The lonley Prince and The Half Lady

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Chapter 2: Friends

Chapter 2: Friends

The class itself is not hard at all surprisingly. It’s easy to understand and very well taught. I might just do fine if I can make some friends. I’m sure there are many people who wants to be friends with me for the sake of their company relationship, but I don’t want those kinds of friends, but someone who just looks at who I am. The class is over and it is break time. I thought that some people would rush over and try to become friends with me. I am very surprised it was only few girls and two guys.

“Hello, Eugene. It’s really rare to see new students at this time. If you need any help, please feel free to ask me…” blah blah blah…

It’s not like I hate these girls, but it’s just that.. I heard enough of those at my father’s parties and meetings.

“Thank you so much. I would like your help later on. I am not good at being so friendly, so I hope you take good care of me.” I smile them off. I always fake smile in front of these people. My face hurts.

“Hey, are you riding your dad’s coattail, too? It’s really hard to get into this school at this time unless you pay a great sum of money of course. Don’t tell me you are so smart that it was thanks to your brain you got in here,” a guy interrupts among the girls chatter. He doesn’t piss me off. I’ve been through this too often. It’s getting tiring.

“Hey, knock it off Beckerson. Don’t pick on the new student. You are just here because your family gave some money to the school, right? He’s a new guy here, so give him some space people especially you girls. He must be very confused to new school. Let him be,” another guy speaks.

This kid named Beckerson backs off as this guy speaks. Beckerson clicks his tongue and curses under his breath.

“I apologize for all the commotion our classmates gave you. My name is Veron Goldsworth. I hope we get along well. I am the class representative. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.” Veron offers his hand which I take and shake. He seems like a nice guy though I can’t trust him, yet.

After history class, lunch bell rings and the students leisurely meet and chat with their friends as they walk to the cafeteria. I get my food and look for a seat to eat alone. Even if I tried to be alone, it wasn’t easy. I later have a crowd of girls following me and asking me questions. Man, it really is the worst being a son of a high man. Who are those idiots that wishes to be rich? I say it’s best being normal and ignored than having a crowd follow you for sake of your money and company.

“Do you wish something exciting would happen in your life which you can never turn back?” a voice whispered suddenly.

I jolt. I look around and all the girls are just fanning over me. Who was it? More like what was that? Then, I smell a faint scent of rose. A girl walked by. An elegant high class lady just walked by. She isn’t very tall, but her black hair and eyes was impossible to take off my eyes from. It’s rare to see an Asian at this school. Her beauty isn’t something that’s so captivating, but I don’t know why I can’t take my eyes off of her. I feel my heart beating fast, but I have a very uneasy feeling about this. Something about her is getting my interest…by force?

“Hey, wasn’t that the Half Lady? She’s back here already?”

“I wonder why she’s back…”

Half lady? I wonder who she is. If I just ask anybody, they would probably tell me, but something pulled me back from doing so. The girls look so scared. The thing about me is that I can’t handle curiosity.

“Is there something wrong?” I ask politely.

“Since Eugene is new to this school, I think it’s good to know. The girl who just went by… Her name is Belitha Harry. She is known to be the most elegant lady in the school, but nobody really knows who her family and her. Most of us call her the Half Lady. Anybody who tried to become friends with her or dated her never showed up after,” the girl whispers cautiously

I wonder why she has such a bad reputation, yet still comes to school. I’m interested in her family now since nobody knows about it. I sometimes hate this part of me, but I’m too curious not to care. I’ll ask Gilbert later to find it out for me.

After school, Gilbert comes to pick me up as usual. As we ride back home, Gilbert asked how my day was at school. To be honest, it wasn’t good. I mean, it’s the same old stuff, but this time, I know there is something going on in this school. I know something is going to be different. I feel like I’ll have some fun at this school. I hope there are some thrills, but of course I feel uneasy as well.

“Hey Gilbert, have you heard of Belitha Harry?” I ask hesitantly. Gilbert knows most of the families in our society since he’s the best secretary dad has ever hired.

“Hmm.. I’ve heard of the Harry family, but all I know is that it’s not good involving with them. I don’t know the details unfortunately. I apologize.”
“No, it’s fine. I guess it’s hard find out more about them anymore.” It’s very unfortunate, really unfortunate..

“It seems like one of the Harry is at your school. Please do not get involved with her. It would be best to avoid her as much as possible.” Gilbert warned me.

So they don’t have a nice reputation, heh… I should ask Veron. He might know something or Jason. The disappearance of the students involved with her is what gets me the most. Also, why Half Lady? What does the ‘Half’ mean? So many questions, but no certain answers. I guess I have to hold it in until tomorrow.

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