Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 15

“I’ll f*cking kill you!” he snarled.

The whip sliced through his chest taking his skin with it.

“Well look at that?” a voice laughed from above him. “You heal so fast mutt.”

There was a fighting force inside that was itching to get out and rip their heads off. He wanted to growl and bare his teeth. His wrist and ankles were bound as he was lain strapped across a table. He could smell the strong scent of burning skin as the chains scorched him. He frowned, the chains cut into him many times before causing him to bleed but never have they burned him.

Again the whip lashed out, he jerked gritting his teeth. Not soon after a cloth was thrown over his head and quickly socked with water as someone poured it on his face. He tried to gasp for air but the wet cloth was blocking his passages, sticking to his skin prohibiting his breathing.

But still he fought, fought to breath, fought to be free, fought to survive.

“Stubborn aren’t you” the gruff voice graded on his last nerve and he growled. A course of laughter sounded though out the room for what he guessed was a sadistic audience.

The blood was rushing to his head from the lack of air and the whip just made it worse as every strike would make him gasp and worsen his suffocation.

“Be a good puppy now and it will stop” the voice teased.

He would kill them, kill them, kill them, kill them, KILL THEM ALL!


I stood over Teagan as he slept.

There was a deep frown on his face that seemed like it wasn’t going away. I had snuck down here earlier because I could only take so long from being away from him. His wrist and ankles were restrained to the bed and it caused my blood to boil. Why was he always bound?!

Thank god his wrist and ankles were covered by cloth.

Sitting on the edge of the bed by his head I reached out and ran a finger down his strained face. But the moment I touched him his eyes snapped open. The fierce black glare I got had me jumping from the bed as he began to thrash around. His scream echoed off the walls. I didn’t know what to do, what it his shackles, were they burning him?

“Teagan!” I exclaimed rushing over and kneeling on the bed. I tried to touch the chains but my skin instantly singed at the metal.

“Ah” I exclaimed yanking my hand back.

His screams rose just as his body caught fire again. I watched in awe and terror as flames licked his skin just as before. Just the sight made my wolf go crazy with the need to protect him.

“Teagan!” I screamed again.

Instantly I took a risk and took his face between my hands flames and all. I was starting to understand that his flames couldn’t hurt me at all. I stared at my hands as they were engulfed in my mate’s flames and could only feel the warm comfort on my skin. No scolding hot fire.

“Please Teagan, come back to me” I pleaded.

His eyes were dark and faraway, so far I was sure I wouldn’t be able to reach him. The sheets and mattress beneath him were burning to cinders.

“Come on,” I cried. “Come back to me!”

Suddenly it all died away, the flames extinguished and my mates crazed eyes was focused on me.


“Kill me”

“What?” I asked horrified.

“Do it.” His raspy voice crocked in desperation.

Quickly I snatched a handful of his long black hair and forced him to look me in the eyes.

“Why would you ask me to do something like that!?” the disturbing realization that my mated wanted to die caused an awful stir in my wolf and me for that matter. His black eyes still held that empty expression though I could see a hint of desperation within them, demanding me to obey his words.

He didn’t answer.

“You know I’m incapable doing such a thing to you.” When he just stared at me I just shook my head and let his hair go.

I sighed,

“No Teagan, I’m not taking your life.”

His only answer was turning his head away from me. My brows furrowed in deep concern for him, I really wanted to know what was going on with him. But I knew I would get nowhere if I tried to get anything out of him so I sat there stroking his hair. Shockingly he let me, if anything he moved his head closer to me; subconsciously I’m guessing.

As I combed my fingers though his hair I started noticing random patches and strands of grey hairs. Carefully I picked up a large patch just from under the front layer of hair as I saw that it was a pure silvery grey.

I knew he was close to my age if anything so it was kind of strange. Was his past so bad it made him gray?!

After who knows how long just sitting beside him and petting his hair. A while ago he had turned his head to stare at me. His eyes had sucked me in just as they always do when I get lost in those dark orbs and that is how we were found as I hear a creek as the door opened. Teagan instantly snapped his gaze in the doors direction.

I watched Cyrus come in, glance at me for moment before walking up to the bed. Without warning my wolf pushed through and I bared my teeth growling at him. I stood moving in front of Teagan blocking Cyrus’s view of him the best I could.

Cyrus tilted his head down a smirk lifting his lip up.

“Protective aren’t we.”

“Unchain him.” I demanded, there was no pleading in my voice. My mate was suffering and I was done with the way they treated him. I had calmed him down for the time being but I could no longer stand him being locked up.

“You don’t understand how dangerous he is do you? Just because you can’t be hurt by him doesn’t mean the rest of us are immune to flames Connor.” I glared at him.

“We don’t take pleasure in shackling him.”

“He’s my mate so let me try and help him.” I said.

Cyrus moved his head to get a peek at Teagan.

“He needs more than just your support, Connor.” He told me. “He need a psychiatrist, someone to help him work through the shit that he’s suffered from.”

I gritted my teeth in annoyance.

“What do you want Cyrus”

“You’re a brave little wolf Connor to be disrespecting me like that.” He narrowed his eyes at me.

I said nothing as I stood glaring at him. Finally he signed shaking his head.

“Get packed up, you’re going home.”

“What?” I was confused.

“Your needed at home, all of you so you’re going home earlier.” He told me.

“Don’t sugar coat it Cyrus, what is the reason because the Head Elder was very serious about us being here for six months.” Cyrus smiled.

“You’re too smart for your own good. I think we trained you too well.” He moved back to the door and walked out but turned to me before he left. He tossed a key at me I quickly caught.

“Heath wants you back, he’ll tell you what for.” With that he left.

Frowning I turned back to Teagan, was he even in any condition to leave yet?

His black eyes mesmerizing as ever, they were older than they should have been.

“I guess you’re coming home with me than”

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