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Chapter 18

I’m pretty sure sparks flew when we touched. As I slanted my lips across his, I wanted the upper hand. Needed it. To do what? Feel in charge? Make him feel as crazy and mixed up as I had these last weeks and months? I didn’t know but it was irresistible.

My body felt like he’d lit a match and dropped it straight to my core. And maybe he had. The flames were consuming every bit of the conservative, control-freak version of me, leaving something stormy and insatiable in its wake.

I lifted my legs to kneel on either side of his hips, my skirt riding up so I could press against him. Dylan hissed out a breath as our centers connected. He was already rock hard and straining against his jeans.

“Slow down,” he ground out.

I couldn’t. It wasn’t nearly enough. “No.” I grabbed his hands, slid them up my thighs. He tried to keep them there, tips of his fingers digging into my skin. But he couldn’t hold back and I sensed his control slip. Seconds later he was stroking, caressing my skin like he wanted to memorize every inch of me. The feel of his hands on my legs was maddening. I could feel the war he was waging between control and chaos. Trying to slow down when everything between us was saying hurry.

With a dark sound in his throat, Dylan reached around to grab my ass and pull me harder against him.

Are we actually doing this? I was drunk on the feel of Dylan around me, under me. We’d gone from zero to a hundred in two seconds flat.

Kissing him was even better than I’d remembered. My hands framed his strong jaw before running down over his chest and abs. His body was unbelievable. No matter how I shifted, I couldn’t get close enough.

My tongue invaded his mouth to dance with his. His strong fingers dug into my flesh. I dragged my lips down his neck. I’d always enjoyed sex but never had this need. To drive, and to be driven. And all we’d done so far was kiss.

Dylan was a natural, having all the right instincts. Either that or we just had killer chemistry.

I reared back, wanting to see into his eyes. Needing to.

In the darkness, Dylan looked like something was consuming him from the inside. His chest was heaving, his eyes wide and hungry on mine. His lips were parted, breath passing unsteadily through them.

“Lex.” The voice that came from his throat was dark and dangerous, telling me he was every bit as caught up as I was. “I don’t know how long I can do this.” His hands braced on my arms, and I didn’t know if he was trying to steady himself or me. If we kept going this way it’d be over soon.

“Tell me what you want.” If I was in control, it was only by a thread. I ran a hand through his hair and watched his eyes narrow.

“I want to taste you.” The words tumbled roughly from his lips. “I want to make you lose control.” He leaned forward to run his teeth over the shell of my ear. “I want to feel you shaking in my arms.” Just imagining Dylan, his mouth on me, was enough to send new waves of heat cascading through my body. I nearly came right there.

I stood up and he released me. I unzipped my skirt and dropped it down my legs without taking my eyes from his. Next I kicked off my heels. My black bra and matching panties were left underneath. His eyes moved hungrily down my body and up again. I moved past him to lay back on the bed, propped up on my elbows. The blood was pounding in my veins as I tilted my head back to look up at him.

Dylan was on his knees on the bed, sat back on his heels like he was afraid his control would break if he touched me again. His eyes were nearly black in the darkness. His hair was chaos from my hands, and his body was hard and decadent in front of me.

“Kiss me here.” It was half question, half demand as I pointed to my stomach just below my breasts. Without hesitation he levered himself above me on strong arms and did as I asked. The pressure and wetness of his mouth, his tongue, was unreal. It lit little fires that ran up to my nipples and down lower. Fires that spread. “Lower,” I groaned, grabbing his hair and guiding him slowly down the line of my stomach to my navel. “Lick me.” He did, long and slow, and my toes curled and a moan escaped my mouth.

I was totally unraveling but at the same time had never felt so liberated as I did telling him what to do. Knowing he wanted to hear me, that he would do anything I said no questions asked.

Dylan’s breath was hot on skin just above my panties as he looked up to meet my gaze. There was no laughter between us now, no sarcasm.

“How are you so fucking soft?” He murmured the words, to me or himself, running a fingertip along the top of the black lace. Though his finger was gentle I could see the tightness of his jaw, like he was barely hanging on to his control. “Do you think I can make you lose every thought in that busy head of yours?” His finger moved to trail down overtop the lace. I wondered whether he could feel how wet I was.

I was helpless and couldn’t look away. My very own bad-boy fantasy was unfolding before me, but it was better—it was Dylan, with all of his darkness and humor, surprises and naivety.

The closer he got to my center, the more I squirmed under him, and he finally realized how much he was affecting me. “Take them off,” I begged. He dropped his face to where I was wettest and hottest, but held my gaze. Propped on his elbows, his smoldering eyes pinning me back against the bed, he hooked his fingers in the sides of my panties and pulled them down my legs. Angled his head—

Oh. My. God.

