The Emotions Game

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Chapter Eighteen~Mesto: Alone Breathing in The Unknown

Harboring pain from the past will only leave scars on your future.

“Did you hear? That girl’s father killed himself.”

“Really? Didn’t the mother die a while ago? Is she alone now?”

Lies, it’s all Ella had heard since she arrived back at the house for the first time in two days. The neighbors she had never spoken to before now acted like they knew her past.

“They know nothing.” Ella spat under her breath. She wanted to walk over and yell at the women that it was alcohol poisoning that had finally taken her father after his bingeing. Not a loathing of the world that finally gave him the cowardice to take the easy way out.

Opening the door, Ella felt a sense of loneliness come over her. Wandering through the rooms, Ella felt the tears pool in her eyes. From the living room to the kitchen she grazed her fingers upon the old photos on the walls, some partially bleach from the sun while others were of her mother and father together.

Coming to a stop at the end of the kitchen her breath caught in her throat. Worn out and rough yet as recognizable to Ella as a memory throughout her childhood, the stairs that only days before forced Ella into her now current situation.

“Miss. Claire?” a voice echoed.

Taking her eyes away from the stairs Ella walked back to the entrance. At the doorway was an unfamiliar man, “Miss. Claire, I presume? Hello, I’m Jacob Wilk, the lawyer who’s been employed by your guardian. I’ve been tasked with the job of assisting you with any legalities for your future.”

“What? My father never would’ve done such a thing; I would’ve known. Please leave you to have the wrong person.” Ella whispered while walking over to shove the man out of her home.

“No, it was your mother, Ms. Claire. Your mother had told me to hold on to this until you were found to be, well without a guardian.”

“This doesn’t sound very legal.”

“That’s because rather than a will I’m truly just being charged in helping you decide on how to secure your future Miss. Claire.”

Nodding her head slowly the man opened his bag pulling out a manilla colored envelope.

“Here Miss. Claire. I have another appointment soon so I must leave but any questions you have you can call this number here.” He spoke handing her a small light grey colored card.

Still, like a statue Ella kept frozen in place, watching the man go off down the street humming a piece Ella hadn’t heard in a while, Clair de Lune.

Looking over the blinding white screen, Ella went through the confirmation emails from Jacob Wilks once again. The simplicity of everything being cleaned away leaving an empty state made her wish the feeling of freedom would stay forever.

“Miss. Claire,

I am sending over a box that was found in your father’s room. It seems to contain things of your mother’s and thought you may want them. Everything else has been moved to a storage locker. If any further help is needed, respond at any time, the key for the locker will be sent with the box. Also please confirm with a response email once the package has been delivered to you.”

- Jacob Wilks

It wouldn’t do any good to give Ella the key in all honesty because she felt there would never be a reason strong enough to go looking back into her past. Wounds may heal, but the scars may last a lifetime, in her current state Ella felt the bad outweighed any of the good memories.

The scuffling of footsteps could be heard from the apartment above her along with back and forth yelling. The small basic single bedroom, small makeshift kitchen, and hideous yellow color schemed bathroom was beginning to make Ella feel restless. She had been hiding out the past couple weeks in this rundown apartment building waiting for a sense of courage to go face the world to occur. It still has yet to arrive.

Free yet restless was an ill-fated combination for Ella. She still hadn’t planned what to do next with the only going for her being the fact she awaited the dreaded box of her now late father being delivered. The thought of dealing with more of her father even now started to make her mind race and fingers tap erratically along the side of the makeshift cardboard desk hold her laptop up.

The chime of her laptop made Ella freeze as if caught red-handed committing a crime. Was it a crime to want to forget your past? No, at least not if you were the only one to fully know it, independent to decide your fate and erase the past.

“Miss. Claire,

It seems the box has been delivered already yet I have not gotten a confirmation of it from you. Please email me once the package has been handed to you to assure that there were no problems in the process.”

- Jacob Wilks

“Delivered?” She mumbled under her breath

Perhaps, it was true. After all, Ella had not left the apartment in the past week living off the tap water and boxes of cereal.

Walking over to the door Ella unbolted it, cracking it open slightly to peek outside. There it laid in all its glory. A small brown wrapped package only marginally bigger than a jewelry box. Slipping only her hand out to grab the box she felt as the rough brown paper pressed against her fingertips.

Bringing the box inside Ella quickly went to work at the wrapping only to see a black and grey checkered box underneath it. There was no courage to go on with this blast from the past until she read the writing on the corner recognizing it as her mother’s with the help of forever memorized old edited music sheets, A & G may you both eventually meet. As cryptic as it already began Ella knew she needed to open the box, if not for her parent’s sake of remembering them, then at least for her own.

My sweet love Elle,

If your reading this I’m so sorry. But I believe it’s time I should tell you my story.

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