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“What are you doing here?” Like an angel fallen from the sky, Adam appears to save her. A silent hero that uses his voice to shove the horrific entities back to their dimension, giving Camille an immediate sense of relief.

She looks up in dismay, but all she sees is a tender smile that shines through any darkness surrounding her.

“Hey.” He bends down to take a good look at her face. Camille squints her eyes to get a clear view of his grin.

“Hi,” she tries to fake enthusiasm but fails to hide her inner battle, Adam says nothing. Instead, he falls to his knees to catch his breath.

The wind blows calm while she observes his chest expand as he inhales deeply. His throat stings with dryness but refuses to show any pain. Adam can’t allow himself to look unreliable in front of someone that endures more that he can ever imagine. Unfortunately, there’s nothing Camille can say to justify her weakness to deal with her problems, her hands tense up while fighting these thoughts. Adam clears his throat before speaking again.

“You’ll be as red as a lobster if you don’t lay in the shade at least,” he finally gets enough air in his lungs to make his voice sound normal. He raises his face to the sky, stretching his arms over his head, he lets himself fall back on the grass while Camille sits up. Sucking in a deep breath, Adam closes his eyes to ignore her glare.

“I like the sun…” she says, looking at his sweaty forehead, his slightly blushed skin, and his messy hair, which are clear signs that Adam has been running around looking for her.

Camille can’t bring herself to speak up, but to have Adam running in circles because of her only adds up to the guilt tormenting her. Fortunately for him, her body speaks on its own, and he has noticed it since the first day they met.

“Why weren’t you in school?” Adam sighs, still with his eyes closed, he waits patiently for her answer.

“It doesn’t matter if I go to school or not, no one cares-” her flat answer surprises him.

Adam, like everyone else in Primavera Town, has fallen for Camille’s rare beauty. It’s not only her soft features, but her elegant posture captivates the eyes. There’s a distinctive touch of sadness in her big expressive eyes that shine with a violet color. Her energy is like a power that makes Adam shy and brave at the same time, it pushes him to find his inner strength to keep up with her unique way of seeing the world. A world that hasn’t been kind to her at all.

“Don’t say that so easily…” He opens his eyes again to catch a glimpse of the bruises she’s trying to hide. Dark finger marks become visible on the back of her neck as the wind fans through your hair. Adam’s eyes narrowed with anger, his hands turn into tense fists, but Camille sighs with regret.

“I don’t get it. It doesn’t matter how much I try, I still can’t figure it out.” Adam fights the uncontrollable desire to face the monster hurting Camille in plain sight. She looks at him with the corner of her eyes but says nothing. The moment Camille acknowledges the truth, Adam and her family will be in danger, the monster and the shadows will come for them.

“How Can you stay here and not say anything about it, he deserves to rot in hell.” His disappointing tone makes her heart flinch. Camille pulls her hair over her shoulders, she claps her knees against her chest and turns to the lake. The magical reflection of the sun on top of the water is hypnotizing to her. There’s a mysterious energy that calms her just by taking a deep breath in. The scent of new grass fills her lungs as she searches for the right words to say.

“I can’t forgive him-” he insists, but she ignores him.

“I know.” She replies as her eyes become lost in a faded memory.

“But it’s hard to acknowledge your fears when most of the world rejects you. I just want to make everything better for my mom and Jordan.” Her voice trembles as her chest squeeze tightly. Adam loses himself in the sound of her pain, a struggle she’s willing to endure for the sake of a submissive mother and a sickly brother. Camille doesn’t want to be the cause of breaking her brother’s family apart, even when she’s suffering in silence. She has opted to keep the disturbing details of what really goes on behind closed doors. Her eyes swell as the sunlight shines upon the lake.

“I wish I could do something for you, Camille. Just let me talk-” Adam’s heart fills up with frustration to see his girlfriend struggle. He’s seen it for years, but every time he wants to speak up, Camille’s horrifying expression stops him.

“No,” Camille cuts him off, she’s the only one that can see how something dark takes over his soul. There’s no one to save her, no one that can fight the shadows that control his actions. Camille knows that there’s an evil spirit marking her body to keep her isolated from the world. “Promise you won’t do anything.” Camille has no choice but to hide and push people away to prevent the shadows from spreading.

But, it’s too late, Camille let her guard down, Adam managed to break the wall she’s built up to keep everyone away, now he can see what others can’t. His fists clenched with fury. His brown eyes intensify with the need to make Camille’s father feel the same pain she feels. He needs to pay for every bruise on her body. Adam can’t forget the first time he found Camille in this same spot, she looked the same. She was hiding her wound.

Camille reaches her hand out to touch his flustered cheeks. “I wish time would stop right here, right now.” Her violet eyes trap him in a spell where he’ll do anything she says, anything to be the only one she sees with those hypnotizing eyes that seem to be a gift from God himself.

“I really do.” She whispers with a slight smile, but it doesn’t touch her eyes.

“But you’re hurt, Camille. We have to do something. Let me do something, please,” Adam begs with a desperate need to save her before it’s too late. Adam clasps his slender hand over hers.

The blue sky reflects on the water, it’s like a living mirror. The reflection moves while the water dances along with the cool breeze. It is alive, and it keeps calling Camille’s name. There’s a dreadful voice that wakes up whenever she’s near. A voice that draws the shadows.

Camille flinches as goosebumps rise all over her body, alerting her of them. She looks up to the sky, where a giant cloud is threatening to cover the sun again. Camille turns to Adam with quivering lips and eyes full of alarm, gripping on his hand. She’s overwhelmed by all her fears, she’s on the verge of tears, but if Adam finds out about the shadows, his life will be over.

“You’re doing something.” She lets him know, the honesty and gratitude in her eyes is something Adam can’t deny. He’s her hero, even if Adam doesn’t feel like it, Camille can’t imagine her life without him.

“Knowing that you love me, even when I am this way. You’re doing more than you can imagine.” Her voice breaks but still begs him to be patient. Deep down, Camille has the hope to find her freedom, to break free from the darkness chasing her.

“I just want you to know, the day I break free will come. And when that time comes, you’re the place I’ll run to.” She inhales to contain the tears as she tries to ignore the approaching darkness.

Camille focuses on Adam’s tender gaze. An honest look that gives her the clarity and strength to wait. Although she can’t tell him about the shadows hunting her, she can make sure to express how important he is for her sanity.

“You’re the light that guides me, that’s why I’m begging you. Please, Adam, don’t let me drag you into this world.” She surprises him with a sudden confession. Adam has been patient enough to let Camille find her own words to express herself and, finally, after dating for a couple of years, she slowly starting to open up.

Adam takes a deep breath and reaches out to caress her overheated cheek. “I will always be here for you, Camille. But I wish I could do more.” He reassures her with a gentle touch that comforts her heart but says nothing.

“Always...” he promises with determination while Camille traps herself in the eyes of a boy that honestly wishes for her happiness.

Finally, falling for his plea, Camille closes her eyes as she breathes in his calming scent. He pulls her against his chest as he noticed the slight tremble of her voice, wrapping his arms around her tendered body. Although his arms aren’t strong enough, his heart breaks as a lump builds up in his throat, gently kissing her hair, Adam looks at the lake while she cries her eyes out.

“I don’t know what I’ll do without you,” she sobs on his chest. Adam becomes determined to find a way to save his girlfriend from the monster threatening her life.

“I’m here, always.” He repeats firmly. “Just call me, and I’ll come to you. I promise.” He hugs her tight as he looks up to the sky. He needs to be ready to face the darkness dragging Camille to another world.

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