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Chapter 5: An Important Message

I need to protect her, keep her safe if only during our time here. She’s a real paranormal human just as Mother had been when Father met her. I could call for help, try to get a message to Father. Surely, he’d send out the hunters if he knew that my mark was activated.

Every member of the royal family was marked, like a lo-jack system for vampires. His father would be able to find him, but he would have to be closer to the surface. Every sire could find his vampire if they needed to. Being a member of the royal family would make it easier for them to do so. If we’re being moved after six days, then in seven to ten we’ll be free. He wasn’t worried about himself, but for her.

Moving over to the cot, he lay down and closed his eyes. The ultraviolet light was beginning to become problematic for him. He had been exposed to it for at least 24 hours, but there was an upside to it. At least if he were exposed to the real sun, he wouldn’t burn too badly. He would have his immunity built up.

He focused on the mark and his father. Within nanoseconds, he was sailing through space toward his father’s location. It wasn’t one he was familiar with, so it was a little disorienting when he finally came to a stop. His father was sitting at a table looking at something, he seemed distressed by whatever he saw.

“Andre, don’t slink around like a petulant child. You know you are always welcome in our home. Come, sit and talk… Andre, why are you projecting?”

“Father, I’m afraid I’m in serious trouble. I would not care if it were only my life at stake, but there is a genuine human paranormal involved as well. She and I are about to be forced to create a young one. We have no choice. In six days, they say they will be moving us to a different location. I don’t know where we are. We are in cells with electrified bars. I’m surrounded by ultraviolet light, and she is across from me. There are others here as well, a werebear, at least one wolf and a cat and a human who is not as paranormal as she believes.

Our captor told me his name was Mr. Hamelburg. To the Rio, potential mother of my young, he is Michael Delacourt. We both assume that he has given us a fake name. He used the guise of being a boyfriend with her. With me, they used a hunter. I don’t know how they found me, but they did; took me entirely by surprise.

They have implanted electrogenic devices into our brains with receivers at vital nerve centers throughout our bodies. If we act in a way contrary to what they want or say, they will electrocute us. If she is electrocuted a second time, it could kill her. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but we need your help.”

“Are you finished? Why didn’t you come here immediately when you discovered you were in trouble? Wait, don’t answer that question. Know that if you survive this experience, we will be having a very long discussion. I will find out who betrayed us and a group will be sent immediately to your location.

I know you don’t know where you are, but we will find you. Make sure you keep the woman safe at all costs. If this person who has captured you both, is looking for a vampire child then there must be something important going on. Do you know if this woman could be your jumătatea mea—other half?”

“I don’t know for sure. Our circumstances aren’t exactly rife with possibilities to find out. I will give you a description of Rio in case you need to protect her.

She is about five feet six and has the most beautiful green eyes. They’re almost bright jade. Her wavy hair flows to her shoulders and is rich chocolate. She has a pale complexion with a smattering of freckles highlighting her cheeks. Her legs are long and shapely, and her curves are just right for…”

“Son? Could you move past that part, please? I don’t need an erotic description of the woman. Now, what is her name?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Father. Rio Townsend. She was raised in Wisconsin and is a writer of vampire romance stories. Now she resides in LaBelle, Washington.

Father, she hides her abilities. She and I linked without the blood bond. And our warden, as she calls him, thinks I am a young vampire. I am weakened by not having the proper amount blood, and the ultraviolet lighting he uses is making it worse. If he finds out that she lied to him, I’m afraid he’ll hurt her. As of right now, neither of us has any room for leverage.”

“Don’t worry Andre, we will find you, the longer you are here, the stronger the mark becomes. I almost have a lock on your general location. I know this is draining on you. You stay alive, do you understand me?”

“I understand Father. Oh, what day is it?”

“October 24th, why?”

I have been missing for about a week. The last date I recall is October 17th. In case I don’t get a chance to tell you, thank you, and I love both you and Mother. Remember that. I love you. I must go. She needs me,” Andre said, rushing back to the cell.

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