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She stopped to sit softly on a jutting rock near the lake. In that fine damp mist, she felt the need to take a break. Then, she pulled back her sleeves of scales having to kneel Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty is a book about a realm existent in between reality and fantasy. Between love and hate, the characters are pushed to the limit.and into a lot of dangerous situations.Goodness wins. This book continues the fairy tale into what is in effect a good novel. Jezebel is a princess, the daughter of King Richard. She has a brother, John. The problem is that her aunt, Surah wants the power and she is capable to do so many dirty things in order to become a queen and to rule her kingdom. She gets almost all she wants in life, but Prince Frederick is that chosen one to save Jezebel, and it is not easy at all.

Romance / Poetry
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The Castle

She stopped to sit softly on a jutting rock near the lake.

In that fine damp mist, she felt the need to take a break.

Then, she pulled back her sleeves of scales having to kneel

To sculpture in a clay-like that one used on a potter’s wheel.

She kept altering and shaping it into a beautiful male head.

The lines of his face proved that the man was unreal or dead.

Then, she pulled her sleeves back down and started to walk.

Her aunt, a witch, approached the sculpture wanting to talk.

Come here, aunt Surah’, said Jezebel. ’What do you think? ’

Surah unbuttoned her neck telling her, ‘My dear, I need a drink! ’

‘Is this sculpture your deep secret? ’ Surah smiled as a feline.

’ He’s the man of my dreams, and his face I will never reline.’

(Jezebel started to sing)

’I still can hear his very sad low wail,

In a sleeping forest being of no avail,

In searching for his bride he can fail,

His bride is caught in the time’s gale.

When a castle he sees in the sun’s rays

Keeping two decades of sleeping days,

The beauty sleep leaves him in a daze.

‘Come and take your bride’, the oak says.’

(Surah became nervous.)

‘My dear, it’s a very strange dream, believe me.’

Said Surah, looking as tired as being after a hard pull.

’Tell me, sweet child, in this dream can you see

Something about using a drop spindle to spin wool? ’

‘No, never! By the way, that means a drop spindle? ’

’You must promise me to keep your mouth shut,

Or the demons in the forest a dead fire may kindle.’

‘I’ll keep the secret, or the tip of my tongue you may cut.’

(Jezebel started to dance singing another song this time.)

Come and dance with me between the daffodils.

I can hear the strong wind coming from the hills,

And never let die inside you your inner child.′

‘Sometimes, this princess wants to be really wild! ’

(Surah got close to Jezebel having a book in her hands.)

‘This book is a precious treasure’, Surah said.

’It always cries loudly in order twice to bake its meaning,

And we must be strong, when these words we read.

This book explains the whole history of queening.′

(Surah opened the book in the chapter: Spindle)

To begin spinning on a bottom whorl drop spindle,

You must attach a leader by tying a piece of yarn.

The best wool’s colors are black, white, or brindle.

Moreover, wool dresses may be difficult to darn.

You must take the yarn over the side of the whorl.

You must loop it around the shaft underneath and back.

Over the side of the whorl, it looks like a hairy natural curl.

By the way, there’s a spindle in the tower having a crack.′

(The castle where Jezebel lived)

The castle was in the forest, on a high mountain.

In the approach to the front door, there was a natural fountain.

The castle had a ditch and a bridge, allowing people to cross.

It had a first gallery having the marble slabs nice cut across.

The gallery was situated between the great and the little tower.

The towers had thick walls being protected from the wind power.

The south-west side of the castle had a perfect hexagonal shape.

The northeast side had prisons, from where no one could escape.

There were four stories formed around the hexagon on all sides.

There was an interior courtyard for the people wanting to turn aside.

In the center of this courtyard, there was a well and a natural cave.

In the cave, there was an underground lake, fossils, and an old grave.

In the mountain stone, there was a subway leading to the great tower,

Which was a secret place having nothing alive inside it, even no single flower.

Banqueting House was a hall having a colored fireplace of marble,

Where the king and the queen entertained their guests, stories to garble.

The stained glass in the windows could share the sounds of many balls,

And many secret meetings took place behind those enigmatic walls.

At the top of the stairs leading from the wall, there was a passageway

Guiding into Dining Room having painted ceiling light over its walls’ gray.

King’s Hall had the throne in front of a screen with arched openings.

It had an oak chair and a footstool for guests to sit when they were coming.

It also contained some royal portraits, expensive furniture, and tapestries.

Here, the aristocracy came to enjoy their feast, and to share formalities.

Having walls covered in rich fabrics, a big Lobby was used

To entertain guests with sweets, while the jesters made them be amused.

After the meal, the Great Hall was a huge space for singing and dancing.

It had monumental stone arcades in the light were really glancing.

Behind the arcades, there were the staircases leading to the upper rooms.

Those rooms were used by the guests to rest and to dress in their costumes.

They had wooden roofs, and tall windows that were looking out upon the garden,

A domed pergola, shrubs, gateways, pavilions, and a forest of a pine marten.

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