Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 16


Teagan was close to me though the whole jet ride home. He didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t look at anyone just sat there in the chair and stared out the window. The moment they had taken the chains off the bed, keeping the shackles still around his feet and wrist; they just connected the ends to each other, much to my displeasure.

He had hoped off the bed so fast it made the few people in the room jump, just waiting to become BBQ. But all he did was stretch. Now that he was sitting next to me still as a rock I couldn’t help want to reach out and hold his hand. Everyone around us was giving him space, the aura that was leaking from him was so toxic it was an automatic repelling mechanism. Except for me it only made me want to comfort him, my wolf was practically rolling around in a tantrum from having to give him space.

The ride back seemed longer before we landed. I was dying to get out and greet my dad’s. Once every one had filed out, Teagan and I being the last, we found ourselves standing in front of the Head Elder. The ice woman Thea next to him gave Teagan a tight glare and my hackles raised instantly. She had another thing coming if she thought she was going to do anything to him and get away with it.

“Welcome back” Mr. Heath said to Constance and I.

We nodded to him and he smiled.

“I know that I called you back a bit earlier than planned but I’ve heard your group has exceled faster than normal. So I’m hoping that you can help us with our little problem.”

“What ‘little problem’ sir?” Constance asked.


And just like that the air changed and a suffocating tension surrounded us putting us all on edge instantly and all from one source. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I turned slowly to peer at Teagan behind me.

“Hm, I see he hasn’t changed much.” Head Elder stated unimpressed.

Teagan stood still as a statue but he was not there. He was staring at the Elder with such a hostile look I shivered in fright. Smoke was coming off his skin in whirls. Thea moved in front of Mr. Heath protecting him with her body. Her eyes focused on Teagan even more. I was sure if he made the slightest move she would be on him. Baring my teeth I mimicked her movement and took the same stance in front of my mate.

“He had made a drastic improvement but we had a setback not too long ago and your sudden summon of my trainees hasn’t helped any. You said six months Cedrick, we were not done.” Cyrus stepped in front of me and spoke to the Head Elder.

Mr. Heaths grey eyes lit up till they partially glowed.

“Is that so?” he placed a hand on Thea’s shoulder and pulled her back behind him as he stepped forwards.

“I hate to break it to you son but I decide when someone’s done. I have put faith in you and Tamitha abilities to train them. Do I need to rethink my chose in choosing you two for the job?”

I could hear Cyrus’s teeth grinding as he set his shoulder straighter.


“Then good, I’ll trust your training was satisfactory.” Then he looked over at me and his eyes traveling up towards Teagan again.

“He seem to be in the same state as before so I think it’s best to lock him away for now, I don’t want civilians being hurt. Thea.” He turned to leave as she nodded and stepped forwards. It was like everything slowed down and I saw her hands twitch as ice stared to cover her fingers. Her second step was my undoing and there was no stopping me.

“No!” I shifted so fast I stumbled mid run but straightened up quickly.

Thea caught my intentions to attack her and threw shards of ice my way. I dodged them, surprising myself at how easily I could evader her attacks.

It was over in a second, I had reached her and knocked her down to the floor.

“Connor!” I heard but ignored.

I thrust my muzzle up at her throat and held it in a deadly warning.

A thunderous growled rumbled then but I kept all my attention on the threat to my mate. The taste of her blood touched my tongue and I snarled in bloodlust. My wolf was trying to take over and kill the prey between our teeth but I held him back with all my might.

The feel of a strong hand gripped the back of my neck so hard I yelp and was yanked away and thrown in the air. I landed hard, skidding to a stop on my side.

“Touch her again and I’ll rip you to pieces boy!” the Elder roared his body positioned over Thea’s possessively. His body was trembling as he glared daggers at me. I got to my paws and bared my canines once more as we faced off.

I was way out of my league here but I was done with their treatment of my mate and I’d rather die than watch them put Teagan back in that abominable cell of theirs. So all I could do was glare at him. He had thrown me with such ease I couldn’t image how strong he would be in wolf form not to mention I didn’t know his power. He had too many advantages on me to continue the fight but nothing in my body was listening.

His tailored suit strained against his muscles as he crouched low over the woman. Then it dawned on me, the protective and possessiveness aimed towards Thea were that of caring and concern for her.

They were mates!

Heath growled as I refused to look away from him, my challenge pissed him off. I watched with heightened senses from all my training and concluded that I was not going to survive this battle with him if this continued. He stepped closer and my body bunched up into action just as a blinding flash of light crossed between us. Instant flames shot up and separated us from our staring match.

We both looked over to find Teagan standing there, giving the Head Elder a nasty glower, his body smoking more than before.

“No” those were the only words out of his mouth but the tone and the power behind them made the Head Elder straighten instantly. His eyes were trained on Teagan now as he knelt down next to Thea.

“Fine,” he growled then glanced at me with a dangerous glint in his eyes. “I won’t lock him away, but defy me again and I will kill you and I can give a damn about your ‘mate’.” his conviction was strong in every word he spoke.

I nodded and bowed in submission.

He took his mate in his arms and took off so fast they were just a blur. The moment he was gone my body finally gave into all it had held back and I fell to my knees in a wobbly mess and began gasping for air like I had been holding my breath the whole time. I was trembling in so much fear I couldn’t see straight.

I had went up against an Elder!

That was like going up against an army of Alpha’s at once and I was just a lowly pack wolf.

Not one of my smartest moves.

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