Burn For Me (Blue Moon Series) (Book 4)

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Chapter 1

A mate, the one you will love unconditionally, the person who was designed just for you. Your heart and half your soul, I was told the moment you met them everything else seems meaningless in comparison. But in my experience a mate can also turn on you; the Spirits can make mistakes and set you up with the wrong person or you could be faced with never getting to meet your other half and living a life as a wanderer, alone and searching for a reason to live.

That’s what happened to my dad’s Avery and Caleb. It’s been five years since I ran from my abusive home after my parents died and ran into Caleb and Avery. They are my true family now, I know that it’s weird to call them dad when they weren’t that much older than me… well besides Avery but that’s how I have always seen them and always will no matter our age difference.

Things have been crazy for the three of us, my dad’s and I moved to England so Avery could take his rightful place as Alpha with Caleb by his side. The pack was pretty cool about it even though they were both male. I guess they cared more about Avery then who he chose to be with.

I still smile when I think of all the happy faces at the coronation. Aiden and Liam were there too, along with their friends and family to give support to the new Alphas. Also I’ve been hanging out with Caleb at the Elders headquarters here in England since he’s one too. It was split up into a big castle like buildings where there are different sections for each one. The main building was the headquarters where the Elder council worked; the two other buildings were smaller than the main castle but were used for everyone to learn how to control their abilities; they were like boarding schools.

One was for the juniors and the other for the adult, dad’s been studying with the adults, leaning the history and about his power though he doesn’t have an active power like his mentor Uncle Jim but he’s been learning to help a lot of lonely and grieving wolves who have lost their mates, he’s become the pack counselor in a way. It hurts to see them like this, it reminds me of Uncle Levi when he was going through hell with Kyle but I was happy when they settled out their differences.

Since coming to England the headquarters had been gracious enough to let me stay and join their little school even though it’s only an Elder school, but they taught the basic too. It was much closer to home than the public schools but it was weird going to school with your dad even if he wasn’t in the same class. Over the last five years in this county I have made few friends. I don’ know what it was but I didn’t trust enough to be so close and I tend to be on the quiet side and stick to myself plus most shunned me anyway. They may not show it to my dad’s but they sure did to me when they called me names and insulted me. I guess my old family wasn’t the only cruel ones I would have to deal with.

For a place filled with unique werewolves they were pretty judgmental towards me. I never hid that fact I was gay and never would but I held on to the hope that I would one day be one of the lucky ones like my dad’s and Alpha Liam and Aiden and I would find ‘him’ my mate. But for now I was ok with being friendless.

Currently I was walking down the halls of the main council building. Caleb told me that uncle Jim had come down to visit us after he got done with an important meeting, like always. Caleb was in the meeting so I had to wait for him and Uncle Jim.

The walls were cracked and faded with age and the place had a musky odor that hung in the air. I was just waiting for the place to fall down over our heads. I mean it couldn’t be all that stable after the countless centuries it’s been standing for could it? Sighing I ran my fingertips along its rough walls keeping my eyes straight ahead. I ignored the people that walked by that watched me curiously so I let my straight, lifeless blonde bangs cover my eyes. I don’t know why my hair fell so limp as I grew older. It used to be shaggy and crazy, Caleb loved it which made me love it but then it started straightening out when I hit maturity on my fifteenth year when I turned. I cut it short last week but kept the front long like I usually did; it was like my own personal veil to block the rest of the world out.

I yanked my hand away from the wall with a tiny yelp as a splinter pierced my skin. Holding my hand I looked at my middle finger and plucked the offensive wood from my skin then peered up to study an old wood door.

‘What the…’

I looked around me noticing I had gone in the wrong direction where no one else was around. No other doors were along the walls but this one.

‘How weird’ I thought staring at it, the wood was chipped and aged like the rest of this place. It looked like something out of Hogwarts. Were there moving staircases around here too? Laughing to myself I shrugged and reached out to touch the latch. What if it’s some meeting secret room, then I would be barging in on them. Pressing my ear to the door I listen closely but heard nothing.

