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Chapter 7: Day 4: Mass Murder

The only way Rio and Andre could track the passage of time was their meal deliveries. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner became their clock. The boy that fed Andre was brought once a day, and according to his thoughts, he looked forward to the visits.

Twice a day, every day, Rio went to see the physician for a check of her hormones and to shower. Andre looked forward to the times when they could converse without anyone knowing.

After lunch on their fourth day in captivity, several guards strode into the corridor and moved to each cell. Rio was sitting on her cot when it seemed the passage exploded. She hit the floor and huddled in a corner. Afterwards, the guards pushed a large utility cart into the hallway and loaded the bodies into it, then rolled past her. She saw the mangled bodies of the occupants as it passed. The guards were laughing and joking about shooting fish in a barrel. The wicked gleam she saw in one guard’s eye caused her to tremble, and she curled up tighter.

In shock, she crawled to the open toilet and began throwing up violently. When nothing remained on her stomach, she rinsed her mouth out. Turning around she found Michael standing there.

“Why did you kill them? They did what you told them, you didn’t have to kill them!” she screamed, and huddled against the wall once more, shaking.

“If you want her to survive this, you need put her in here with me. The hormones you’re giving her are making her too emotional, she won’t be able to give you what you want,” Andre said. He knew Rio would do something rash to protect herself.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to screw her soon enough,” Michael retorted.

“You don’t get it, do you? Between the serum injections and the shock of witnessing a mass murder, you’re sure to kill her. You’ve taken her will to live and terminated it.” Andre looked at Rio and felt her despair. “Her willingness to live will cease if she believes that you’ll kill her in the end. Move her in here, or she won’t make it through the next twelve hours,” Andre insisted.

When Michael turned back to the cell, he saw Rio still huddled in the corner, shaking her head and rocking back and forth like a child. “She’s a grown woman for Christ’s sake, yet at the deaths of a few insignificant creatures, she loses her damn mind?”

Reaching for his wrist he unlocked the cell door and entered, “you make one wrong move, and I’ll kill her for sure. I can modulate the current on her implant from here. You got me?” he asked Andre.


“Get up Rio,” Michael commanded.

When she didn’t respond, he reached down and yanked her up by the arm. Turning to face Andre’s cell he pushed her forward. With another tap on his wrist, the cell door leading to him opened, and Michael shoved her inside.

“Take care of her if you value your life. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might want to get past the initial awkward phase of kissing. You’ll have two weeks to convince her to let you fuck her and get her pregnant. After two weeks if she’s not pregnant I will force your sperm from you and artificially inseminate her, that is of course after I increase the dosage of the hormone shots. If you thought the first set was painful, just wait until she begins getting the next set. Then, you’ll have your six months of taking care of her, and after that, you die. I don’t care about you or her, it’s the child I need. My investors want results,” he said slamming the door and stalking off.

That fucking prick is going to suffer. I promise you, Rio. Andre vowed to himself.

Andre wrapped Rio in strong arms and rocked her gently. Brushing the hair from her glittering jade eyes, he peered into them, needing to gauge her response to his touch. What Andre saw nearly stopped his heart. He saw the tears causing her eyes to shimmer like rare jewels, but behind those tears, he saw determination and a will that wouldn’t be suppressed no matter what. He hugged her close, giving her the support she needed to cry out the rage she was feeling at the callous loss of life she. She cried for hours, and when she finally quieted, it was only because she had fallen asleep. Andre looked up when the lock on the cell door released, and the doctor stepped in.

“I need to examine her, but I don’t want you to attack me.”

“Don’t worry doctor, I’m not going to attack you. She’s sleeping, so now would be a good time examine her. For your peace of mind, I’ll stand over here,” he said and moved against the far wall.

Ten minutes later the doctor finished his exam and left. Five minutes after that Michael returned, ordering Andre to pick Rio up and return to the wall.

Doing as he was told, Andre cradled her. He watched the guards remove the military cot he had been using and replace it with a queen-size bed. It took up all the available space and came fully dressed.

At least Rio will have a decent bed to sleep on for the remaining few days we’ll be here, he thought.

“I know it’s a tight fit, but you’ll manage for a few more days. You, the boy, and Rio will move to a different—homier location,” Michael sneered at him, slamming the door shut, startling Rio awake.

“Why are you holding me, are we moving?”

“Not yet, they brought in a larger bed for us to use. I guess the Army doesn’t make military cots in queen size.”

“He’s hoping to get us started right away, huh?”

“Yes Rio, I think that’s what he’s hoping to do. We need to talk about a few things, and I need you to just listen and hear me out. Things are going to get awkward soon. He told me that you, the boy that provides for me, and I will be moving to the same location. I can tell by your scent that the hormones they have been injecting you with are mixed with vampire DNA. Where they got it and how they knew that a human woman would have a problem carrying a vampire child I don’t know. They’re making the alterations, so your body doesn’t reject the baby. The changes are taking place slowly. Did you notice how fast you hit the floor when the guards opened fire? It’s because they are changing your fundamental biological makeup.

Now, as repulsed as I am by what I am about to admit to, I can’t deny that I am becoming sexually attracted to you. I need to keep you alive, it is becoming a fundamental part of me. Do you understand what that means?”

“You don’t want me, but you need to have sex because they’re making me attractive to you?” she guessed, hurt by his admission. He didn’t find her attractive enough to want her for her. It was only because of the hormones.

“No that isn’t what I mean. I wish I could explain it better to you,” Andre said, “look, the guard should be bringing your meal soon, then we’ll lay down and wait for tomorrow.” It was Andre’s way of saying that he’d explain, but when they were speaking telepathically.

They talked until the guard showed up with her tray, she wanted to throw the meat away, but Andre insisted that she eat it. He knew she was seeing the blood of those victims from earlier in the day, but it was important that she eat the meat. Soon the vampire DNA would dominate. He could tell by her scent she would need straight blood before the week was out. When they laid down after the tray was removed Andre held her and they talked privately until she fell asleep.

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