Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 18


I’ve gotten glimpses of Teagan here and there for the last week but my mind was a little preoccupied on other things lately, like being avoided like the plague. I was used to it before but after having so much attention put on me it was a messed up reality check on how much I was hated around here.

Constance has made residence at our pack house now and was training with me every day. Cyrus and Tamitha were here too helping us. They wanted to complete our training the best they could even with the set back of being called in early. The head Elder has been sending up messages about the Hunters being scouted in the area but so far we have not seen any.

“Deepen your stance Constance.” Tamitha yelled as we fought.

I dodged a swing meant for my jaw and grabbed her wrist quickly, twisting around and throwing her over into the ground.

“Alright that’s enough for the day” Cyrus clapped his hands for us to stop.

I was helping Constance up when Cyrus walked up to us.

“Where is Teagan?” the question of course being aimed at me. I bit my lip.

“I don’t know” I answered.

He sighed heavily,

“Find him”

I watched everyone leave after that and restrained myself from rolling my eyes. Yeah lets go find the person who least likes me at the moment. I made my way up to my room and just about entered it before someone came up behind me and pushed me into the wall next to my door.

Gasping suddenly I was turned only to see a group of pack members, the same ones from the kitchen last week.

“Why are you back mutt” the huge male said to me. He was one of the enforcers in training.

“What?” I asked confused.

“You left you should have let it stay that way. No one wants you here” he had dull brown eyes as he glared at me with hatred. I glanced at the two big guys behind him and a girl.

“Get off me” I told him through clenched teeth. I was inches away from blowing up and he was in danger of losing a few appendages. I was tired of being treated like a pariah.

“Oh mister big shot aren’t we. I think you thinking that your foster parents being Alpha has gone to your head, lets teach you that your still a weak little shit who doesn’t belong here.”

“It may have been my family who had caused the Alphas being put in danger but I was not the one who captured them!” I exclaimed.

“No but if it wasn’t for you that would have never happened now would it?”

“Teach him a lesson Tommy” the girl from behind Tommy suddenly yelled.

I watched as his face split in a grin and I knew this was not going to end well. I saw his fist come up even before he lifted it. My instincts were on high alert as I tensed up to grab it but it never came. The moment I blinked he was gone. I stared in confusion at the group in front of me seeing the same expression before I turned my head to the left to see the big male and Teagan standing over him holding his arm in an awkward position behind his back as he kneed him in the back of the knees and crumbled to the ground. Teagan pushed the males head down, the look on his face was that of excruciating pain and humiliation.

“Apologize” Teagan’s no nonsense tone caused a shiver to travel up my spine in a delicious way.

His cold eyes stared down at the grunting guy.

“Who the f*ck are you?” the guy barked in pain.

Teagan just growled and jerked his hold on Tommy’s arm more violently and pushed his head down further.

He screamed this time which caused his friends to break into action. They went after Teagan and I knew they wouldn’t survive that so I jumped in quickly. The two males left were just as big, enforcers had lots of muscle and they were twice my size. Taking that in to account I took the first guy down quickly with an uppercut, the second one was more aware of me now and took me head on. I blocked his face shot easily with a swat of my wrist knocking it to the side and kicked my foot out at his knee. He staggered with a grunt, I took advantage and spun elbowing him in the chest and lastly a hard leg sweep sending him sprawling.

Straightening I looked over to the girl who stood in shock, the second our eyes met she squeaked and ran off. I turned towards Teagan as he still stood over Tommy with a glare but Tommy’s eyes were glued to me in disbelief.

“Apologize” Teagan’s raspy voice growled next to Tommy’s ear. “Now!”

“I-I’m sorry!” he cried as his arm was once again yanked up further in its awkward position

I walked towards him slowly glaring hard. I knelt in front of him with a tilted head. He flinched at my proximity.

“Leave me alone” I said softly but my tone told him exactly what I would do to him next time. His eyes widened in fear and he fiercely nodded. I glanced up to Teagan and gave a slight nod, instantly he was freed falling flat on his face.