Dylan’s tongue on me felt like an electric shock. My head fell back against the pillow. I’d never felt this wild before. The feel of his mouth on me drove nearly every coherent thought from my brain.

Except that seventeen-year-old Amy Street had been a complete moron to leave him.

“Right there,” I gasped as he found my clit. Dylan’s tongue moved back and forth, on and on. I grabbed the headboard just for something to anchor me. “God, Dylan, whatever you do, don’t stop …” It felt like an avalanche was building, and I was helpless but to try and withstand it as sensation bombarded me, building to a breaking point before receding when he pulled back.

“Lex, look at me.” His voice was as dark as his words. Somehow I managed to lift my head enough to look down at him.

The visual that greeted me was indescribably hot. Dylan’s tousled hair fell over his forehead like the culmination of every dark fantasy I’d ever had. His body weight braced on one strong arm while the fingers of his other slid slowly in and out of me.

“Say it again.” He ground out the words.

“Please, Dylan.” I expelled his name on a moan, and thankfully his mouth resumed its exquisite torture. As he moved I moved with him. Climbed higher and higher.

I could smell sex and sweat and him, and it was a heady combination.

So close.

The telltale clutching of my abs, my thighs.

“Dylan …” He angled his head to meet my eyes. The storm in them nearly sent me over the edge again. “I’m there. Please, just—” Somehow he knew what I needed before I could tell him.

I choked on my words as my world exploded like fireworks on the fourth of July. I pulled the back of my hand to my face to muffle sounds I couldn’t control. Wave after wave crashed over me, my muscles giving out as I fell helpless against the bed. “Stop—” My hand grabbed at his head weakly when he continued working my overstimulated body. I pulled him up to lie next to me and my eyes floated shut.

Holy. Shit.

It took at least two minutes to be able to breathe again. Another three before I could think.

I’d never felt that much intensity or satisfaction from a guy going down on me before. I wasn’t sure what I was teaching him. Maybe he was teaching me. Or we were teaching each other.

When my eyes finally opened, Dylan was propped up on his elbow, looking down at me. One finger ran absently along the top of my breasts, still covered in black lace. I must have looked like a hot mess, my red hair strewn across the pillows and my body flushed and shaking. I turned my head sideways to look at him. A dazed and satisfied expression was probably shining on my face, but I didn’t have the energy or inclination to hide it.

Dylan continued to gaze at me like I was utterly fascinating. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Lex?”


“Name the three largest economies in the European Union.”


“OK, one of them.”

I groaned.

“Good.” His smile was smug.

My brain was still rebooting. Rather than worrying about his words, I took in his naked chest, the strain of him against his pants, the wetness of his finger as he trailed it across my skin. The finger that had been inside me moments before.

We weren’t done here. Not by a long shot.

“Enough talk.” I pulled his mouth down to mine. I could taste myself on his tongue.

He responded instantly, pressing into me. As we kissed, his hand moved up my naked thigh, reached to wrap it around his hip. Any hesitation from earlier was demolished.

Sex with Jake had always been good. But the way Dylan kissed me was something else entirely, unselfconscious and desperate, like he needed me to breathe.

I needed more. I rolled him over so I was on top, straddling him. Our gazes clashed, mirrored one another in the intensity that had sprung up again like a wildfire between us. I unbuttoned the top of his jeans over his straining erection while his hands ran over my body. He reached around to undo my bra, fumbling.

I pulled his jeans and shorts down at once. His cock sprang free, and it was every bit as amazing as the rest of him. Unable to wait, I wrapped my hand around him—silk over steel—and was rewarded by a hiss of breath.

I sat up so he couldn’t reach me. He watched me, lips parted as I stroked down his shaft. “Shit, Lex,” he groaned. “I can’t—I’m—” I knew what he meant, could feel his body clenching underneath me. Losing myself in his eyes, I realized there was nothing I wanted more than this moment. Feeling high, feeling perfect, I wanted to give him the night of his life.

I moved up his body and positioned him between my thighs. Our eyes locked and I brushed his tip across my entrance. God, I wanted to feel him inside me. But I needed to delay this.

“Tell me,” I whispered as I leaned over him.

His hands were on my breasts, and he levered himself up so he could suck my nipple into his mouth. My head fell back on a groan and my fingers fisted in his hair.

“What?” His voice was low and his mouth moved across my chest and he grazed the other nipple with the tip of his tongue. I twisted in agony and pulled tighter on his hair. On fire, I slid the tip of him just inside me and he groaned. “That I’d lie in this bed and think about you, naked and over me? Under me?” He was as lost in this as I was, and when his eyes met mine they were hazy. “That nothing in my dirtiest fantasies came close to this—”

His words snapped the last of my control. I knew I’d never had someone want me as much as he did right now.

