The Emotions Game

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Chapter Ten~Deciso: Tragic Miracle

Sometimes an accident is a miracle in disguise.

“Ella it’s not healthy to stay cooped up in your room come on out.” Ella’s dad softly mumbles from the other side of the door.

Ella didn’t even bother turning her attention towards her dad, instead, she kept looking out the window at the sky. It had been dreary weather since the Vanessa incident. It hadn’t rain though, only gray skies and the occasional blast of cold air. If Ella lived farther north maybe there might be at least snow to keep her company, living California meant that it was too warm to snow and too cold to go to the beach.

For the past couple nights, Ella had around four hours of sleep total. It wasn’t healthy but she just couldn’t stop thinking about his face when he walked away. Ella still didn’t have the best hold on her emotions and she took her anger out on him, she knew it wasn’t the right thing to do at least he was safe from Vanessa this way. He might be able to overpower Vanessa if there was a fight nonetheless she might have some other people she also manipulated to try and take him out.

Rolling off her bed Ella crawled over to her piano and sat down on the floor. The sun had caused the black keys to fade into a more darkish gray color then black. The white paint was peeling in places showing the old wood underneath, the front legs of the piano had small little inward dents from the stool pushing and knocking into the legs.

It was the small details that distracted Ella from her issue with him. Ella couldn’t even say his name. Useless and cold, two words that summarized Ella at the moment. Perhaps in need of a shower as well but, useless and cold. What would she do? What could she do?

Vanessa was manipulative, something she would use to her advantage to get her way. And Ella didn’t want him to be on the receiving end of any revenge Vanessa wanted on Ella.

The thump of feet slowly getting closer and closer to her room. A shadow could be seen under her door and a voice soon followed,“Ella enough is enough, whatever happened isn’t important enough to starve yourself to death over.”

Ella snorted at this, now he was going to be a father? What right did he have to criticize her when he had spent the past decade drinking as his coping technique for her mother’s death.

“Ella, I know that I’m not one to talk after all of my actions but, please. Ella, you’re different than most kids your age, I get that you think and act differently, I completely understand. Just please you’ve been in there for days, at this rate you’ll starve or die of thirst.”

Dying? For years Ella had nightmares of watching her mother die looking like a mangled doll. Dying looked easy but was hard on the people close to the person who died. This was something that Ella knew personally, but her father? Maybe for a few days but after a few bottles of alcohol, everything must’ve become a blur of in and out occurrences of the terrible reality.

A Loud pounding on the door made Ella whip her head to her door at the sound. Soft sobbing could be heard from outside the door.

“Ella I’m sorry. For everything, your mother trusted me to watch over you but instead you grew up abandoned.” A hiccup came from out the door. “To wait in the present is to regret in the future, it was something your mom use to say.”

Something stirred in Ella at what her father said. She turned her head towards the alarm clock that in neon green lit up 2:55. “To wait in the present is to regret in the future,” Ella mumbled picking herself up from sitting on the floor by her piano.

Moving around the room quickly Ella changed clothes and slammed her door open to the sight of her father sitting on the floor with tears trickling down his face.

“Ella? Wha- I mean are you finally outta your funk?” He said rubbing his hands over his eyes to clear away the tears. It’s wasn’t working though, more kept falling down his face.

Moving past her father down the hallway Ella almost fell tripping over her feet to get down the stairs. Nothing mattered, only having Nate knowing everything would get rid of the awful feeling of cold. So much had changed in the past month, Ella couldn’t keep up with her emotions and it wasn’t something she could put the blame on a single person. It was her past that had made her tuck away her emotions and now it was Nate who brought them back. They were destroying her. Being alone in her room didn’t help, this time she’ll take action instead of running.

Ella ran through the streets, flashes of lightning started and rain started to trickle over Ella’s head. Soon she started panting trying to keep up her run, Ella didn’t have the stamina to run all the way to the school but it was her only option to get to Nate before school ended at 3 and left. He could’ve possibly stayed home pulling his rank as first, but Ella had never seen him miss a single day of school. Why would he start now?

The chiming of the bell that signaled the end of school could be heard in the distance from where Ella was still trying to run. Each step got heavier and it became harder for her to breathe. Finally, Ella stopped and saw the school insight.

People crowded the outside of the main building pushing to leave. Cars were already driving off in different directions. How was she supposed to find Nate in all this chaos? Loudly Ella sighed and started jogging to the parking lot to try and find Nate’s car. Cars of every shape and color could be seen but none were Nate’s.

“Ella? What are you doing?”

Ella turned towards the familiar voice, “Nate, I was looking for you.”

Nate started walking past Ella never looking at her.

“Nate, please. I want to tell you-” Nate cut Ella off in a clipped tone, “What? I thought I was ruining your life? I’m a nuisance to you, remember?”

“Sorry it was-” Ella tried again

“It was what? The truth?” Nate said still with his back turned to Ella.

“I wanted to protect you, I was worried that,” Ella stopped speaking. Vanessa said not to talk to Nate about her, then again she was already here with Nate in front of her. There was nothing left to lose.

“Vanessa she threatened to hurt you if I stayed close to you.” Ella quickly spit out. Nate turned to look at Ella, his facial expression was one of confusion. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the situation Ella would say that it looked kind of cute.

“I barely know Vanessa, she just came up to me and asked for a duet. Other than knowing she was a classmate I know nothing about her.”

Ella walked towards Nate, it was now or never. “She threatened to hurt you, I-I-I was scared.”

Warmth enveloped around Ella. Was Nate hugging her? Ella didn’t know if this meant she was forgiven or something else. “Ella don’t try taking on everything by yourself. I’m here for you, don’t think that you have to be alone.”

Not saying anything Ella moved closer into Nate’s arms resting her head on his chest. Peace, it was the first time Ella had felt peace in years.

Ella and Nate soon ran back to the school to dry off. Unfortunately, this was one of the few days Nate had decided to walk to school so together they decided it would be best to wait till the rain let up a little before going anywhere.

After drying off they moved to one of the studio rooms and played around on the keyboard in the sound room. Hours must’ve passed before they left because once walking out of the school the sun was already setting. The clouds had already cleared up making the sky look painted by the sun’s glow.

Slowly they started towards Ella’s home, the uneven sidewalk left puddles scattered making it a challenge to not step in one. It soon became a game to not get wet by stepping in one, the game went on between them until they finally arrived at Ella’s run down home.

Arriving at the doorstep Ella turned to face Nate. An awkward silence ensued between the two. Ella didn’t know what to say in this type of situations before when Nate would drop her off Ella would be silent and not listen. Now, it was different Ella felt something for him.

“It’s late I should probably go,” Nate spoke turning to leave.

“Bye,” Ella waved to his disappearing figure. Bye? Was that really the best she could do? Entering the house Ella ran to her room. Tomorrow she’d do better, tomorrow she’ll be less awkward.

Lying on her back Ella stared at the ceiling waiting for sleep to take her.

The next morning was quiet for Ella, her father hadn’t woken up yet and Ella just sat at the kitchen table staring out the window into the yard. The lack of care had turned the once neat-cut grass into an abandoned forest, weeds had taken over and somehow tree saplings had started to sprout. Tapping her fingers on the table Ella wondered if she should clean it up a bit.

The ring of the doorbell moved Ella from the table to the door. Nate stood outside the door eyes wide in shock.

“Nate, what’s wrong?”

“That chick, Vanessa she died.” He spluttered out

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