I turned and walked in my room, Teagan closing the door behind him.

“I had it handled” I said throwing my shirt off on the bed along with my shoes and went to turn the shower on.

“Does that happen often?” Teagan asked.

I smiled a humorless smile.

“No, they were feeling extra brave today” I chuckled.

“You just let them pu-”

“Cyrus is looking for you” I interrupted him. I looked over at him and watched as he slowly closed his mouth.

I guess he got the hint I didn’t want to talk about it.

“Well he can keep looking” his voice was once again was a monotone.

I stepped up to him till I was inches away.

“What are you doing here Teagan?” I questioned. His flat eyes stared into mine.

The sound of the shower in the background was starting to disappear as we stared at each other.

“I don’t know” he finally answered. I narrowed my eyes.

“You should figure it out then” I hated this. I wanted to just run into his arms and have him hold me forever but I was starting to realize that that was not us; that was not what we did. If he was going to be distance and cold to me I was going to fight him with his same callus ways. And pray that it would ware on him the wrong way till he understood that he needed me.

Seeing him saving me right now was hope that my avoidance of him lately was a sign my plan was working on him. I saw his temple move as he clenched his jaw

“I don’t know why I want to be near you, all I want is my freedom to leave but you hold me here just as you said last we talked. Whatever this mating thing is it’s starting to get on my last nerve. Tell me how to end it!” he stepped closer till his chest was almost touching me

I laughed.

“Stop fighting it, that’s how to end it.” His black eyes glared daggers at me now.

“I don’t want this, I don’t want to be around you!”

Those words tore through me I felt it deep in my chest and felt my stomach drop.

“I’m familiar with being unwanted!” I yelled in his face and I pushed him away hard. He staggered back in surprise. Unable to hold back I gave a cry and attacked him. We crashed into a dresser sending everything on it to the floor.

I just wanted someone to love me! Someone to want me! He was supposed to be the one person for me, the one person who would keep me close, treat me like the most precious thing in his life.

“I hate you!” I screamed at him pummeling my fist into his chest. “I hate you!” I kept screaming over and over again. We were all over the room as he fought, he caught most of my attacks but I got him good in the mouth busting his lip and a few scratched across his face. I was abruptly lifted and thrown across the room bouncing on the bed once before a heavy body was pressed up against mine in the mattress.

“Stop” he growled in my face. We were panting and out of breath as we faced off. He had my wrist in both hands and restrained above my head.

“I f*cking hate you” I panted casing his wild black hair to sway with each breath between us.

“Shut up!” he screamed at me.

“I hate you!”

“Stop it!” his wild eyes were become feral.

“I hat-” The feeling of hot lips colliding painfully into mine shut me quickly but the taste of his bloody lip was what lost me and I griped on to Teagan like a life line giving into my wolf.

I ground my hips against his and he purred violently and tightened his grip on my wrist till it hurt but I was too preoccupied with his mouth and tongue. He had bit my lips hard to get entrance inside and won. Our tongues clashed in a fierce battle, both of us didn’t want to submit. Growling I yanked one of my hands free and snatched at his wild hair entangling the strands with my finger.

His free hand moved down suddenly and tore at my pants. I heard the clank of my buttons flying and hitting objects around the room. My jeans lay open to him as he rushed to get them off. I know I should stop this, push him away but everything in me wanted to complete our mating, to have him under me. I wanted to feel him, be as close as possible. It may not be how I thought my first time would be but nothing has gone how I imagined it would.

The moment my jeans were thrown on the floor I wrapped my legs around his waist dragging him closer to me as I devoured his mouth. I ripped his shirt as my claws grew, hooking into his back. Teagan lifted his head away from our kiss to hiss though his teeth as I yanked his shirt off his body. I lay under him in just my boxers his hot skin was rising in temperature against mine but I felt none of it.

His dark eyes glared into mine with such an intensity I shivered and lift up to kiss him again biting his already bleeding lip.

