Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 17


Connor was hugged by two males so tight in front of me I had the strangest urge to break them all up. A tall man about my height was holding Connor close. He had blonde hair but his glowing blue eyes were trained on me with such an intense stare that I narrowed mine eyes at him wondering if he was going to suddenly attack me. A shorter man with brown hair and hazel eyes stood off to the side with a huge smile on his face as he watched the two till he turned to me. I watched him approach me and I tensed instantly.

This caused the man to stop hugging Connor and straighten up. The brown haired guy stuck his hand out to me with a tight smile.

“Hi, I’m Connors dad, Caleb.” I glanced down at the offered hand but made no move to take it. Instead I stepped back away from the group.

I didn’t want to be here at all, I wanted to go hunting for those Hunter bastards and show them how fun it was when the tables were turned.

“Dad” I looked over at Connor, his voice was a light warning in the big guy’s direction.

He stepped forward waving his hand at me.

“This is Teagan, he’s wary of people so don’t take it personally” he explained.

The brown haired one dropped his hand,

“Oh, I’m sorry” he told me.

Connor was staring at me with a worried look. It seemed like he was always looking at me like that. It’s gotten worse since our moment in the room back when I had lost it a little and told him to kill me. But because of that moment we got closer somehow. My body refused to be separated from him and it nagged me to stay close no matter what. I seemed to be addicted to his smell and got jumpy when he wasn’t in sight. It was an annoying feeling and I was not happy about it. I just wanted to leave and go my own way but of course my body refused to listen.

I have always being restrained, and in this case they were invisible and chaining me to a boy.

“Hey why don’t you two go and find something to eat. I think there is left over steak in the fridge.

“Cool” Connor exclaimed and hurried past his parents, grabbing my hand on the way out.

The strange tingling in my hand sparked at his touch like it always did and I frowned at it. Why did that always happen?

The moment we were in the kitchen I spotted a group of people hanging around a counter in the middle of the room. They all looked over at us as we entered and I felt Connor straightened up beside me. Frowning I glanced at him as he tightened his grip in my hand for a second and let go. He slowly walked over towards the fridge and opened it. The sound of giggling caught my attention, turning my head I watched a few girls talking behind their hands and the boys giving Connor hard stares.

“Looks like the runt is back” someone said.

“And it seem he found someone pathetic enough to date him” a high pitch voice grated on my ear drums.

My eyes snapped over towards Connor once more to see him taking out a container of meat with a ridged back. Quickly turning he walked to me and pulled me out of the room dragging me up the stairs and to a room before closing it behind us.

“You like cold steak right?” he asked walking to the bed and sitting down.

I stared at him in complete confusion.

“Here” he opened the container and held it out to me.

Scowling I strode across the room to stand in front of him.

“What am I doing here?” I asked him.

“What do you mean?” his eyes were down as he nibbled on a piece of steak. “In my room?

“No I mean what am I doing in this house?”

His green eyes found mine then as I stood over him.

“Because you’re my mate.”

I had the strongest urge to roll my eyes at that word again.

“You keep throwing that word around but it means nothing to me” I told him directly.

“You’re my responsibility, how about that?”

“You can barely keep up with me in a fight Connor I seriously doubt you’d be able to stop me if I really wanted to leave.” I watched one of his eyebrows lift at me and placed the food on the stand beside the bed.

“Oh is that so?” he stood up then, he was a good five inches smaller than me causing me to have to stare down at him. The moment his chest brushed against mine I felt an uncomfortable jump in my ribs.

“Do you feel that?” he asked his hand rose up to touch the bottom of my jaw. The weird tingles came rushing through my skin again and I had to stop myself from closing my eyes and leaning into his hand.

“You can’t be away from me now, Teagan. We’re bound to one another no matter how much you might hate it. I marked you and if you have forgotten you did the same to me. So I don’t need to best you in a fight to keep you here, your wolf will do all the work for me.”

I watched him walk past me into the restroom closing the door. I stood there breathing deeply as I tried to settle the anger in me. He was right, I knew I couldn’t leave. I could feel it in my whole body, just the thought threw my stomach into chaos.

My eyes trailed down at the food he left on his stand, cooked meat was a luxury. I glanced around at his room. Everything was fully furnished, a bed, blankets, dressers with multiple pairs of clothes, electronics. An indoor rest room. These things were all privileged items that people took advantage of. Connor knew nothing of what real life was like. He was ignorant and for some reason I wanted to keep him that way. My eyes were drawn back to the food sitting absently on the stand and I scoffed before turning away out the door.

“Some people never know what they have”

The smell of rotting food perforated his nose as he stared at the plate on the floor. It had been sitting here for a week, just there to tease him. Cruelly it had been placed just out of his reach. He could no longer hear the growling and snarling in his head all that much anymore.

Daily, a man would come in and stick him with some kind of needle that would make him cold which stopped the noise.

His head hung to his chest as he was suspended against the wall. The chains burned like they usually did but he could barely feel it anymore. Pain meant nothing to him now, he was numb to it all. The only thing he really wanted, was to eat.

The cell door opened as someone came in. He was so weak that he couldn’t even lift his head up, all he did was stared at the spoiled moldy food below him. A hand grabbed at his ratty hair and jerked his head up so he could look at whoever it was in the eyes.

In front of him stood the master of his torment.

“How you been mutt?” he asked him in such a cheerful voice.

He didn’t answer; he never did.

“Did I train you well enough for you to roam around like a good little dog” the degrading tone in his voice made him want to bare his teeth but he had no energy for that. Though he did get a pathetic growl out. The man smiled, his hard eyes scrutinized every inch of him.

“Hm” he huffed. “I guess you need some extra lessons in manners boy, more fun for me. I love braking in new toys.”

With that he watched the man released his hair and picked up the rotted plate only to place a new one with such a delicious aroma his mouth watered instantly.

Meat, it was cooked meat.

“Enjoy” the man snickered and left him to salivate over his unreachable sustenance.

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