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Chapter 10: The Easy Way or the Hard Way

In the master suite, Andre and Rio lay on the bed, relaxing for the moment and contemplating what was to come.

“Is Tomas going to be alright? I mean he nearly died,” she said, anger seeping into her voice, “how can Delacourt do that to a child?”

“Because he is only out for the profit of what a paranormal can do for his company.”

“I know he said there weren’t any cameras and audio devices in the house, but I don’t know, I still feel like I’m being watched,” Rio said.

“We could do this in the basement, but I don’t know that my father needs to see it,” Andre joked telepathically.

“Oh, yeah, um… no,” Rio returned, poking him in the side, “Andre, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, whatever you like.”

“We don’t have to do this now that things have changed, but would you be opposed to making me a vampire?”

“I already said that I’m going to have to find someone to care for Tomas.”

She smiled broadly into his shoulder,“ so, how do we do this without Michael knowing?”

“I think we could use a shower. I know you took one today, but the water should cover the audio if there is any.”

“I think that is an excellent idea, you’ll be able to see if there’s a camera, right?” she asked.

“I should feel the electrical field surrounding it. I’m weak from some of the electrical shocks, so I am recovering just like you. Besides, I can ask my father if he noticed anything out of the ordinary. He would have searched the house to ensure that it was safe.”

“Wouldn’t Delacourt see him?”

“No, Delacourt wouldn’t have noticed him. Father moves like the wind, no one knows he’s there unless he wants them to.”

“Maybe you should ask him,” she suggested.

“All right. Father?”


“Did you notice any cameras in the house? We don’t trust that Delacourt didn’t place cameras that we can’t see.”

“He didn’t, but be careful with the audio. Now, take care of your mate. I can feel your need, and if you don’t do it soon, you won’t be able to protect her. And son, your mother is here.”

“Thank you, Father.” Andre sent back, cringing at the news that his mother had arrived.

“Father said there aren’t any cameras, but be careful of audio. Oh, and my mother is here.”

“Is that what the grimace was for?” She sent back, trying and failing to suppress the grin and the internal chuckle.

At his nod, she got up and made her way to the bathroom to turn on the shower. Andre followed her and saw that she had stripped off her shirt, and was working on the button of her jeans.

He stood admiring her. The way her delicate hips were wrapped in soft blue satin and lace panties. Her lush bottom took on more definition as the jeans slid down her slim legs. He admired the tuck of her waist, where his hands fit nicely. The line of her back looked ethereal and soft as her hair cascaded down to settle near her ass. Her hair had grown in the seven days since the hormone and vampire DNA injections had been introduced.

When she turned, he caught the profile of her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra. It was likely that was one item Gnome Nose had removed from her to make her more enticing to Andre. Andre would thank him for that intervention before killing him.

When she looked at him, he saw heat and desire in her eyes. He wanted her with every bone in his body, but he needed to convert her first. It wasn’t painful, but it could be uncomfortable. I want to do this in the bed where she can be comfortable, not in the damn shower. She should experience peace and comfort during the transition. That fucking Delacourt, I can’t wait to bury him six feet deep, he thought to himself, trying to hide his anger.

“Andre, I’m already partially converted, remember? He had Joseph changing me with the injections. We might as well complete the process. I’m not afraid of a little discomfort, you’ll be there for me,” she sent to him, trying to put him at ease.

“I know, but I would still like to make love to you on a bed. I don’t know if I can be gentle in a shower.”

Stepping into the shower and under the heated spray, “then I guess we better get going because I’m beginning to feel really—hot.”

Andre stripped his clothes so fast Rio thought he may have torn them off. Then he was standing there beside her, his hands supporting her aching breasts. Need pulsed in her blood and moved with lightning speed to her lower regions, taking up a beat in her core.

Andre slipped into her mind again, “I’m going to convert you first. Let me explain how this works. I’m going to take your blood from here,” he told her, stroking the slim line of her throat. “I’ll replace it, but not before I take all I can. My body will clean the blood, purifying before I return it to you. You’ll feel like you’re dying and in a way, you are. Don’t fight it. Tomas didn’t fight because he was sick. You’re not, and your natural response will push you to fight the death.”

“Andre, I have something I need to tell you. I know you might not believe me because we’ve been subjected to something most people can’t conceive of,” she hesitated, peering into his electric blue eyes, and shivered with unexpected desire, “I love you. I’ll understand if you don’t feel the same way.” Wrapping her arms around his neck, she held on to him like he was her lifeline. He felt strong and stable.