‘Eh what the hell’ I thought and lifted the latch, the door screeched open loudly I cringed at the horrible sound echoing in my sensitive ears. When the door was cracked I peeked inside to get a better look but it was dark as night, even for my eyes I couldn’t see. Turning my head from side to side to see if I would be caught I slipped inside swift and quick cracking the door so I wouldn’t get out later.

In front of me was a staircase so I took them one at time trying not to trip or miss a step. I was starting to get a creepy feeling the further I went down, it was like the air was being sucked out and for a constantly drafty old place it was stuffy down here. I wanted to turn back but my feet wouldn’t let me. Swiping at the cobwebs hitting my face I continued till my feet finally hit the bottom step.

My eyes were finally adjusted and I gasped at what I saw. In front of me was a mile long hall filled with prison cells, no one was in them but I could just image who use to be. I walked past them looking into each bar cased cell. There were torn rumpled up bed with nasty stains on each one. The place smelled like urine and decaying rats. With a grunt I covered my nose with my hand.

That’s disgusting! I was about to leave when I reached the corner leading down another row of cells but at the end of this hall was a large shiny metal looking enclosed box, frowning I slowly made my way towards it. That’s odd, in a room filled with old mid evil jail cells this one looks current. I began noticing the closer I got the hotter it became. Maybe it was a heater or something. The moment I was in touching distance my phone went off causing me to jump.

“AHH” I yelped. Sighing I reached down and took my cell phone out.

Caleb the screen said. I lifted it up to my ear.

“Hey dad” I said quietly.

“Hey Conner, where the hell are you, the meeting got out ten minutes ago. You said you were already here.” He said.

“Yeah sorry I got distracted, I’ll be there in a few minutes ok hold up” I said unzipping my jacket.

“Alright, old man Jim wants to see you” he said and I heard Uncle Jim growl on the other end. Smiling I nodded even though he couldn’t see me.

“Ok I’m coming, bye”

“Bye” I touched the end on my phone and stuffed it back in my pocket. A bead of sweat feel down the side of my face caught my attention as I wiped it away with my sleeve. Again I looked over at the sliver box again curious to what it was but I had to go. Biting my lip I gave it one last stare of longing before hurrying out of this creepy dungeon. I latched the door shut and ran back down the hall paying attention to every detail of the walls and signs. It wasn’t that far from the room Caleb and Uncle Jim were at.

I turned the corner and saw the back of Caleb’s dark brown hair; he was standing next to uncle Jims taller form who turned around to face me.

“Conner” he greeted me happily holding his arms out to me. Smiling I rushed my pace and hugged him.

“Uncle Jim I haven’t seen you in forever.” I said into his chest. He laughed giving me one final squeeze.

“I know and I’m sorry but I got to keep the peace over in my country but I would see you more often if I could. Alright step back let me get a good look at you” he said pushing me back at arm’s length.

“Well you certainly grown in these short years. I think you’re almost taller than Caleb.” He teased winking at me. There was a grunt behind him.

“I’ll have you know that he is two inches shorter than me.” Caleb said poking his chest with his thumb.

“Oooh, that’s such a drastic difference Caleb and your what five six?” Jim mocked. Caleb gritted his teeth as he glared at Uncle Jim.

“Five ten” he corrected him. I ducked my head down to stop the giggling that was building up at the two of them. They always went at each other like this every time they were together. Avery would just tell me to sit back and enjoy the show. It was pretty entertaining to watch them bicker back and forth.

“Ok, Avery said he is waiting for us at the pack house so let’s go.” Caleb said pulling me way from Uncle Jim and wrapping and arm around my shoulders.

It was a rare sunny day today as we walked towards the car; Jim and Caleb were speaking in low tones, probably about what happened in the meeting so I continued on ignoring their conversation… or well trying to.

“-they don’t know what they should do” Jim said in hushed tones.

“Well how long has this been going on? I’m just hearing about it today.” Dad whispered back.

“A few months now, I think it’s cruel for them to do something like this, it’s inhuman.”

“Yes but it seems safer at the moment, you heard what they said. People could be seriously harmed like they have in the past. I think we should see how this goes before we step in.” dad answered.

“No you saw them all, they have all made up their stubborn minds, I don’t think there’s anything we can do for this one.” Jim said.

“Shame, I wish I could take it away.” Caleb signed deeply.

