Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 12


I woke with a scream ripping its way through my throat. I jumped out of my bed unable to keep my skin from crawling as I slapped at it in hysteria.

It was so real, why would I dream of something like that! I was now pacing my floor as I tried my hardest to forget the sick images but it was no use. They were burned into my brain and I all I could see when I closed my eyes were of that poor pups eyes dulling as the life was fading from its defenseless form.

And that boy, oh god I felt it all. Every hit and lash, punch, slap. The desperate way his body repelled against the slaughter of the pup. His very instinct was screaming at him to not do it but the more he refused the worse his beatings got. Till the boy couldn’t take it anymore and gave in.

The door slammed open and my whole body jumped in reflex, my wolf already riled from that nightmare. I spun around and bared my already drawn canines at the intruder, crouching low. When I let my wolf calm enough to see who it was I relaxed. I saw Constance, Asher, Cyrus and Tammy spilling in the room as they froze at my wolfs feral warning to back off.

“What happened?” Constance asked her eyes scanning the room just as she was taught.

I was trying to get my breath back under control and stood straight up.

“Nothing, just a bad dream is all” I said convincingly rubbing the back of my short hair in a sheepish way. I forced a guilty smile on my face.

“Did I wake you guys?” Constance cocked a hip out, placing her hand on it in her usual snobbish ways.

“No doofus, we’ve all been up for hours. It’s almost one in the afternoon” she huffed.

“Oh, well my bad then” I said playing it cool but I saw Asher wasn’t convinced with my charade.

I glanced behind the group to find noisy pack members trying to see what was going on. I dropped my hands finally and walked towards the crowded door. I wasn’t up for having and audience right now.

“I’m going to go eat something” I told them and pushed past them all leaving them confused by the sudden mood change.

Once I was in the kitchen I pulled anything out and a fork and starting stuffing my face. Which turns out was leftover teriyaki chicken. When I was done I threw the container away and turned to take a shower only to be taken by surprise by the least person I was ready to see right now.

Teagan stood in the door way of the kitchen and seem to be watching me closely. There was something different behind those dead eyes today. Something a little more deadly than usual.

“Hi” I said awkwardly.

“How are you?” his eyes were trained on my naked chest. I glanced down in confusion when I it finally hit me, he was talking about yesterday. I reached up and rubbed my chest,


“Why were you screaming?” he asked. His tone held a definite demand to it giving you no option to defy, even if it was in his usual monotone.

I laughed dryly,

“Well look who’s asking questions now” I shook my head in disbelief as I walked past him only to have him grab my arm. I gasp snapping my gaze up to his surprised ones. The shocks traveled from one to the other dowsing us in delicious tingles before he snatched his hand away and stepped back. But I swore I felt something more than the buzz of skin to skin contact. Something deeper. I frowned at him, staring at him inquisitively.

It was like a connection that was trying to be established but couldn’t quite link together. And understanding that couldn’t be fully acknowledged.

I shook it off and turned to face him.

“I suggest that you refrain from touching me again unless you’re ready for the consciences. “ I warned him before leaving.

I dropped Constance, slamming her into the mat as I took the advantage in our sparing. I placed my forearm in her throat immobilizing her. She finally tapped out and I hopped to my feet. I walked over to my corner snatching my towel up and wiping my face off.

“That was nice slave” Constance panted wiping her face as well. I huffed a laugh as I rolled my eyes. “You’re getting good if you can take me down.”

“Well you’re not as good as you think” I teased.

It’s been a week since Teagan and I had our little encounter in the kitchen. He took my advice a little too well and has been avoiding me like the plague. Even though it hurt my wolf to no end I had to shut him out so I could better deal with these unfortunate circumstances between us. He just didn’t want anything to do with me.

I kept dreaming of the boy and pup, it was like it was on repeat every night, I couldn’t get it out of my head. And I wasn’t getting sleep lately.

Tammy came over suddenly with Eli beside her.

“Constance, come here for a second” she said.

Constance looked over at me was a frown before walking over,

“This is Eli as you know, I want you two to go train together. You’re a water Elemental and so is Eli, now go and get friendly.” She said shooing them away. Then she turned towards me and smiled.

“Cyrus has something special just for you, he’ll be out shortly” she told me with that creepy smile she always got when something diabolical was running though her head.

Oh how surprised I was when Cyrus came into the sparing room with none other than Teagan.

“Since you’re not an Elder we have another training schedule for you.”

“You’ve got to be kidding” I muttered as he told Teagan to stand in front of me.

“No I’m not. Now I couldn’t help but noticing twice now you’ve been in the fray of Teagan’s fire and remain unharmed. So I think it’s best that you spare with him now.” I watched Teagan snap his head to Cyrus as I stared at him like he was a mad man.

