Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 11


I can’t believe he attached me.

I sat in bed, the lights were off and I was staring at the ceiling. It was well in the middle of the night, the whole house was quiet but I couldn’t seem to sleep. I just kept playing what happened earlier today over and over in my head.

I had felt the heat when it hit me but it didn’t hurt. It should have since it burned a hole in my shirt. I remembered when we reached the house Cyrus was waiting for us. Teagan must have already went by because Cyrus rushed towards me, his brows drawn in concern.

“What happened?” He demanded his eyes taking in the damage of Teagan’s attack.

“Nothing” I muttered brushing his inquisitive hands off me and continued in the house.

“Connor!” he called but I just kept towards my room and closed the door behind me.

The moonlight shone brightly through my window as I lay there motionless in bed. The snow outside was falling, making shadows dance on the walls. I could hear the breathing of everyone in the house but my focus was on just one but he was too far away to pinpoint. Cyrus may have let him free but he was still locked in the basement for precautious reasons.

I honestly for the life of me couldn’t think of anything that could make him the way he was. Something terrible… but what?!

‘You weren’t there, you can’t help me!’ Were his exact words to me before he hit me.

“Uhh” I sighed rolling over pulling the covers up to my ears.

This was so frustrating, to have a mate that you would do anything for all because of your genetic makeup, only to have that one person want nothing to do with you. Not even talk to you. It hurt your insides, literally. My wolf was howling in grief and abandonment constantly, over and over in my head. It was making me mad!

When it was too much I sunk into a deep sleep hoping to escape this torment just to be thrown in another.

A boy sat in the corner of a dark room, the only sound were the consisting dripping of the leaky ceilings and his own breathing. He didn’t dare move, which would just cause excruciating pain to serge through his already battered little body. His skin was raw from the whips and punches and his bones ached from the fractures riddled in all sorts of places.

The screech of the heavy door opened, letting what little light the boy had seen in months. A huge body blocked it as it stood in the door way. The light illuminated the boy’s dingy living situations, which was just a dirty old cellar with a grimy bed with brown sheets that use to be white once upon a time. The boy watched as the shadow man threw something in the middle of the room. The thing gave a whimpering yelp as it landed hard on the ground.

The man threw the door open fully so the boy could see the thing on the floor moving.

A tiny little wolf pup struggled blindly, his eyes stilled closed from its birth days before, on the ground swaying this way and that to get on its paws. Something else came flying at the boy but this time it made a clattering sound at his feet.

“No!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, his throat raw from lack of use and sudden overuse.

“Do it boy” the deep voice held no fluctuation, just a flat tone. It was a voice he was all too familiar with now.

The puppy began whimpering, looking for its mother probably.

“I said no, please.” The boy pleaded.

“Pick it up”

It was all ways the same.

‘Do it boy’ ‘Pick it up’ never anything different. For months now, every day, the same two sentences. Even though he cried for pity hoping one day the man would get an ounce of humanity back into him but that was wishing for too much.

“Do it”

“I can’t” his words wavering from the lump in his throat. “I’m begging you”

There was a tense silence between the two as the pup continued to cry in the middle of the floor. It somehow wandered blindly towards the boy in hopes of comfort.

“God please it away” the boy exclaimed tears threatening to spill as he shot to his feet, pain shooting through his body as he did so. He scooted along the walls trying to distance himself from the pitiful creature.

“Pick it up” the man said again as if nothing was happening.

When the boy made no move to obey the man walked in the room picking the animal up, his hand caressed the top of the pups head as if it was the most precious thing in the world, his gaze drifted up towards him.

“Take him” the two words the boy dread more than anything else. He snapped his head up in anxiety as two more men walked in from outside the room and took his arms each and dragged him from the room.

“No! Please no!” he screamed from down the hall as they took him to the place they always did when he refused. It got worse and worse every day.


“Do it, boy.” the man said as he performed the ritual it seem to become as the pup was thrown in the middle of the floor. The clattering of the second object next. The pup yelp as normal, it jumped to its feet, its wide yellow eyes taking in everything curiously. It was on a leash now so not to wander off to far. It scampered around sniffing things inquisitively. It spotted the quiet, still boy in the corner and trotted towards him in familiarity. Its cold black nose brushed the boy’s cheek as it sniffed him like it always did. Its wet tongue slipped out and gave the boys nose a bit of a kiss.

The boy stared at the dirty wall giving no acknowledgment of what was happening. He could barely move from his curled position in the corner, his body radiating agony all over. He was starting to understand now; it would never end. The poor creature so ignorant of what was around him, the boy unable to escape his fate.

Even though his body screamed at him he reached over and picked it up.

It was time to end it and set them both free.

With that he quickly jammed the knife into the weak, fragile ribcage of the creature. The pup screeched out the loudest yelp the boy heard from it. He watched its eyes widen, staring up at him in surprise and pain before they went completely blank as the life drifted from the tiny body and it collapsed to the ground limply. The boy was shaking all over, every shiver causing white hot pain to travel in his every cell as he sat there watching the dark pool of blood leave the poor animal and on his hand.

‘For such a small thing it had so much blood’ he thought.

The man came forward picked up the dead animal from the ground. The man caressed the top of its limp head like he always did, so precious. The man’s eyes found his as the boy glanced up at him waiting. He finally did what he asked so what was he going to do?

“Good” the man’s deep voice still flat.

With that he turned and left closing the heavy cell door behind him. The boy stared at the door, his dead eyes unmoving from the metal in the again dark room.

No beatings today only because he obeyed.

‘He did it’ was all the boy could think as silent tears trailed down his dirty pale cheeks.

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