would endanger his pack.

Maybe once that was done, he could track this woman down and bury himself deep within her, giving her a lesson on submission. The seductively, sinful smile that danced on his lips lifted enough to expose elongated fangs as he felt the beast within threatening to charge against him. Oh yes, he would take his time with her, ensuring that him and his beast got to enjoy that delicious morsel.

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