“Ah” he grounded into my mouth. His hand racked down my exposed chest and stomach till he reached my boxers, I felt his fingers curl around my waistband dragging them down. His dark smoky scent turned my body into mush as I moaned at the hot touch of his fingers so close to my groin.

I was just about to reach for his jeans when I heard a thundering pounding. Gasping I jerked my head towards the door. Teagan lost in the moment snarled dangerously and pressed his head into my neck nipping hard at my skin.

“Connor” it was Cyrus. I wanted to roll my eyes as I growled at him.

“Go away!” I rumbled with a sure threat in my voice.

“I know you don’t want to be disturbed right now but hunters have been spotted close to your borders and Heath is demanding we go. Now.”

The moment the word Hunters were uttered Teagan stiffened and stopped bite at my neck. The world came crashing back to both of us causing his to jump off me so fast I could feel of the rush of wind at his departure. He threw the door open and pushed past Cyrus tearing down the hall. I glanced at Cyrus for a second before we both ran after him. I quickly snatched another pair of discarded pants off the floor since Teagan broke the other ones and threw them on.

We met up with Constance as she stared off into the trees with a wide eyes look.

“Teagan just zoomed past here like the devil was after him.” She stated turning towards us.

“Yeah” I said as I continued to run after my mate.

He was so far ahead of us he just looked like a speck. Man he was so fast!

Not long after we heard the gun fire and bright burst of red in the distance.

“Shit!” Cyrus and I both exclaimed as we pushed our legs to the max.

I finally reached the clearing before the others and I saw something that I never thought I would. Teagan was holding a Hunter in the air by the throat. His teeth were bare, his canines exposed as he snarled in the man’s face. A couple of the other hunters were froze in fright as they all stared at Teagan.

“It’s him, the Hell Hound” one said to his partner. The terror in his voice was evident that they knew my mate and were deathly scared of him.

Teagan tightened his grip on the Hunter as he begged for his life in choked breaths. That was when I heard it, the most horrendous laugh I’d ever heard and it was coming from my mate.

“Die” he growled.

The hand holding the man caught fire and I watched in horror as he was incinerated alive. His haunting scream hung in the air long after he lay in a pile of ash at Teagan’s feet.

“Go, go, go!” I heard the pair of hunters yell as they took off into the trees once more. This brought me back as I saw them leaving. I stepped forward to give chase when an unusual sound caught my attention and I glanced up in the air to see a helicopter dangling a ladder, drop low picking up the two hunters. I ran after them now but I knew it was futile. They were already climbing up into the helicopter.

“Damn, I didn’t know they had toys like that.” Constance panted behind me as we came to a stop staring up at their remarkable retreat.

We both jumped at the malicious and ear splitting scream beside us. I snapped my head over to see my otherwise silent mate drop to his hands and knees, I watched him dig his fingers in the wet dirt, his long black hair covering his face as he stared at the ground. I felt Cyrus come up behind us as we all witnessed Teagan lose it.


“Day after day my mind was shrouded in dark despair and the only saving grace was my wolf. He saved me from the pain and the never ending darkness.” His voice was low while he muttered to himself; I walked up to him with a frown, what was he talking about?

I heard him starting to chuckle under his breath, but not just any chuckle, no it was a maniacal one just like I hear earlier. His laugh increased into a spine chilling cackle,

“It took a hold of my soul, till not even he could shield me from it” he paused looking up at me for the first time and I gasped stepping away from him in shock.

“Teagan” I whispered in fear.

There in my mates’ crazed eyes was the bright bloody red color of a rogue wolf.

“I had them, I had them right there and now they’re gone. I promised I would get my revenge, I would pay them back for all they did to me.” he shot up to his feet and reached out, grabbing my shirt with his mud stained hands “I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them all!” he chanted over and over again and I just stood there shaken as my heart cracked in realization as his wide red eyes stared back at me but not seeing me.

My mate had been driven insane.


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