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Bonus Chapter

“Are there any girls you fancy in school?” I asked my just turned 18 year old boy. The dark haired, bright eyed boy before me gave me a small smirk.

“Maybe.” Was his blunt reply. God, he was exactly like his father.

“Who is she? Where is she from? Do I know her mother?” My questions were enough to make Dean roll his eyes before me. I was protective over Dean because he was my first born and a right little mummy’s boy.

“Mum, shut up.” He snickered. “I’m not telling you.” He ruffled his dark curls and his strong jaw opened as he ate more of his food. I couldn’t believe just how much this boy had grown before my eyes. He resembled Xavier more and more everyday and he was extremely abrupt.

He was also very secretive. Were all boys like that or was it because he was decent from Mr Secretive himself?

I didn’t know but as a prying mother, an embarrassing one at that, I liked to know.

“I want to know who you fancy.” I pouted his way.

Before Dean could speak, Xavier came in to the kitchen.

“Who does Dean fancy?” Xavier asked as he dropped his rucksack on the floor and pinched a chip from Dean’s plate.

He looked to his father but then swivelled his eyes back to me.

“Tell mum to stop asking questions.” Dean said to Xavier. “I fancy a girl in school but I’m not telling you who she is, just incase it doesn’t work out.”

Dean was a lot more sociable than Xavier ever was. I think he got that from me.

“You don’t have to tell anyone anything.” Xavier said as he ruffled his curls. Dean leaned back from his hands.

“Thanks, dad.” He grumbled.

“Thanks for doing the school run.” I said to Xavier as I got out from my chair at the bar. I went over to Xavier as I touched his back lovingly.

He was still the love of my life.

He had changed so much since the day we had met. Xavier was so much more comfortable in his skin, living everyday as if he never wanted to stop.

Xavier and I loved the life we led. We had two beautiful children and a love that seemed to never end.

“No worries, Angel.” Xavier said.

“Mummy!” A scream was heard as my bouncing daughter came barrelling in to the room. She had my blonde hair, curly like Dean’s, and Xavier’s dark eyes.

“Hey, baby.” I greeted my five year old daughter, Bonnie, with open arms. She barrelled in to them and I gave her a squeeze. “Good day in school?”

“Brilliant.” She replied. She was good in school, a little brain box and Xavier and I still wondered to this day who she gets it from.

Probably Xavier, he had always been a lot more intelligent than me.

Bonnie pulled back and walked back over to Xavier. She wrapped her little arms around his leg, something she had always done since the day she started walking. I think she used Xavier as a comfort.

Xavier stroked her hair back lovingly. He had been so excited when I told him we were having a girl. It had taken us much longer to get pregnant a second time so when we found out I was finally pregnant again, we were ecstatic.

“Anyway, back to your girlfriend.” I looked at Dean and he gave me a glare.

“I don’t have a girlfriend, I just said-”

“I want a boyfriend.” Bonnie interrupted her brother. “I want a boyfriend.” She chanted.

“You’re not having a boyfriend.” Xavier grumbled. “No way in hell.”

“Xavier, she’s five.”

“She’s not having a boyfriend, mum.” Dean stated so matter of factly.


“No.” They both said in unison. I shook my head.

“Why not?” Bonnie asked as the looked between the two men.

“Because you’re too young, Bon.” Dean said.

“I want one.” She pouted.

“Daddy will have to get his gun-”

I interrupted Xavier with a show of my hand.

“Xavier, don’t scare her.” I demanded. She was five years old and already Xavier and Dean were extremely protective of her. She was very mature for her age and I knew Xavier didn’t like that. He never wanted her to grow up, I think at the age of twenty she’d still be his little girl.

“I’m just saying.” Xavier held up his hands, but apology was not written on his face.

Suddenly, the door knocked and then we heard the back door opening.

“You could wait for us to call you in.” Xavier grumbled as Nick entered the kitchen.

“Nick!” Bonnie shouted his name and Nick bent down on the floor to pick her up.

“Hey, Bonnie.” He gave her a sloppy kiss to the cheek and she squealed. Nick then diverted his to Dean.

“My man.” He leaned over to give him a high five and dean smiled his way.

My kids have always loved Nick.

“What brings you here today?” I asked. He moved back to lean an arm over my shoulders as he continued to carry Bonnie in his arms.

“Just wanted to see my beautiful cousin in law.” He said with that cheeky smile of his.

“Watch it.” Xavier warned, but his voice was warm and full of humour. “Where’s Cathy?” He then asked.