“Rio, I won’t give you up, you’re mine. You belong to me, and if Delacourt thinks he’s going to take you away from me or get our son, he has another thing coming. No one touches what belongs to me and gets away with it. And if he harms one hair on your head, I’ll kill him very slowly,” he paused to give her time to accept what he said as fact, not posturing, “I’ve been around a long time, and what I don’t know, my father and uncle do. We can be very inventive. And despite how we met, I can feel that my parents are ecstatic about our union. We’ll have several lifetimes to get to know each other. Right now, I want to make you mine. Once I complete your conversion, there will be nowhere you can go that I won’t find you. Now, let me bring you the rest of the way into my world.”

She nodded, baring her neck to him. She knew in her heart that he would never hurt her, and he would protect her and their children.

She felt his lips graze her skin and goosebumps surfaced despite the hot water beating down on them. His hands traced soft patterns on her back and bottom as his hard body rubbed against hers, igniting a slow burn in her blood.

She felt his fingers massage the cheeks of her ass then dip from behind into her wetness. Her sheath quivered in anticipation of his invasion. She arched into him as he suckled her. He moved achingly slow from the valley over her glistening globes to the turgid tips. Her whole body hummed in response to his sensual assault.

She felt his mouth skim lower tracing each rib with his tongue as his hands settled on her hips. She was lost in a haze of lust as his mouth danced over her belly and the shadowed areas of her body. When he licked the sensitive nub nestled within her feminine mound, she had to lock her knees to prevent them from giving out.

A groan escaped as she gripped his hair, twining her fingers through the silken strands. Pulling him closer, she ground her pelvis into his marauding mouth. She touched his mind and what she found there drove her desire up another notch.

Her taste is intoxicating. What would it feel like to have her grip my cock as tight as she is my hair? My god, I can’t wait to be buried in her heat. She lost the connection when his tongue burrowed between her folds.

Andre smelled her unique honey as it sluiced to meet his tongue. She was sweet and tangy, rich and creamy. He wanted to bind her to him. And he couldn’t wait until his son was nestled inside her, growing and being nurtured by them both.

When she wrapped his hair in her fingers and pulled, he felt it all the way to the head of his shaft and lower to his balls. He needed her and the sense of home she offered. He had to have her now.

One more taste, one more luscious swipe of my tongue, but deeper; on the button of her womanhood. Peeling back the soft petals of her sex, he flicked his tongue out. He watched her bite her hand to muffle her scream. The ever-tightening grip she had on his hair sent a flash of pleasure from his brain, down his spine to his groin where it throbbed. His cock was so hard it hurt and wept with need. If this pleasurable torment continued, he’d lose control and spill himself all over the shower floor.

Standing, he pushed her against the shower wall. His knees hit something, and he discovered a ledge large enough to rest her on. He was so ready to bury himself in her that his body took over while he kissed her, sharing her unique flavor with her.

One push and he breached her entrance, sliding through the slit protecting her most treasured place. Slipping into her feminine sheath, he felt her body grip and pull him in. Her heat enticed him as he pushed forward an inch, stretching her. He came to rest at her womb and waited for her body to adjust.

They were suspended in space one moment, and then their world exploded in a heated frenzy of desire. Rio’s telepathic scream of ecstasy left his ears ringing, but he didn’t care. He was reveling in the heat of her body when he felt her in his mind.

“Andre, I need to come, now.”

Her body clamped onto his shaft so hard, his cock spasmed. He snapped his hips, driving into her, hitting her G-spot and forcing an audible scream of pleasure from her luscious mouth.

His mouth on her throat, he licked her skin and discovered that she tasted like strawberries and cream—this must be what passion and desire taste like he thought. He grazed her neck with his teeth, biting down to give her a sense of what they felt like. In response, her channel convulsed, clamping down on him and bathing him with liquid heat. She gripped him by the back of the neck, supporting his head as she exposed more of her neck to him again.

“Andre, do it. Please!” she screamed into his mind.

Her plea and mental scream forced him to sink his teeth into her throat. He tasted her blood, and it was the sweetest he’d ever experienced. He tasted the hormones and synthetic vampire blood, giving her blood an acidic aftertaste. Despite the changes, he was intoxicated by her taste. He felt a euphoria sweep through him, and he pulled her closer, supporting her now dead weight.

Her body going limp was a reminder that he was feeding on her. Sealing the wounds, he slowed his movement drawing out the feel of taking her body. Her head listed back on her delicate neck as he opened a wound on his own throat and brought her mouth to him. It took moments before her cool lips created a seal around the gash. She gripped his neck and began drawing his rich untainted blood.