I was frowning as I walked in front of them. What are they talking about? It sounded serious from the snippet of their conversation I picked up. Shrugging I turned to face Jim.

“So Uncle Jim how is Liam and Aiden?” I asked making light of the sudden thick tense atmosphere. Uncle Jim’s hazel eyes shifted to me.

“Their doing really good, they have welcomed little Elizabeth into the family.” He said with a gentle smile. I couldn’t help but smile myself.

“Really that’s so cool.” I said.

“Dang they adopted another one? What is this their third kid now?” Caleb asked pulling out his car keys and unlocked the car behind me before throwing them to me.

“Yep, two boys and one girl, Carson and Taylor protect that little girl like their lives depend on it.”

“Let’s finish this up at the house, dinner should be finished and I’m freaking starving, so let’s go.” Caleb rushed to the passenger side and stuck his tongue out at Uncle Jim who scowled at him.

“Really Caleb, how old are you five? Conner’s more mature that you” he mumbled sliding in the back seat.

“Will you quit comparing me to my son Jim” dad pouted.

“Well I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t true. You could learn a thing or two… or more” I bit my bottom lip to keep the laughter at bay as I got into the driver’s seat and started the car.

The drive was full of arguing and snapped answers, the two continually at each other’s throats. I was beyond relieved when I pulled up to the pack house. I yanked the keys from the ignition and quickly got out the car, rushing towards the door to escape the madness that is Uncle Jim and Caleb. As I was about the open the door it swung open causing me to slam into someone. I yelped at the force of the impact. Hands quickly gripped my arms preventing me for falling backwards.

“Sorry” I said looking up at who caught me; short messy dark brown hair sweeping into the contrast of his electric blue eyes, Asher.

“What’s the rush America?” he asked smiling down at me with his usual perfect white smile, his accent was clear and soothing. I struggled to keep from rolling my eyes at the nickname he ‘graciously’ gave me, note the sarcasm.

“Sorry I wasn’t looking.”

Asher Millen, he was the Betas son so we were acquainted, he seemed to be the only one who went out of his way to actually talk to me unlike everyone else who ignored me. I would say Asher and I were friends but we exchanged words on occasions. He referred to me as America as annoying as it was I had never corrected him from doing so. I guess him giving me a nickname gave me a small sense of belonging since I moved here. Asher was one of those guys that people flocked to, he was nice and kind hearted, caring with a sense of humor. ‘The perfect guy’ Not to mention he was one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. Piercing blue eyes, dark brown almost black hair cut short, generous mouth, straight nose and a strong jaw. He was considerably taller than me standing at 6”1.

“You alright?” he asked genuine concern in his eyes as I met them again. I nodded.

“I’m fine.” I answered stepping back from his gripping hands. “Thank you Asher” and with that I walked past him into the house or should I say mansion. Avery was coming down the stairs at the same moment I walked in.

“Conner you’re here, is Caleb and Jim here?” I met him half way and gave him a warm hug.

“Yeah there outside by the car.” He sighed.

“Probably arguing” I smiled and nodded.

“The whole way here.” His brown gaze met mine and he place his large warm hand on my head messing my hair up.

“I’ll try and handle it, you can go wash up. We’re having dinner in an hour.” I inclined my head and headed up the stairs.

The hallway had a few people hanging out and talking others running from across rooms. The rooming was organized just like at Alpha Liam and Aiden’, the teen and young adults were on one side of the house and the adults were on the other. As I walked down the hall I ignored the stares and whispers.

Why is it that when people deliberately ignore someone, forcible ostracizing that person they label them as a loner, a loser or an outcast? It’s not like you can just go up to a group of people and try to make friends when you know they didn’t like you from the start. But I have to hand it to them they were all good actors around my dad’s when I’m there. I doubt it was the fact that I was gay but the fact that I was the reason for Caleb almost being killed by hunters a few years back. It was very well know that my cousin and uncle had hunters come after us. So everyone blamed me for what had happened and no one forgave me for bringing that kind of danger to their Alpha’s, right when they just got Avery back.

I closed the door behind me and let my shoulders sag as I gave a deep sigh and slide down the door, tilting my head back staring up at the ceiling.

How long will I be able to take this?

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