“Hop, hop, get to it” he waved his hands before walking towards the back of the room and sat next to the wolf that was always with him. I watched his hand reach out and caress the top of his head. I flinched and averted my gaze quickly away, the sight was bringing back really bad memories so I faced Teagan.

He actually looked nervous for a second before schooling his expression as I faced him.

“So what now?” I called out to Cyrus.

“Now you dodge”

“It’s not like I have to hone my powers? I don’t have any so why do I have to fight an elder?”

“Practice?” it came out as a question. “Teagan is unpredictable like in a real fight, now quick complaining and learn.” With that Teagan attached suddenly.

I dropped mere inches from having my face burned off but he didn’t stop there. I saw too late as he reached down and grabbed the back of my shirt and threw me up in the air. I felt my arms and legs kick and flare as I was suspended in the air for a few seconds before going back down. The moment I was inches from touching the ground Teagan spun and side kicked me straight in the middle of the stomach and I went flying the other way.

I hit the wall with a thud and slid down to the floor stunned and breathless. Gasping for air I dropped to my knees, unable to move.

“Better watch out” I barely heard Cyrus’s voice as my head was rushing with blood at the loss of air.

I glanced up to see Teagan’s dead eyes locked on me as he rushed at such a speed I made it by the skin of my teeth as I jerked out of the way. I stared in disbelief as he snatched his fist from the cracked cement wall.

“Oh my god” I cried out and shot to my feet. I quickly backed away from him getting distance but I still wasn’t safe. A blast of heat came at me at warp speed and hit me in the shoulder causing me to spin.

I landed on my stomach as I fell.

I was too slow for him.

I suddenly felt him on me and my wolf finally had enough of his moping and took charge of this loosing fight we were in. He suddenly didn’t care if it was his mate of not, we were in danger. It was like being a backseat driver as he forced his way forward in my head and I watched. I rolled on my back just as his foot came down in the spot I just was in. I flipped up to my feet only to lift my right one and bring it down into Teagan’s back but he caught it so fast and threw it up, tossing me.

My wolf growled and took control of the attack and put his weight in the throw so I landed on my feet and the tips of my fingers, now claws in a crouch. We bared our canines at him and charged. Fire ball after fire ball was dodged as we ran towards him as agile as a cat. I barely felt my feet touch the floor as we charged our left shoulder into his stomach, slamming him to the ground.

I felt my body shift so quickly, fur shooting out from my skin and my bones cracking. It was the fastest change of my life and instantly I knew my wolf’s intention and could do nothing about it.

Teagan’s back had barely hit the ground when my wolf changed and he hadn’t any chance of stopping what happened next. The taste of sweet smoky blood filled my mouth, bathed my tongue, my body shot fire as the connection between us fired up in my blood. Every need, every want, desire slammed into both of us as my mark and essence was forced in his shoulder and throughout body.

Teagan gave out a yell of surprise and pain before his body became ridged with what I could smell and taste was deep arousal. I were abruptly ripped from his shoulder and thrown off but we twisted in the air to land on our feet gracefully.

Teagan jumped up and glared at me,

“What did you do!” he snarled with seething anger. Giant blast of fire came hurling its way at me but for some reason my wolf didn’t try and dodge it this time and stood as it hit us. It felt like warm bath of heat, so comforting and in some strange way it made us feel safe even though it was thrown at us in anger.

“Stop” Cyrus said getting from his seat but we weren’t listening.

He came at me again, grabbing me by the throat and slamming my body to the ground beneath him. I thought he would squeeze the life out me, I felt his hands tightening its grip but my wolf remained still. Amazingly Teagan just lent over my canine body before it faded and I was left there vulnerable, naked under him, his hands still grasping my throat. His hand never constricted further as I stared up at him, both of us breathing deeply, chest heaving together.

The bloody bite on his shoulder was healing and I was suddenly hit without combined scents and by body arched towards him with no warning. He caught my movement and his black eyes shined and for a split second I saw a golden flash pass through them before they were back to their heated dark black gaze.

His hand tightened and lifted me up from the floor by my neck, brining my face inches from his. I could smell the cool flavor of his breath mix with his blood caress my face.

So intoxicating.

“You have no idea what you’ve done little wolf” he growled, his voice trembling, his arousal and anger coming off him in waves.

He let go dropping me and walking out. I lay there trying to get air back as I saw Cyrus and his wolf standing over me. Cyrus shook his head at me but I saw the amusement in his eyes. Jerking off his jacket he dropped it on me.

“I think you just unleashed a monster”

And I couldn’t be any more satisfied.

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