He felt the pull of her mouth on him and had to use the wall for support. His body pulsed and he could feel his seed seeking out her body, weeping into her. When she bit down on his neck, he lost it, driving through the swollen folds of her feminine sheath. The friction created a violent volcanic eruption of heat and desire.

He jerked forward as his own pleasurable convulsions racked his body. When he rubbed against Rio’s sensitive and swollen nerve center housed within her lower lips, she bit down harder, holding onto him like an anchor. She came again, he felt it. And the feel was so erotic and unforgiving that she reached for his mind, sharing the experience.

Time stood still. Eventually, Andre realized that the water had gotten cold and the initial heat of their bodies kept them from feeling it. He wanted to groan in consternation as she pulled away from his neck. As she peered into his eyes, he could see the changes. Her beautiful eyes were crystal clear and shimmering like gemstones.

Her body glowed with health and vitality. Her skin shimmered under the spray of the water and her hair strengthened and revitalized before Andre’s eyes. The damage from the synthetic blood reversing with the infusion of his own.

With her change complete, he reached for the hot water and turned it up. They languorously washed and explored each other. They made love a second time, slower and more sedate. The heat and frenzy of passion cooled, though not by much. Repeating the process of cleaning up, and then exiting the shower, she switched to telepathic communication.

She feared Delacourt had audio devices running, “what’s the likelihood that those two cataclysmic excursions created a child? I don’t want Delacourt to think that he can take me from you under the misguided impression that this happened the first time out.”

“Hold on,” Andre responded, placing his hand on her abdomen he smiled like a child at Christmas time.

“Well, I have good news. You’re pregnant, it must have been the hormone shots. I think I hear someone coming upstairs. It’s likely to be one of my parents. Here wrap this around you until we can get your clothes.”

Suddenly, the door crashed open, and there stood Delacourt with two guards. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist screwing her on the first night. Now, where’s the doctor?”

“We don’t know, we’ve been here for some time. You gave us two weeks to get this done, what are you doing here?” Andre lied.

“You didn’t think I would leave to chance that you would screw her and not tell me, did you? Were you hoping for someone—your uncle perhaps, to save you? Now, let’s go find the doctor and go back to the center. We’ll see if you knocked her up. If you did then you four can live out the next nine months in relative peace,” Delacourt hissed.

When Andre refused to move from in front of Rio, Delacourt smiled a malicious smile. “I thought you might feel that way,” he said, tapping his wrist. When nothing happened, he tried it again. Suddenly, a dart flew from behind Delacourt, striking Andre in the neck. He went down so fast and hard that there was no time to react.

Delacourt glared at the guard but addressed Rio, “we can do this the easy way or the hard way. When he wakes up in a couple of hours, he’ll come to the center looking for you. I’ll even give him directions,” he said, throwing a map onto Andre’s unconscious body.

“What about the doctor?”

“I have more than one doctor on staff. You’ll like the next one a lot.”

“Why, are you threatening his family too?”

“Oh, so he told you that huh? Well, I guess his granddaughter is about to become the next one in line for examination. Too bad really, she’s only nine or ten.”

“You’re despicable.”

Continuing like she hadn’t interrupted his side of the conversation, “he could have saved her a whole lot of pain if he had kept his damn mouth shut.”

“Now move, or I’ll tranquilize you and carry you back.”

“Can I at least put on some clothes?”

“No, you won’t need them for what you’ll be doing. Don’t worry, if lover boy is out longer than it takes to examine you, I’ll make sure you’re returned here unharmed. You had better hope that you’re pregnant.”

“And if I’m not?”

“Then it’s another round of hormone therapy for you, only the dose will be four times the amount you were given the first time. Now move damn it, I don’t have all night,” he hissed, then turning to the guards, “if she runs, dart her. That means do not use the batons. If she’s pregnant, it could kill the fetus.”

Looking down at Andre, Rio moved around him. She hoped that the dart wore off faster than it was supposed to. If she had to be subjected to some humiliating exam by this ass-a-holic prick, she would kill him herself. Moving at a sedate pace, she waited until they were by the basement door when she spoke again. She knew his father would hear them.

“What drug did you use on him?”

“A cocktail of morphine, Haldol, and lithium. In the correct amounts, it’s a very effective sedative against paranormal beings. Everything from vampires to shifters and any others I can find. The witch was a surprise though, hadn’t expected her to fall into the trap. Now enough stalling, the drug will keep him out for at least two hours,” Michael repeated to her, pushing her toward the front door.

As front door closed, the basement door opened.

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