Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 13


“And lift your arms up, reach them high in the sky, breathe deeply.”

I was stuck in some kind of serenity class where you sat on mats and did ridiculous stretches and poses. Cyrus had said it was a good thing for me to try, so I could clear my mind and have some peace. I snickered, how was a bunch of nimble women and men going to bring me peace?

“Now, step your feet back, plant those hands and lift your tail bone.” I watched everyone obey the soft spoken woman’s words. “This brings us in to downward facing dog.”

If I could muster up anything close to a laugh I would have from all this.

I’ve been going to this ‘yoga’ practice for a few weeks now and I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m doing here. My ‘peace’ Cyrus spoke of hasn’t come.

“And now just lay there in the corpse pose and let our breath return to normal.”

This I did as I shifted my body from its crossed legged position. I hadn’t moved a muscle from where I was on the mat this whole practice but for some reason I felt like doing this one.

I laid my head back staring up at the ceiling and sighed.

“Good Teagan, that’s it” the woman said to me. “Let it all go” her voice soft and light.

I rolled my eyes before closing them letting the silence sink in, my body relaxed just a bit. It was hard surrounded by all these wolves but I did my best.

Then thoughts from the other day came storming its way into my head. The feel of Connors razor sharp teeth sinking in to my flesh.

My eyes shot open as fire spread through my veins at the memory. I stood up slowly trying to breathe deeply, I stepped over body after body. When I finally reached the door I rushed out and made my way outside quickly. The snow was falling but each flake melted the moment it hit my skin.

It was such a raging fire, I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do. Something in me kept screaming over and over again to take him!

Take him!

Take him!!

I cupped my head in my hands suppressing the urge to scream, staggering behind the house and sliding down the wall.

‘Take him’ it whispered of ecstasy and possession.

But what did I know of those.

‘Be whole’ it said.

“It’s some sort of trap” I said aloud.

It had to be.

I had to practice with Connor again. It’s been a week since our first match, I refused to go so Cyrus has been filling in for me with Connor. But he wouldn’t do it for me anymore so I had to face it and come.

I had gained my composure before entering the sparing room. Connor stood in the middle of the room stretching and I froze. It was like he put some sort of spell on me that made me lose all my control. Cyrus came up to me.

“Alright you two play nice.” With that he walked back to the place he was last time.

We faced each other but I noticed that he wouldn’t look me in the eyes. I felt a sick satisfaction with this knowledge. He was anxious around me, I could feel it. I smiled.

Without any warning Connor charged me catching me by surprise but I was fast on the uptake. The moment his feet left the ground I caught him in midair and around the waist, throwing him into the wall. For some reason the moment I saw him hit the wall my body cramped up in pain at hurting him. The screaming in my head grew louder. I pushed the warnings back and took his wrist in my hands and locked them above his head.

I felt him kick my shin but I ignored. I was too distracted.

As I restrained him against the wall the softest of scents drifted to my nose. The comforting smell of fresh dew and salt bombarded my sense. Like the ocean air and it was coming from Connor. Unable to stop myself I lowered my head into his neck, ignoring his struggle to escape me and immersed myself into his intoxicating scent. I drew my nose along the column of his neck as I tried to figure out that it was that was coming off him in waves. The ocean and something sweet I couldn’t name mixed together.

My body was raging at me.

Connor stilled suddenly, I glanced up at him, the fire in my blood worse than this morning. I noticed he was out of breath as we stared at each other inquisitively. I tilted my head to the side and became aware of my own breath coming in short. Some sort of shock was caressing every part of my body as I closed in closer to him unable to stop.

‘Take him!’

‘Take him!’

‘Take him!’

The voices screamed over and over till my body was shaking uncontrollably.

“Teagan?” he questioned in such and odd tone I looked back down at him and saw his brows drawn in. He looked sad… for me?

My hands tightened on his wrist,

“What is this?” I asked gruffly. I didn’t understand what was happening.

Connor worked his wrist out of one of my sudden weak hold. His hand came down in my hair and tangled his fingers in the loose strands.

“It’s the mating call.” He whispered softly in my ear and my eyes practically rolled back. I dropped his remaining wrist and wrapped my arm around his waist pulling him flush against me, answering my bodies call to him.

“Mating call?” even as I asked.

I buried my face in his neck taking in his unique scent again, unable to stop my questing tongue from slipping out and tasting I flattened my tongue against his racing pulse and caress it along the skin up to his ear. His body shivered against me and the scent intensified causing me catch my breath in abruptly and my head to swirl.

“Ahh” he moaned in my ear, his hands holding my head close as if he didn’t want me to stop.

I was panting trying to regulate my breathing but nothing was working I just pulled him closer. I gazed in to his heavy lidded eyes.

‘Such an amazing green’ I thought as I stared though his beautiful messy blonde fringe.


With a deep growl I pressed him flat up against the wall once again and took his mouth roughly. I was going off instinct and it was yelling at me to take what was mine.

Connor groaned wrapping his legs around my hips as I pulled away to reached out and ripped at him shirt, opening his chest up to me. He took the tie out of my hair as he gripped the strands tightly in his hands and brought my face up and smashed our lips together once more.

Our tongues touched and I snarled at the taste of him. My skin crawled with goose bumps, every hairs standing on end as I yanked at his belted pants.

‘Take him’

I felt my teeth wanting to lengthen as my mouth traveled closer towards where his neck and shoulder met.

“Yes” he cried out as I touched my sharpened canines to his shoulder and felt his body buck hard in my arms.

‘Take him!’

And I did, sinking me teeth into him just as he had did me. The moment his blood touched my tongue everything in me screamed.


I pushed Connor away from me causing him to fall on his ass.

‘This isn’t me!’ I screeched.

Stumbling back as I shut my eyes tightly, my hands flying up to my hair and gripping painfully hard.


Without looking back I ran out of the room.

“Teagan!” I heard Connors distant voice calling after me but I didn’t listen. He did this, this was his fault!

And all I could do was run. Run as far as I could.

But I didn’t make it far when the most excruciating pain exploded in my head causing me to reach up and hold my skull as I tripped to the ground curling into the fetal position and screamed till everything went black.

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