Cathy was family now and we all adored the woman who stole the heart of the man we never thought would ever love.

“She’s waddling her way down the drive.”

“You didn’t help her?” I asked with shock. “She’s pregnant, Nick.”

“She said she didn’t need help.” He defended himself. “I tried but this pregnancy is making her in to some kind of aggressive ape.”

“That’s no way to talk about your wife.” Cathy came in to the kitchen, her pregnant belly extremely large now.

“There she is.” Nick smiled at her as if it were the first time he had seen her. I could tell her adored her so much. Nick left my body and moved over to Cathy.

Bonnie reached her arms out to be held by Cathy. Cathy took her and cooed her until Bonnie was giggling in her arms.

“Have you thought of a name yet?” I asked. I had asked her for months but they just couldn’t find one that was perfect.

“We’re still looking.” Cathy huffed. “Nick doesn’t help matters, mind. He picks stupid names.”

“Hey, they’re not stupid.” He grumbled. “And anyway, we don’t even know the sex of the baby yet.”

“Which makes it all so much harder.”

“It’ll come to you, don’t panic. You have a few weeks left to think.” I said reassuringly. Thinking of a name was extremely hard. You wanted the perfect one, always.

Nick moved over to Dean and sat on the bar stool beside him. Dean was still extremely interested in being on the police force, just like he was when he was a child.

I was extremely proud of him having a dream and making his way towards it.

He adored Nick and definitely idolised him. Both him and his father were great role models in his life and were a prime example of hard work.

I loved it.

“Do you want a drink, Cath?” I asked. “You look a bit tired.”

“You’re telling me.” She said. I pulled back the chair so Cathy could sit in it. She sat down and put Bonnie back on her feet. “I’ll have water.”

I grabbed a bottle from the fridge and put it on the bar before her. She took it.

My family were the best thing in my life. Cathy and Nick came over regularly and we were all extremely close. It was routine for them to be over and we did as much as we could together.

Now, we were eagerly awaiting the birth of their child. Nick and Cathy had waited so long for their baby and I couldn’t be any happier for them. They were a proper family now and it added to the family before me.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Have you told Cathy and Nick about the girl you fancy?” I asked Dean.

“You have told everyone.” He groaned.

“Go on, little man.” Nick patted his back with a smile. “If you need any tips, you come to me.” He pointed at his chest.

“Don’t do that, Dean.” Cathy said. “Unless you want to disgust the whole female population.”

“I do not disgust the female population.” Nick replied back with a glare. “I was a ladies man back in the day.”

“Yeah and that’s not a good thing.” Cathy smiled his way. Nick narrowed his eyes but his mouth was itching to turn up in to a smile.

“I definitely do not want you taking girl tips from Nick.” I agreed with Cathy.

“If you’re an Abel, you’re able.” Nick said. “Girls are our specialty.”

“They weren’t mine.” Xavier said.

“They were yours without you even knowing it. You were a catch but you were just a little weird.”

“Thanks.” Xavier rolled his eyes but I knew he wasn’t hurt. Nick always laid in to Xavier. He liked it, I knew he did.

“Mum was meant to keep it a secret.” Dean said.

“Don’t be embarrassed. They’re girls, it’s not wrong.” Nick said. “You take after me, Deano, you’re a catch.”

“Thanks, Nick.” Dean smiled his way.

“Do you still want a tattoo?”

“No.” I replied for him. Dean smirked at my reaction and Xavier chuckled. “He’s not having one.” I was putting my foot down. Dean had always wanted a tattoo but I wasn’t too thrilled on him having one just yet. He had just turned 18 and I wanted him to wait before marking his skin.

“He’s eighteen now.” Nick stated. “He’s-”

“No.” I said again. I gave Nick a glare and he held his hands up in mock surrender. I noticed the little wink he gave Dean when he thought I wasn’t looking.

Truth was, the boys in my life were a pain but they were a blessing. Dean was mischievous but he was everything and more. My little girl was sassy, had attitude and a loud mouth but I adored the pants off her. She was a cutie.

Xavier and I had made two beautiful children and made a passion that couldn’t ever go unfixed.

“What do you think, Xav?” Cathy asked about the tattoo.

“I want my boy to be happy.” I gave him a glare but he smiled my way, a twinkle in his eyes that I was always so happy to see. He wasn’t a hollow body anymore. He had purpose and soul now.

“Xavier.” I warned.

“I love you, Angel.” He mouthed. I wanted to smile, I always did when he said them words. I’d give him the world for them.

“You’re a dick.” I mouthed back.

He was mine.

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