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Chapter 37


“You get everything packed?”

I glanced up from the suitcase I’d been struggling to zip closed. A smile tugged at my lips.

Dylan’s tall, lean frame in my doorway never got old. The way he looked now, in jeans and a polo shirt, dark hair falling over his face and that knowing look in his eyes, would probably be branded on my mind as long as I lived.

“I think so. Thanks for offering to drive us to the airport.”

He crossed the space between us, the door drifting closed behind him as he leveled me with a wry look. “My girlfriend’s moving across the country. You really think I’d have it any other way?”

His gaze caught on something behind me. He lifted the little wooden bridge off the empty shelf. “Tell me you’re not leaving this behind.”

“Hell no.” I took it from him, setting it carefully on top of my luggage. “I didn’t want to check it in my bag in case it breaks. It’s coming on the plane with me.”

I turned to look around the empty room.

“You OK?” he murmured.

“Yeah. Hard to believe school’s over.”

“I’m sure Ava will remind you every day how glad she is,” Dylan replied, his mouth curving in the half-smile that got me every time. “Have to say, it’s been a good year. Changing schools, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I had a hell of a welcoming committee.”

My heart kicked in my chest as I remembered my birthday party. The shock of seeing him again after so long, and my unpredictable response to him.

As if sensing my reaction, Dylan pulled me into his arms.

“I didn’t mean to kiss you that night,” I murmured.

“Technically I kissed you.” His eyes danced on mine.

Technically, I asked you to,” I amended.

“Technically…I need to have you once more in this room before we go.” His smooth voice turned into a groan as his hands smoothed down my back to grab my ass.

“There are no sheets on the bed,” I whispered.

His slow, smug grin had me wet. “We’ve been doing this for months, smart girl. Since when do we need a bed?”

Dylan’s touch roamed my body, lighting fires everywhere. I opened under him, kissing him back with the extra desperation that came from knowing I wouldn’t see him for another month.

Even though we had a plan for visiting each other while he was in school and I was in New York, it wouldn’t be easy.

Fortunately, I knew how to go after what I wanted.

And Dylan…

Dylan wouldn’t be denied.

Without moving his mouth from mine, he pulled my skirt up. His fingers dug into my thighs and I moaned. “Harder.”

He complied and I could have purred. I wanted him to mark me. Wanted to see him on my skin for days. Weeks.

My fingers played with the edge of his hair until I couldn’t take it. I stroked down his chest, his hard abs, struggling with his belt and jeans until he pushed my clumsy hands away.

“Relax. I’ve got you,” he murmured in my ear.

There was zero hope of relaxing. But in less than a minute, the guy I loved more than anything was inside me, filling me.

My head bowed back as the sensations took me over. Nothing had ever felt as good as Dylan’s personal brand of taking and giving at the same time.

He built me up with his touch, his body, his murmured words of wanting and promises of everything we were and could be. When I came, clenching around him and gasping his name, he groaned into my shoulder. Dylan shook inside me, around me. He was my tower of strength and my undoing.

“You coming?” Ava’s voice hollered from downstairs as I braced against the wall, struggling to catch my breath.

Dylan’s low chuckle in my shoulder had my lips curving.

“Yeah! One sec,” I called back.

Dylan and I cleaned up, then he drove me and Ava to the airport.

“Knock ’em dead,” he murmured, arms around my waist just before the security line. “We’ll talk all the time. It’s going to be fine.” I nodded, swallowing. “I love you,” he said solemnly.

“I love you,” I managed. I stood on my toes, pressing a last hard kiss to his lips.

Dylan’s gaze was full of emotion and the same humor he always carried when he finally turned away.

I fought the tightness in my chest as Ava and I passed through security and took our seats in the boarding lounge.

“Is it still weird for you? That I’m dating your brother?” I asked.

Ava looked up from her fashion magazine. “Not weird, exactly. More like sometimes…I wish I had that.”

I squeezed her arm. “You will, A. You haven’t been with a guy all year.” Her gaze flicked past me and she made a noncommittal noise.

“You haven’t, right?” I straightened. “When? Oh my God. The guy from the club New York. I completely forgot! Did you sleep with him?”

Her dark eyes blinked up at me as she shifted. “There wasn’t any sleeping.”

“Ava!” My mouth fell open. “How could you not to tell me this? Was it…”

“Good?” She closed her magazine, dropping it back into her lap with a loud sigh. “Yes, it was good. Except…” She played with her hair. “He wasn’t good. He was pretty fucked up.”

My neck tingled. “He didn’t hurt you.”

Her big eyes cut to mine. “No. But he made me feel things.”

I studied my friend, trying to make sense of the way she was acting. I’d seen Ava’s ‘crushing on a guy’ mode, and this wasn’t it. The fact that she’d kept this inside had me wondering if it’d been bugging her all along. “You’ve never called him?”

She shook her head. “I don’t have Nate’s number. And even if I did, I wouldn’t. We didn’t exactly part on good terms.”

Nate. The way she said his name made me wonder what the hell had happened between them.

“Maybe you’ll run into each other.”

Ava snorted. “Don’t turn into some Nicholas-Sparks-crazed, W-watching, Kleenex-toting romantic on me. How many people live in New York?”

“Eight-point-five million,” I admitted.

“Right,” she retorted. “You do that math.”

But I could’ve sworn there was something in her eyes besides the usual fire.

An announcement calling our flight crackled over speakers, interrupting my thoughts.

Ava grabbed my hand, and whatever troubled emotion she’d been feeling was whitewashed with a blinding smile as she shouldered her bag. “Come on, Cali girl. Our future is right on the other side of that gate. Don’t keep it waiting.”

* * *

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