The Emotions Game

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Chapter Two~Vivace: Meeting

The world is nothing more than a ball of hopes and dreams falling into an abyss of despair.

The soft sounds of the piano mixed with Ella’s breath causing a rhythm that started to relax her pace to stay in sync with her breath.

Slower and slower she played until the piano stopped altogether. Ella was finally clear of all her problematic emotions and that was how she wanted to stay. Nothing at all held her back from just staying in the auditorium and not going to class.

One of the perks of being at the top, or at least near the top for Ella was being able to skip class. The only difference between being first or second was truly the title but for Ella, it meant a world of a difference. And that boy. The unknown good for nothing new kid took away her place.

After her mother’s death, Ella could only find solace in piano seeing as how her father was too drunk to be there for her. In the end, everyone is alone. That was something Ella knew from a young age, and she reveled in it.

While others were out with their parents and friends doing trivial things, Ella stayed inside perfecting the one thing that was there for her, piano.

Looking down at the glossy keys Ella started to play again. The keys were a symbol of life reminding her that for every good thing there was something bad. Life was one thing that stayed by her side after all this time even with all its downfalls, but then again so did death.

Always waiting for his next victim, waiting silently for a moment of weakness then taking the chance to strike. Ella’s mom was an example. Taking her eyes off the road in front of her to watch Ella on the front lawn.

The sound of soft clapping brought Ella out of the memories that wouldn’t stay hidden. The past was just that, memories. And yet they didn’t understand that they were always coming back to her just like her emotions. Taunting her, telling her there was no escape. Emotions or memories, either way, it made no difference for Ella both slowly chipped away at her heart, killing her inside.

Sighing Ella slowly closed the lid of the piano and turned to the intruder of her session. On the top of the ugly gray flooring, five rows up from the front was a boy leaning against one of the red velvet chairs still softly clapping as if waiting for more entertainment to waltz in and give him more of a show. Instead, it was just Ella. Plain old Ella, the girl that everyone knew yet never conversed with.

The boy was dressed like one of the artisan students in the next wing over in his stylish clothes that looked to be made for him and only him. His hair was a light brown with darker highlights making it stand out. The way he stood told Ella that he wasn’t an art student but rather a music student. He didn’t hold his head up and act like he knew everyone’s secret while unable to keep his own. He looked very modest other than his clothes. Everything about him still seemed to make him good-looking. His eyes, though, were the thing that caught Ella’s attention.

A bluish color that looked closer to light green in the glaring light bouncing off the shiny black floor of the stage.

“You’re quite good, are you a music student here?” The boy asked walking down the stairs closer to Ella. She scoffed and the stupidity of his question. Why else would she be here? To clean?

Instead of voicing her opinion Ella didn’t speak.

“Are you deaf? Sorry, I don’t know sign language. Ever need me for French though and I’m your man, I probably even then I might kinda suck.” He said with a shrug still walking toward Ella who was now standing next to the piano rubbing the paint of the piano with the tips of her fingers.

Deciding that it would be easier to give the boy the conversation he wants Ella finally spoke, “I’m not deaf.”

The boy stopped, opening his mouth slightly in surprise.

“Sorry, I jumped to conclusions. It’s just, ” He paused leaving off as if not wanting to finish his sentence.

“Just what?” Ella asked crossing her arms around her chest glaring at the boy.

“You have the basics down, but your style it’s chaotic. Going up and down over and over again, just like a heartbeat.” The boy whispered the last part to himself probably now understanding why Ella’s playing style was so different.

He was right on one thing though, not that it was chaotic. No, it was like a heartbeat, her heartbeat.

A shrill sound of a bell sounded telling everyone that it was time for next hour. This was Ella’s chance. Standing up Ella walked off the stage to the boy and held her hand out for him to shake. She nodded for him to start the greeting. And he complied.

“Hello, I’m Nathan King.” The boy said nervously

Ella felt a rage come over her making her want to let go of the boy Nathan’s hand. This boy took the only thing she had and told her that her piano playing was not up to par with what he had heard before.

Gripping Nathan’s hand tighter Ella responded, “I’m Ella, the girl who will make you regret coming to this school, Nathan.” She spat out with disgust thick in her tone and stormed out the next to her next class of the History of Composers.

Rage was still coursing throughout her body making her speed even faster to class trying to burn it off. No matter, it still was there, rage that now made Ella want revenge.

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