My hand still in his hair, I slid down onto him in one slow, smooth motion. He was so big and I could feel my body stretching to take him in. It was so tight I gasped.

“Fuuuuuuuuck …” the air hissed through Dylan’s clenched jaw.


I watched his eyes change color again as the sensations registered, felt my own breath catch as my body adjusted to the sudden invasion, the fullness. He collapsed against the bed and I let go of his hair so he could.

Dylan’s fingers grabbed my ass, his eyes moving between my face and where we were joined like he was overwhelmed by the sensation and didn’t know where to look. Finally I started moving on him, and his abs flexed as he pressed deeper into me. I couldn’t wait much longer, and I knew he couldn’t either.

The muscles in his throat worked as I rode him. His arms pulled me harder on him. My head fell back and I lost myself to it. So close. So—

“Oh God—” his voice sounded like it was coming from miles away. I heard rushing in my ears like water racing down a pipe. I knew when it caught up with me, I’d be dragged along in its wake.

My second climax gripped at my core, then radiated out in waves of heat and sensation. Pulling on my muscles without any conscious thought. It ricocheted through my blood, my brain, my toes, my fingers. And when I went off, started clutching at him, so did he. I heard my name over and over and it was hands-down the best sound in the world.

My hands were in my hair and I bowed back over him as sensation wracked my body. Eventually the roar in my ears dulled and I collapsed onto Dylan’s chest. When I did, he was still inside me.

* * *

Consciousness kicked in hours later. I was lying on my side and wrapped around Dylan. His arm was thrown over my back, his legs and mine tangled. Now I was propped up on my elbow. The sun was high and streaming in the window, across his exposed chest and hip. The rest of his body was under the blanket.

My limbs felt deliciously heavy. I thought back to last night and felt a new kind of ache start up.

I allowed myself a moment to watch his beautiful face, a shadow of hair coming in around his chin. An indulgence before the processing started. I just wanted to suspend reality for a few moments longer. Before I had to wonder whether this was going to be one of those awkward mornings-after that I’d never experienced firsthand but heard about frequently enough that I had sufficient material to pen a book.

Dylan’s eyes drifted open and came into focus on my face. “Hey, you.” Damn. His eyes ran over me. My messy hair, probably sleep-filled eyes, the blanket pulled up to cover my breasts. But no matter how mussed I was it was clear from the warmth in his gaze that he liked what he saw.

“So for the record,” Dylan started, “that was pretty fucking amazing.” His eyes drifted closed then popped opened as if something had just struck him. He leveled mildly accusing eyes at me. “Is it always like that?”

I looked him in the eye. Resisted the urge to pull him to me again and drag the blanket over us until we were so lost we didn’t care what time it was. “No,” I said honestly. “It’s not always like that.”

I worried Dylan was going to launch into some kind of “what is this” analysis, but instead he only seemed pleased with my answer. “So what you’re saying is you’ve ruined me for life?”

My eyes closed again and I flopped onto my back, letting my hands rest over my head. “Pretty much.”

There was a hesitation before he said, “Uh, Lex? In all the rush we kind of forgot to …”

“It’s OK. I’m on the pill.”

He sighed in relief. I felt the mattress shift next to me, then his lips at the upturned corner of my mouth. They landed lightly, sweetly. When I opened my eyes he was propped over top of me, looking thoroughly worked over and delicious.

“In that case …” His chocolate eyes turned wicked and he pressed my wrists into the pillow using one of his hands. My breath caught at the forcefulness, but it thrilled me. Dylan took it all in, eyes blazing, before he lowered his mouth to my neck. I squirmed as his tongue and teeth started doing delicious things to my sensitive skin all over again.

I guess once more wasn’t going to send me to hell if I wasn’t already destined for it. The first time was going to make or break that decision, right?

I regained consciousness an hour later after an equally mind-blowing round two.

“OK, now I definitely have to go.”

“No breakfast?”

Peering out the front window of his room that had a view of the driveway, I saw the other car hadn’t moved. He read my mind.

“The guys will still be asleep. I can pretty much guarantee it. No one will see you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

I pulled myself out of bed to get dressed. I tried to delay the processing as long as possible, but I could already feel things starting to encroach at the edge of my consciousness. Thoughts of work, school, Ava. This was a mistake. A beautiful mistake but a mistake nonetheless. “Where are my …” I turned around in a circle, eyes scanning the floor.

My skirt hit me in the back of the head. “There you go.”

A small smile formed on my mouth. “Thanks, Dylan. That was …” I shook my head. “But you know we can’t do it again.”

He watched me lazily but didn’t seem perturbed. “Sure thing, Lex.” My ego staggered a little, but I was glad for his response. “Thanks for being such a good friend.” He grinned.

Maybe the sex had fried his brain. It had definitely done a number on mine.

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